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raise ph in aquarium

10 Way How To Raise pH In The Aquarium

Maintaining proper water conditions is essential for the health and well-being of your aquarium inhabitants. One crucial aspect of water … Read more
What to do if fish are too big for a tank

What To Do If Fish Are Too Big For A Tank? A Simple Solution

If you’re a fish owner, it’s only natural to want the best for your aquatic friends. But sometimes, even with … Read more
Signs Of Too Many Fish In Tank

Signs Of Too Many Fish In Tank: The Ultimate Guide

If you’re a fishkeeper, then you know how important it is to keep your tank in balance. Unfortunately, too many … Read more
How To Clean A Fish Tank

How To Clean A Fish Tank: Mastering the Art of Fish Tank Cleaning

Do your fish appear a little less energetic than usual? Maybe it is time to clean up their tank. You … Read more
Too Many Decorations In A Fish Tank

Too Many Decorations In A Fish Tank : Deadly Consequences of Over-Decorating

Decorating a fish tank is one of the most exciting parts of owning an aquarium. But too many decorations in … Read more
Hydra In Aquarium

Hydra In Aquarium And How To Get Rid Of Them

Spotting the presence of the Hydra in your aquarium can be quite a shock, as these tiny creatures can multiply … Read more
How to remove algae from fish tank glass

How To Remove Algae From Fish Tank Glass?

Although the Green dust algae do not harm your fish or plant, it certainly harms the scenic value of your … Read more
Dark Start Method For Aquarium

Dark Start Method For Aquarium | Step-By-Step Guide |

The Dark Star method for aquariums is a fairly new method of starting a fishless aquarium cycle. And as you … Read more
Signs Of Too Much Light On Aquarium Plants

Biofilm On Top Of Aquarium Water (Nothing To Worry)

From time to time, you may notice a layer of “oily slick” on the top of your aquarium, whether it’s … Read more
How to remove algae from fish tank glass

Green Aquarium Water : Quick And Easy Solution

One day I woke up in the morning and saw one of my aquariums has transformed into a pea soup. … Read more
Can Aquarium Fish See In The Dark

Can Aquarium Fish See In The Dark? ( Surprising Answer )

If you are a beginner aquarist, you may have many questions concerning fish and their behavior. One of the most … Read more
How To Clean A Fish Tank

How To Protect The Fish Tank From Sunlight?

Once I visited my friend’s place and he had a 20-gallon fish tank close to the window. When the sun … Read more
How to protect the fish tank from sunlight

How To Set Up A Freshwater Fish Tank (The Best Advice)

If you’ve committed yourself to the fish life, you must learn some basics to start with a freshwater aquarium setup. … Read more
Muriatic Acid To Lower pH In Aquarium

How To Use Muriatic Acid To Lower pH In Aquarium? (The Correct Way)

Welcome back to the life of fish blog to find answers to your aquarium-related problems. In this article, I will … Read more
What Is Mulm In Aquariums

What Is Mulm In Aquariums? (Benefits And Drawbacks)

Mulm is an old-school term used in the aquarium hobby in the 1950s to 1960s when it was called the … Read more
Yeast In Reef Tank

Yeast In Reef Tank | The Ultimate Guide For Beginners |

Can you use yeast in the reef tank? Let me explain this. Most fish keepers are aware of the fact … Read more
Ph GH and KH

Ph Gh And Kh Guide For Fish Keepers

Ph, GH, and KH are terms that are often used interchangeably, but they are three distinct parameters important to water … Read more
How To Stop Condensation In Fish Tank Hood

How To Stop Condensation In Fish Tank Hood

Most aquarium fish are good jumpers, therefore you need a tight-fitting lid in your fish tank. A lid also helps … Read more
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Building and maintaining an aquarium is not an easy task. You will need proper Aquarium Guides to build and maintain your tank. If I explain it further, different types of aquariums may need different caring levels. Therefore you must need a systematic approach to building an aquarium and maintaining it. I must say it is not an easy task, and it is not impossible either. Also, see Fish Guides

These kinds of information are not hard to get. But collecting correct and reliable information becomes a challenge.

Although there are various information sources, aquarium guides are considered reliable sources of information.

These guides provide step-by-step instructions to build your aquarium correctly. There is various type of aquarium guides on the internet, and choosing a useful guide is another challenge you must face.

A useful aquarium guide should include every aspect of building an aquarium. Such as choosing a fish (or invertebrate), deciding tank size for different species, selecting substrate, selecting aquarium decoration, and much more.

what you will find on Aquarium Guides

If you are a newcomer in the aquarium field, it is wise to start with a beginner’s guide. Expert aquarists also can use aquarium guides to expand their knowledge. There is some guidance that has information for beginners as well as experts.

As I mentioned earlier, you need to gather a certain amount of information before stepping into the aquarium trade. For example, before building a tank for your aquarium, you have to consider the type of fish you wish to introduce.

Depending on that fish type, you can decide the tank substrate’s dimension, which type of plank to use, and much our Aquarium Guides can help you Finally, if you dream of building your aquarium, my advice is to refer to a good aquarium guide to make your dream aquarium without much trouble.