how to lower ph in aquarium

How to lower pH in Fresh water aquarium

Maintaining an aquarium is both fun and exciting .so you have to take care of fish, and the physical factors affect their health. Indeed it’s compulsory to look after fish food, the oxygen supply, providing light, and maintenance of water. Indeed water affects the health concerns as their habitat is water. Furthermore, the amount of oxygen, presence of ions, and maintenance of PH levels are critical factors as you rare fish. Let’s discuss PH levels in aquarium water and how to reduce them, providing a fish-friendly environment. 

What’s pH? How to reduce pH in an aquarium? 

PH is an indicator that depicts both acidic and primary conditions. Indeed PH around 7 is neutral. Yes, it’s the PH of the water. PH levels minimum than seven are acidic, while PH levels over 7 are basic. The acidity extremely increases as levels descend from 7. So it’s essential to assure the safety of fish when supply water to them. Most fish require water with PH levels range between 6 to 9. Certainly, the basicity also should be minimal to strengthen their safety and avoid different discomforts. Depending on what fish you have, you will have to reduce or increase PH in an aquarium to give them the optimal environmental conditions.

how to lower ph in aquarium

How to identify if the PH is not suitable? 

Fish show the following behaviors as the water becomes not suitable to them. If you witness any of these activities, Reduce or increase PH in an aquarium to a suitable level. 

  • Fish begin to jump out of the water, swim unconsciously. 
  • Also, they come close to the upper level of the fish tank. 
  • Indeed the body begins to itch; therefore, they scratch and rub their body on other objects. 
  • The skin color changes, indeed become black or blue. 
  • The movements of gills increase 
  • Begin to move and swim rapidly in the tank. (Check the pH levels immediately and reduce or increase pH levels to a suitable level) 
  • Begin to quarrel with each other and try to harm objects. 
  • Fins and body look pale and dull. 

How it affects the health of fish?

It affects adversely by causing disorders in systems and severely death. It also results in malfunctioning of gills. Certainly, it avoids respiration and causes prolong issues to the respiratory system. Also, it affects eyes and eyesight. Furthermore, damage the body and formation of scales. Disorders in make the fish immobile. So it becomes unable to reach food; as a result, death takes place. That is why you need to reduce or increase PH in an aquarium to avoid any complications.

Let’s reduce PH in an aquarium

  • Avoid using tap water directly to the fish tank. Store water at another place and leave for 1 to 3 days. This step is essential to minimize and maintain proper PH values. 
  • It’s ideal for changing the water in the tank to avoid changes in acidity and basicity of water. 
  • The reduction of carbon dioxide levels increases the PH level, so remember to maintain them. 
  • Also remember to remove rotten fish food, dead plant materials, and waste materials to maintain the PH levels. 
  • The addition of limestone, seashells, or coral reef parts will reduce the acidity while maintaining the PH level. 
  • Addition of oxygen and lowering dissolved carbon dioxide. 
  • Certainly, the addition of baking soda in the required amounts can reduce PH in an aquarium. 

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