caring betta fish

Betta Fish Care Guide | 3 Factors You Need To Know Before Buying

The Siamese fighting fish is also known as the betta fish. They have become a famous aquarium fish because of their elaborate fins and...
Fin Ray Classification of Betta Fish

Fin Ray Classification of Betta Fish And How To Use It To Identify Them

Fin Ray Classification of Betta Fish is helpful when buying or choosing fish for breeding purposes Fin ray is helpful for skilled and novice...
how long do koi fish live

How long do koi fish live? How to make them live longer

Koi fish or Nishikigoi is a breed of Amur carp fish. The colored version of Cyprinus rubrofuscus is named as koi fish. Popular among...
Black Ghost Knifefish

Black Ghost Knifefish – Everything you need to know

Introduction The Black Ghost Knifefish is scientifically named as Apteronotus albifrons. It lives in freshwater and is often found in the South American region. The Black Ghost...
how to take care of a betta fish

How to take care of a betta fish – An A to Z guide

Betta fish are one of the most popular and colourful fish breeds. Even we name them as bettas in common also known as Siamese...
unique freshwater fish

Unique freshwater aquarium fish – Top five unique fish verities

It is everyone’s dream to have an eye-catching aquarium in our homes. Some people even spend millions of dollars on building huge and unique...
what kind of fish is nemo

What kind of fish is nemo – Everything about clownfish

We all have watched the emotional and inspirational movie “Finding Nemo.” Nemo from the movie Finding Nemo is a clownfish. There are many verities...
How to take care of a fish

How to take care of a fish? Read before buying a fish

Fishes are sometimes adorable, sometimes dangerous, and maybe joyful. Depending on our interests, we all love to take care of some pet fish. Some...
sea stars eat

What do sea stars eat? How to feed Starfish at home

Sea stars or the starfishes are omnivorous fish. They can feed on both plat based food and animals. Depending on where they live, their food preferences...
Bloodfin Tetra

Bloodfin Tetra | Care, Feed, Breeding

Bloodfin tetra or Aphyocharax anisitsi is a relatively large tetra breed native to Parana river basin of South Africa. They can grow up to 6 cm. Bloodfin tetras...