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Top 8 Best All In One Aquarium Kits For New Fish Keepers | Comparison

Aquarium kits contain all the necessary items required to start your freshwater Aquarium.

The kit comes with a tank, stand, cabinet, filtration, gravel, heating device, oxygen pump, cleaning device, LED lighting, and some decorative stuff. It makes the Aquarium setup effortless.

Why Do You Need All-In-One Aquarium Kit?

You would require essential items to arrange the Aquarium at the beginning stage of the aquarium setup. This equipment makes the setup easy. 

All In One Aquarium Kits

The all-in-one aquarium is perfect for the beginner or the people who have no experience setting up the Aquarium. The kit reduces the work needed to assemble equipment in the right place. 

The Aquarium is good hobby people find it interesting. It is like gardening, where you be close to the living being. Take care of them and feed them regularly.

The Aquarium may amuse you, but the required work to maintain the Aquarium may exhaust you.

People working in the 9 to 5 jobs might not have sufficient time to start from the beginning and maintain the Aquarium regularly.

It would help if you had supporting equipment that makes the particular task easy and time-saving as well. 

With the help of the aquarium kits, the maintenance work becomes effortless.

You have to place the kit at the desired place, connect the filter, oxygen pump, heating pump to the electric board, and your Aquarium is ready. You just need to put the fish in the water. 

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What Do You Get In The Aquarium Kits?

You will find different types of aquarium kits in the store. They all are different and contain various types of small equipment required during the setup and maintenance purposes. 

Aquarium beginner kit included Air pump, sponge filter, fish net, fish food, Silicone tube to pump the water, Air controller device, joint tube device, Glass sucker, Anti Chlorine medicine to make water clean and germs free, oxygen pump, etc. 

However, you should check the description of the aquarium kit to know what the package contains.

The large size kit would have many more than this. The aquarium kit will also be expensive if it has decoration stuff such as synthetic plants, gravel, decorative toys, etc. 

All this equipment is necessary when you set up the aquarium first time.

They make the setup easy. You do not have to rely on the household stuff or find the required tools last minute to set your Aquarium. Ensuring essential tools are available nearby will save your time.

Top 8 Best All In One Aquarium Kits For New Fish Keepers 

Coralife LED Biocube Aquarium:

The Coralife Aquarium comes with a modern hood. It has vibrant LED lighting. The light is efficient to make the Aquarium look good.

The light has the auto function where the lights adjust automatically during the day. 

The bright light is active during the day, and as soon as the sun sets, the light automatically turns to blue colour. It enhances the beauty of the Aquarium.

The auto-tune lights mimic the day and night in the Aquarium. It gives the feel of the natural habitat in the Aquarium. 

The built-in filtration is compact. You can customize it with a manual setting.

It is easy to set up and maintain the natural habitat. The back panel comes with transparent glass where you can quickly fix the wallpaper. 

Submersible pump sets under the water. The pipe comes with dual intakes and an adjustable return nozzle helpful to increase or decrease the nozzle.

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  • The LED is light is bright enough to produce a sunlight effect. It comes with the manually adjustable function suitable for changing the ambience in the fish tank.
  • Use the sparkling blue moon glow during the night.
  • It comes with colour enhance LED supported by the 24 hours timer.
  • Set the filtration according to your need. It is compact and fully customizable.


  • Some of the time, handling the Aquarium is difficult due to the large size and excess height. You have to remove all the water before you start deep cleaning.
  • The warranty papers are missing. Also, when you purchase the kit online, no information talk about the warranty card.

Fluval Hagen Flora Plant Kit:

The Fluval Hagen Flora Plant kits come with a sophisticated glass aquarium. It is equipped with the necessary items to require to set up your first Aquarium. 

The package is designed to suit the beginner who is want to set up their Aquarium quickly. The shape of the Aquarium allows you to create a natural planted environment. 

You also get the nano internal filter for filtering the aquarium water regularly. The filter is powerful enough to clean the waste product of the fish. 

It traps the waste in the cartridge and does not allow it to move outside, keeping the water clean. The size of the Aquarium is 10 height x 10 length x 10 width. 

Moreover, the kit has an LED light on the top of the tank that generates a better light effect in the Aquarium. 

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  • The aquarium glass is curved from the front that gives it a unique look.
  • The hidden compartment has sufficient space to store the required equipment such as a heater, pump and other decorative stuff without compromising the Aquarium’s look. 
  • The filter is quiet and generate a steady flow of oxygen and removes the waste product from the water keeping the Aquarium clean.
  • Filter does not cause a disturbance which is good for the health of the fish.


  • The water vapour sometimes builds under the unusual lid. While opening the cover, you should be very careful.

Tetra Aquarium 20 Gallon Fish Tank Kit:

The Tetra Aquarium glass is specially made in the USA. It is built to last longer and comes with scratch resistance quality. The Aquarium has an LED hood. It offers a natural day time effect in the Aquarium when the lights are on. 

The high-quality whisper filter is powerful in cleaning the water. You can depend on it to keep your Aquarium clean all the time.

It generates sufficient water flow in the tank giving the water scope to absorb the oxygen from the air pass through the water.

The kit also has Artificial plants that make the Aquarium adopt the natural ocean feel. When the fish are kept in the Aquarium, they will enjoy the surrounding.

When fish find the right habitat around, they are stress-free and live longer. 

The package will have a 20 Gallon Glass Aquarium with an LED hood to cover the lid. Tetra mini UL Heater, whisper 20 filters with artificial boxwood plant mat.

Another four artificial plants are added to the set to make your Aquarium look beautiful. 

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  • The size of the Aquarium is big enough to put more fish in the tank.
  • Compact design is suitable for the house with the small available space.
  • The complete starter kit in the package includes all the necessary items.
  • The artificial aquarium plants are also part of the kits that makes decorating the Aquarium easy.
  • Colourful LED lights are used to change the ambience in the Aquarium. Set your mood with a different light option. 


  • The quality of the accessories is terrible. It may break after one or two uses.
  • The gravel is not part of the kit, which makes you buy it separately at extra cost.

GloFish Betta Shadowbox Aquarium Kit

It is a complete kit that has all the necessary equipment you need for setting your Aquarium. The 3-gallon glass aquarium is perfect for the small area. 

The compact design would help you to save more space around the Aquarium for the other stuff. An LED hood light that illuminates the Aquarium during the day with bright light mimics the sun. 

And in the night, the light automatically turns to blue, which may give a feeling of the moonlight.

The Tetra® Internal Filtration System with a medium Tetra® Whisper® Bio-Bag® Filter Cartridge are vital tools that keep your Aquarium in condition. The filtration process runs at a moderated speed cleaning the waste product quickly. 

Additionally, enjoy the artificial plants packed in the kit. Decorate your Aquarium with the help of the unique plant design.

Fish food and water conditioner are providers to begin the Aquarium. It is a good setup tool that makes the beginner comfortable while setting their Aquarium.

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  • The kits are easy to set up. You can simply assemble the received kit, and you are ready to pour the water and put the fish in your Aquarium. It takes only a few minutes to set up the entire Aquarium.
  • Blue LED lights enhance the beauty of your Aquarium.
  • The Aquarium is made of high-quality acrylic. It will last longer without any damage and scratches.


  • The size of the Aquarium allows you to put few small size fish or two large size fish.
  • The acrylic used in the Aquarium seems low quality. It feels that it may damage easily.

Tetra Crescent Acrylic Aquarium Kit:

Tetra Crescent Acrylic Aquarium comes with a fully curved front appearance. It is excellent for the one goldfish. You can even place the three tropical fish as well in the Aquarium.

The kit includes a filter for cleaning the water and provide an oxygen-rich environment in the water. It will offer a healthy environment for pet fish.

The surprise feature of the Aquarium lies in the decorative lights.

It is hidden under the top surface, which offers a good ambience in the fish tank. LED light is bright enough to light the entire fish tank. 

Seamless build quality gives the unobstructed viewing of the underwater environment. It is small in size, which could be best for the bedroom or living use.

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  • LED light is bright enough to enhance the beauty of the Aquarium.
  • The size and shape of the Aquarium offer a great experience to the viewer.


  • Sometimes the LED feels a little flimsy.
  • The quality of the Acrylic is poor. Some users have compared it with cheap quality plastic. 

Marineland Portrait Glass LED Aquarium Kit:

Marineland Portrait Glass LED aquarium comes with a sleek design. The rounded corners with clear glass give you a great viewing experience.

Every viewing angle has an amazing experience. The LED light is bright enough to produce the natural sunlight effects. 

Turn on the blue light, and you have the moonlight glow in the tank.

The give gallon aquarium offers sufficient space for the small-sized fish or one large fish in the tank. Three-stage filtration keeps the water clean and breathable for the fish.

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  • The shape of the Aquarium allows you to be more creative while decorative the Aquarium. 
  • High-quality material is used to construct the tank. It assures you that the fish are kept in a safe environment.
  • The filter is quiet and doesn’t make any vibration or bumping noise when active. 
  • Replacement of the filter cartridge is easy. You can find the common parts in any of the local aquarium stores.
  • LED lights provide a great ambience to the tank. It is bright enough to illuminate the tank.
  • The flexible mechanism is built for handling the LED light. When you are cleaning, you can easily flip the light over to avoid water damage. 
  • The back compartment is big enough to hide the filter and heater equipment. You will free space in the front for the ornaments. The betta will have large are to swim in the front.


  • The water heater is not part of the aquarium kit. You have to buy them separately. This is the biggest drawback of the aquarium kit. Many other sellers are offering the heater in the same kit. 
  • The flow of the filter is a little strong. You may have to adjust the flow of the air using the additional air control tabs. The strong flow may make it difficult for the better while swimming in the water. 
  • The length of the Aquarium would make it difficult to clean the filter and heater from the top. You may have to move the tank to the reachable height to clean them.

Aqueon LED MiniBow Aquarium Starter Kits:

The Aqueon LED MiniBow Aquarium is a compact size fish tank that comes with attractive design options. It has an elevated base that makes the movement of the tank easy.

The Aquarium is simple to set up, and maintenance is quite easy. You can put the Aquarium in any room, and it will complement the interior. Low profile LED lights to generate natural light in the Aquarium. 

The kit also includes Aqueon QuietFlow Filteration. It is the best filter available in the market for the Aquarium. 

Run quickly and perform the best in any water condition. You also get the food and water care samples—nicely packed container to avoid scratches or breakage during shipping. 

The filter has a small replaceable size cartridge. Based on the filter’s water condition and performance, you can change the cartridge with the new one. 


  • The compact size makes the best choice for the small house. You can comfortably put the Aquarium on the small side table as it doesn’t weigh much. It looks beautiful in the room.
  • The Aquarium is designed for personal aquarium use. You will find different nano-size aquariums in the same category. Choose the size according to your need.
  • Comparatively, the Aquarium is nicely priced to make it affordable to a large number of people.
  • It is primarily designed for beginners. The easy setup guide would help you to set your Aquarium quickly.
  • You can even set up the Aquarium near your desk to have a direct view of the fish while you are working.


  • The filtration system is quiet but not effective for cleaning the water. You will still see the dirt in the water even the filter is clean. It is not able to collect all the waste product moving around the water. 
  • The current generated from the filter is too strong. You have to cut down the airflow speed using some artificial barrier or put them facing the glass so it will not directly hit the fish. 

GloFish Aquarium Kit:

The Glofish aquarium kit comes with a 10-gallon glass aquarium container. It is large enough to support goldfish the low-profile hood with bright LED lights.

The LED lights are used in the making to save more energy. LED’s are energy-efficient, and they can last longer. 

The lights have a unique combination of white and blue colours. In the day, it emits lights that look similar to the sunlight, and in the night, it appears as the moonlight. 

The tropical fish would enjoy the ambience in the fish tank as it appears similar to their natural habitat. Your fish tank will have a vibrant look. 

The kit also includes the Tetra whisper power filter.

It uses the cartridge to keep the water clean. The 50-watt aquarium heater and the thermometer are part of the kit. Fish food and water conditioner chemicals are offered in the kit. 

Overall the kit has everything that you need to set up your fish tank as a beginner. If you go with the 20-gallon Aquarium, the tank would have an 18.5 L X 10.5 W X 13 H size tank.

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  • Offers sufficient space for the equipment, decorative stuff, and a free area for the fish in the front. The size of the tank is nicely planned to accommodate a decent amount of fish in the Aquarium.
  • The LED light is design for long-lasting use. Also, it is energy efficient, so even if you put the light on the whole night, it will not consume more power. 
  • The build quality of the Aquarium is excellent. You will be able to use them any various environmental conditions. It will serve the purpose for a very long period without needing replacement.


  • The filter is not efficient. It is filters water very slowly, which sometimes not helpful in cleaning the large size of the wastewater. Even if you keep the filter on for several hours, you will still see the dirt in the water.
  • It is a simple-looking aquarium with no unique function. You can find similar quality and function in other cheaper Aquarium found in this category.

Why Should You Consider All In One Aquarium Instead Of Buying The Equipment Separately?

The beginner who has never installed the Aquarium in their home may require the right tools to prepare the place. Also, the Aquarium needs the proper supporting equipment to function smoothly. 

The non-availability of such equipment would make life difficult for you.

Also, it would be a painful experience for the beginner if he does not find the right equipment while setting the Aquarium. He has to arrange the household stuff to complete the task. 

It would be challenging without knowing what you would require during the setup if you do it the first time.

It will take several hours to set up a single small size fish tank which should not have taken more than half an hour to set up with the right tool.

Setting an aquarium is too much work. If you do not have the right equipment, everything you have to change, the process may take time. 

Also, the wrong equipment would damage your Aquarium. People have faced a common problem such as a broken hood, scratches on the tank missing small parts of the oxygen pump etc. 

Aquarium kits allow the users to assemble the equipment quickly without needing any help.

The kit comes with an easy installation process. Most of the work is already done. You have to put it in the right place, and you are ready to go. 

Add the water, plants and fish in the tank, and your Aquarium will be ready. While buying the new aquarium kit, ensure that it has everything that you need to set up your Aquarium the first time.

How The “All In One Aquarium Kit Work”?

All in the aquarium kit is design for the beginner. Having a fish as your pet would be a great hobby. Aquarium has become the most popular hobby. 

When you decide to have the small size aquarium in the house, you must be prepared before you start setting up your Aquarium. The essential tools are required during the setup. 

The all in one aquarium kit comes with all the required stuff. It is a complete package that contains pretty much everything you need to set up your first Aquarium.

With the help of the right kit, you can set up any aquarium without any trouble. 

Also, you get the price benefit of buying the equipment in bulk. If you purchase these items individually, they may cost 10 to 20 per cent extra, which could be an expensive affair for you.

 How To Assemble The Aquarium Kit?

Once you have the kit, start assembling the equipment and decorative stuff in the tank. While setting up the heater and filter, ensure that you connect them later to the power grid. Do not work in the water while the filter is on. 

There are possibilities that the electricity may get supply through the water and harm you. However, this equipment is designed to protect the users, but taking precautions while using it would be advisable. 

Cycling your water is essential before you add the fish to your Aquarium. Many of the fish are not from the freshwater. Even in the river, the water is not pure.

When you add the fish to the freshwater, it will be lethal for their health, and slowly your fish will die. Thus, keep the water in the bucket for few days before you use them in the tank. 

Also, the fish type may have a significant impact on the Aquarium.

Every fish is different. Therefore, they require special attention and the right environment to survive. Learn more about the fish you are willing to place in the Aquarium. 

See the maintenance guide to ensure that your setup is ready for fish research about the fish species, corals, and their compatible environment. When you are well informed about the fish, it is easy to manage them. 

Additionally, some species cannot live with the other species.

They need free space to roam. Also, the fish that are aggressive by nature may attack the other species in the tank. As a result, the fish may diet due to damage occurred by aggressive fish. 

Knowing about their habitat would prevent such an impact on the fish. If you do not take care of this, you will end up losing some of your fish.

Take the advice from the specialist in this business. They will help you to set up your first Aquarium without making any loss. 

What Is The Advantage You Get To Experience With The Premade Aquarium Kit?

Almost all premade aquarium kits come with the essential equipment. However, you should list down the things you need to decide the buy any particular aquarium kit. 

Ensure that all the necessary tools are included in the kit, so you do not have to spend time searching the tools that are not included. Buy only those kits that give you a complete package of the tools. 

Here Are Some The Benefits of Premade Aquarium Kits.

1) Easy to setup: 

When it comes to saving time while setting the first Aquarium, the premade aquarium kits would be the best solution for you. You do not like to get frustrated initially and give up on your hobby on the first day itself. 

All in one aquarium kit comes with easy to assemble process. It is a perfect beginner setup that anyone without any prior knowledge can set up. 

Follow the instruction given in the manual, and you will set up the Aquarium in few hours. It minimizes the common mistake people make when trying to set up their Aquarium first time.

One of the mistakes people make when they decide to start their aquarium hobby is buying separate accessories for the fish tank. The individual accessories are expensive. 

When you combine the cost of all the accessories you have bought separately, they will cost more than the all in one kit.

With all in one kit, you save money and get the tools you require in less time no need to spend hours researching different accessories and their use. 

Another problem with buying separate accessories is the compatibility issues. It would be difficult to identify what connects to which equipment. If any of the equipment is not able to connect, it will be useless. 

You have to replace them with other compatible tools. In contrast, when you use the all in one kit, you knew that the provided equipment would connect easily without any trouble.

2) One-stop solution:

When you purchase the all in one kit, you are assured that everything you need to set up the Aquarium is in the box. It saves your time you generally spend researching every piece of equipment separately. 

A single purchase would give you all the essential tools in one go. Also, the branded kit would ensure that the product included in the package is high quality. 

With the all in one kit, you can set up your Aquarium in few hours, whereas buying the accessories separate takes several hours to find the right equipment.

 3) Price Benefits:

The price of buying accessories separately and with the kit would have a big difference. Every single tool that you purchase would apply the tax.

When you combine all the accessories, you will notice the price of the complete kit is way more than what you spend on the all in one kit. 

The all in one kit cost would be cheaper than the items that are purchased separately. People who are beginning their aquarium hobby are advisable that start with the low expenses. 

As you get comfortable with the aquarium setup and maintenance, you can do more research to replace the existing equipment with better options. 

Having an aquarium in your house may amuse you, and you may be excited to start your hobby, but you should also know that it is time-consuming.

If you are a working person or even studying, it would be difficult to manage your routine with your body. 

The Aquarium needs special attention. Else, the fish would die. Also, cleaning the water and feeding the fish are important tasks that you have to perform daily.

You cannot excuse yourself once you have an aquarium set up in your house. 

When you are unsure whether you will continue with the hobby, you should not put money into the expensive tools.

Once you get comfortable and willing to continue, you can always have the option to upgrade your existing tools with costly high-end equipment.

What Is The Disadvantage Of Buying The Premade Aquarium Kit?

The all in one premade aquarium kit may look like a better option to purchase, but there are several disadvantages of buying them that you should be aware of.

Limited Choice: 

The several premade kit assembles in a way that it fulfills the minimum requirement of the beginning setup. They lack some of the high-end equipment that keeps your Aquarium clean and neat. You may have to purchase the additional accessories separately to complete your kit. 

The advanced tools make the maintenance of the Aquarium easy. Another drawback of the premade kit is the limitation on the expansion of the Aquarium. The premade kit comes with a decent size tank. 

Once you set up the Aquarium, anything you have to do is done with the given space. There is no much scope in decoration or assembling the new device. 

Even if you try to add more stuff to the Aquarium, it will occupy the space, and there will be less space for the fish for swimming. As the fish start growing, the small space would be challenging to manage. 


You do not get the opportunity to test the quality of the tools provided in the tank. Whatever is given is the final product, and you have to accept it.

There are possibilities that some of the component in the all in one kit may have low quality plastic or not design for long-lasting. 

When you buy the accessories separately, you get to research to find the product that is the best business. You can read the users reviews and decide before buying it.

When you find the seller offers all the top-notch accessories in the kit, there is a rare occasion. 

The kits are generally designed for the massive market, so the price is considered while selecting the items. The low cost of the kit indicates that the product offered in the kit may come from the low-quality standard. 

The kit is suitable for the average person willing to set up their Aquarium in the home at less expense. The average person may not care about the quality of the accessories, and their focus will be getting the job done. 

Some sellers also offer the upgrade on the kit to choose from the low line product to the high-end product and combine them in the final kit before buying.

This gives flexibility to the buyer in choosing the high-quality product at an extra price.

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