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7 Best Nano Tanks For The New Fish Keeper | Comparison

Different types and size of nano tanks are available to buy. These tanks make a great small size aquarium. They look stunning in the home.

It fits easily in all kind of living situation. Fluval SPEC, Aqueon LED MiniBow, Marineland Portrait are some of the nano tanks you can buy from the shop.

What Are The Benefits Of Nano Aquariums Tanks?

7 Best Nano Tanks

Nano aquarium is becoming popular in tiny size homes. It is easy to set up and occupies less space. Also, maintenance of the small size aquarium is effortless.

You will be able to manage your Aquarium with a routine job. 

Nano fish are compact which consume less space. It is designed to encourage people to set up their miniature ecosystem in the house.

Nano tank with 10 gallons of capacity is generally considered as the nano tank category. 

It is suitable for beginners who do not have experience. Having your Aquarium in the home is a great hobby. Fish represents peace and calmness.

When you have the Aquarium in the house, it enhances the ambience in the home. 

It is intriguing to have the Aquarium in the home. However, you should consider several aspects of setting the Aquarium before deciding to buy the aquarium kit.

How To Choose The Best Nano Tanks For The New Fish Keeper?

There are different types of fish tank available in the market. Nano tanks are suitable for small house.

When you are setting up your first fish tank, there are several things that you have to manage. Also, you need the perfect tools to maintain the Aquarium in good condition. 

The aquarium setup is a long hour’s process. When you get the right tools, the amount of time it takes to set up the fish tank gets reduced.

Choose the Best nano tanks for the new fish keeper so that the setup would be easy.

7 Best Nano Tanks for you

Follow The Below Guidelines To Decide The Best Nano Tanks For Beginner Use.

  1. The size of the tank should be small enough to fit in the area.
  2. 10 gallon or below the capacity of the tanks are consider in the nano tanks.
  3. The quality of the tanks should be good. It should sustain for a longer period.
  4. Ensure that the required items are given in the kit, such as fishnet, heater, filter, decorative stuff, food containing etc.
  5. Choose the product with a positive user rating. Read the negative rating as well to know what problem people have faced when they purchase the product.

What Are The Benefits Of Buying An All In One Aquarium Kit?

All in one aquarium kit is the complete package of the essential equipment required to set up the small size aquarium in the home. It is designed to serve the beginner who is willing the start their aquarium hobby. 

At the beginning stage, there are several things that you need to set up your Aquarium in the home. In the absence of the right tools, it would be difficult to set up the Aquarium. 

Buying different equipment would be a daunting task. As a beginner, you would not have sufficient knowledge to understand the technical specs of each piece of equipment. 

Such as the heater and filter come in a wide range of option. Each filter will have a specific trust rating that it produces. Comprehending the technical details and comparing the options available in the market would be time-consuming. 

Moreover, buying tools separately cost you more. The all in one aquarium kit is packed with the essential tools and available at an affordable price.

The package is designed for the mass market. Therefore, the price is kept at the lowest possible so maximum people can benefit from it. 

Gifting the all in aquarium kit is also easy. You do not have to spend time knowing what is better for the aquarium setup. 

Choose any of the top-rated all in one aquarium kit and gift them to the person who showed interest in setting up their Aquarium one day in the home. Gift the child his first aquarium kit on his birthday. 

7 Best Nano Tanks For The New Fish Keeper

Features of the Aquarium Kits:

  • All the essential tools are packed in a small package.
  • Easy to assemble.
  • Good quality tools design to sustain longer.
  • Suitable for the small size home aquarium.
  • Setting up your Aquarium in munites with an all-in-one kit.
  • Best gifting option for the beginner.

List Of The Top 7 Best Nano Tanks For The New Fish Keeper

1) Fluval SPEC Aquarium Kit:

The Fluval SPEC aquarium kit is the 5-gallon nano aquarium for the beginner. It offers sufficient space for the small size school of fish. 

They are made of the etched glass tank suitable for small size home. LED-powered lights are fixed at the head of the tank. 

It is bright enough to illuminate the tank and emits beautiful colors. It has a 7000 K color temperature with 821 lumens. The package also includes foam block, activated carbon, and BioMax bio rings that keep the water clean. 

Electronic equipment is safe and runs on the low voltage transformer. Power consumption of the whole setup will be at the moderated level, so it will not increase the electricity bill.

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  • The sleek design allows you to put the filter and heater in the secret compartment not to kill the tank’s appearance. The entire Aquarium will look tidier.
  • It comes in better shape and size. It allows you to place your tank in a small area without compromising the interior of your home. This would be hard to find a similar size tank in the store. Large size horizontal space will make your fish happy as they have more space to swim. 
  • LED lights have different models of settings. You can set up the night mode during the night. It automatically turns the night mode on when it is dark, complementing the ambiance in the house. The different mode also mimics the natural habitat of the fish. The fish never have a health problem which generally causes due to the circadian rhythm.
  • Equipment added to the kit is easily replaceable with the newer, more advanced version. You have complete flexibility in managing your equipment.
  • The filter is powerful enough to clean the waste product and harmful bacteria. Your tank will have crystal clear water all the time. 
  • The company offers customer service to the buyers. You can reach the customer support team for any query, and they will assist you with a speedy response.


  • You have to manually adjust the pump flow rate, which sometimes troubles the users. It is hard to set them at the right level.
  • No heater is included in the kit.

2) Aqueon LED MiniBow Aquarium Starter Kits:

If you are looking for a compact fish tank, then the Aqueon LED MiniBow aquarium is the best choice. The contemporary design and elevated base make the Aquarium look steady. 

The kit offers a simple setup and easy maintenance. You can set up the Aquarium with easy to assemble kit. It looks great in any room. 

LED offers energy efficient light fixed on the hood of the tank. It spreads the brightness in the entire Aquarium, making it illuminate at the right temperature. The LED is perfectly hidden under the hood. 

It will not bother you during the cleaning. You can remove the hood and perform the cleaning job. Also, the light stays are the distance which reduces the chance of heating the water due to increase temperature. 

The package also comes with the Aqueon QuietFlow filtration. Food and water care samples are include, which last for a month, so you do not have to bother to buy them separately.

Packaging of the container is nicely done to protect the tank from scratches and breakage during shipping. Filteration is done through the cartridges. It is easily replaceable with the new cartridges.

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  • The Aquarium is affordable and nicely price for ordinary people.
  • Suitable for the betta fish. You can have a bunch of them in the small tank without any trouble.
  • Small size is getting accommodate quickly in the small area in the house.
  • The filter is very quiet and nicely packed with a vibration-free covering. 
  • LED is super bright. If you keep the tank in the dark, it will illuminate your entire room.
  • The build quality of the tank is good. It will last longer and protects the fish from any damage.


  • LED light is too bright, which makes the habitat unnatural for the betta. They behave wired when the light is on.
  • The force of the water from the filter is too high. It may injure the fish when they come into contact with the flowing water. Use the flow adjustment tab to reduce the pressure.
  • The equipment requires proper wash before you start using them in the tank. The new tools are harmful to the fish. Your fish may die when they come in contact with chemicals or powder release from the latest equipment in the water.
  • The filter is large for the small size fish. It takes too much space. Assembling other stuff in the tank would be challenging.

3) Marineland Portrait Glass LED Aquarium Kit:

The Marineland aquarium comes with a sleek design. The rounded corners look great. The clear transparent glass allows the better viewing. View the Aquarium from multiple angles and get a new experience. 

Auto-adjusting daylight and moonlight setting give the perfect feel of the natural habitat of the fish. As soon as the sunset, the night light gets turned on automatically. The blue LED generate the moonlit glow in the water.

5 Gallon aquarium is a perfect fit for the small size place. It supports the Z filter cartridges. The hidden compartment for the filter keeps the equipment hidden from the front view. 

It does the job by staying hidden in the background. It enhances the experience of viewing the decorative stuff placed in the tank.

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  • Best in category 5-gallon aquarium tank.
  • The vertical design and curved edges enhance the look of the Aquarium.
  • Easy to setup features gives the advantage to a beginner who does not know about the Aquarium.
  • Sufficient space to set up vegetation in the tank.
  • The front side of the tank available for the fish to swim comfortably.
  • The pump is too strong in filtering the water and pumping out the freshwater. 
  • LED light is bright enough to illuminate the Aquarium.


  • The lid of the tank is made of cheap plastic material. It can break easily if it falls from the height during the cleaning, so you should be very cautious while handling them.
  • It has Less horizontal space for the fish to swim. They have to manage in the vertical space.
  • The heater and thermometer is not part of the kit. You have to buy them separately.

4) Hygger Small Betta Fish Tank Aquarium Starter Kit:

The small size Hygger small better fish tank comes with 4 Gallon of water support. It has 3 in 1 water pump that filters the water with ease.

You will be surprised to see how efficient the filter performance while cleaning the dirt from the water. The 4 LED light on the hood spreads sufficient brightness. 

The filter also has 2 pack filter cartridges which are easily replaceable. Add the gravel, fish and plant and required decorative stuff to complete your aquarium setup. 

The easy to assemble equipment makes the aquarium setup quick. In a few minutes, the Aquarium would be set up and running.

LED lights come with the smart touch button. Digital numbers are shown on the screen to manage the setup. 

Use the day-night effect to generate moonlight in the night. Four lightning mode with white, blue, red, and green LED bulbs to create a combination of different colour shade.

A submersible pump is powerful enough to generate a natural water cycle in the tank. It also keeps the dirt and dust particles away from the fish. 

The filtration process cleans the water and makes it fresh. You get crystal clear water in the tank that makes the water look transparent. Your decorations will also be visible from the water, which looks great. 

Quickly access to the flip lid makes the perfect setting for managing your LED and regular cleaning process. It is designed so that it will not trouble you while you are performing the cleaning job. 

Feed the fish comfortably without needing to open the entire lid. Digital LED real-time water temperature is fixed on the led that keeps updating you about the water temperature.

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  • A special arrangement is made in the tank to fit the filter.
  • The filter is hidden in the back of the tank, which makes the decoration looks good.
  • Offers complete control over the equipment and functions.
  • Value for money device.
  • Perfect size fits in a small area without needing much space.


  • The first thing that you notice is the packaging of the kit. It is wrapped in cheap plastic. Can get damaged during transportation.
  • The filter is not powerful enough to generate a flow of water. You may not prefer it for a long duration. When you keep a school of fish in the Aquarium, it would be not easy to clean the water and produce fresh water.
  • The filter needs repair after using it for few months. It is not made of high-quality material.

5) YCTECH 1.2 Gallon Betta Aquarium Starter Kit:

The equipment is made of impact-resistant plastic, including the fish tank. It can protect your fish from accidental damage. The transparent surface of the tank is crystal clear and offers a glass view experience. 

The good thing about the Aquarium is it is made of one-piece construction. The edges are rounded, which gives a perfect viewing angle from all the sides, unlike the glass tank where the corner is glued together. 

The one shape offers excellent strength and durability to the tank. Put the tank to the rest while cleaning on the floor without worrying about the damage to the corners. The trendy design looks cool in the home.

The small size is suitable for beginners. Add fun to your life by having the perfect shape aquarium in your home. 

Try different fish farming methods and make your life rich. Breed the colourful fish and let the interested people come and buy the fish from you. 

Convert your hobby into an earning source. Having an aquarium is the ideal way to teach your growing child how to take care of the animals. Teach them the lesson to care for others, feed them and close to nature.

The customer support team are available for your help. Ask any question to them while setting up your first Aquarium. 

They will respond with the solution as soon as possible. The heater comes with a 30 days refund guaranteed. The full amount will be refunded to your account without any question. 

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  • The size of the tank is perfect for the betta fish.
  • Made of good quality plastic.
  • LED light to illuminate the tank during the night.
  • The filter is nicely designed with a completely silent function.
  • Curved edges offer a perfect viewing experience.
  • Best customer service.


  • The charcoal filter is powerful. It may injure or kill your betta fish in first use. Keep the charcoal filter in the water for a few days before you use them in the tank. Proper cleaning is needed to keep the water breathable for the fish.
  • The filter gets shut down after using it is for a few months. You need regular cleaning to keep it functional.
  • Cheap plastic is used to build the equipment. It feels like they can bend or break anytime while using them.
  • Good for single betta fish, but cannot have more fish as the tank is too small.

6) Fluval Sea Evo V Saltwater Fish Tank Aquarium Kit:

One of the saltwater fish tank designs to support the large-sized fish in the Aquarium comes with 13.5 gallons of water support. 

Glass aquarium design gives you a crystal clear view of the Aquarium from all angles. The stylish design looks like a honeycomb which is the rear form in the aquarium filter. 

The special compartment is made for the filter assembly. The filter stays hidden in the compartment giving you a perfect view of the fish tank. Tank looks ultra-modern made of high-quality material.

Filter comes with the three-stage of the filtration process. Oversized mechanical chemicals and biological Fluval filter keeps the water condition sustainable for the fish. Use the multifunctional canopy with the easy feed door. 

Damage control casing made of the aluminium frame is conventional. The sleek design makes the Aquarium look beautiful when all the equipment is assembled. LED Aquarium comes with a touch screen that offers day and night illumination.

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  • All in one kit offers all the essential equipment in the box.
  • The LED is powerful enough to illuminate the tank.
  • The filtration pump is quiet with no vibration at all.
  • Modern design makes the Aquarium look awesome in the home.
  • Special compartments are made for the filter and other equipment that keeps your fish tank clean. 
  • It gives you the whole space to decorate the tank with the plants and other vital accessories.


  • LED is turns on and off frequently. It seems they are of low quality. Replacement is the only option left with the LED.
  • Filtration is not good for saltwater fish. Even keeping the filter on for a day, they will still have the waste product in it. The filter is not capturing a sufficient amount of the waste product, making it challenging to keep the water clean.
  • The heater is not part of the kit, and you have to buy the heater separately. 
  • The quality of the different material is not made of good quality plastic.

7) FREESEA 1.2 Gallon Betta Aquarium:

It is one of the best small fish tanks in the category. The square shape of the tank is suitable for the desktop aquarium. Set up your Aquarium near the working area to make your deck look beautiful. You can have small betta fish, guppies, angelfish etc. 

The tank comes with bright LED lights that illuminate your tank. You do not have to assemble the equipment in a separate place. The dedicated arrangement is made in the corner where all the equipment is nicely placed. 

The filter is removable during the cleaning. Take the filter out and clean them before putting it back in place. Regular cleaning is recommended, especially for the cartridges. 

The USB power supply is used to electrify the equipment. It connects all the equipment from a single connection. Once you are done with the basic installation, power the equipment and enjoy your aquarium view. 

The customer support team helps you to fix any problem overcall.

When you find difficulty assembling the Aquarium or finding broken pieces in the kit, immediately call the customer support team to get the product to replace with the new one.

The mini Aquarium is the perfect gift for the kids. Teach them how to take care of our ecosystem from childhood.

They will easily connect them with the fish and learn to manage them at an early age. Fish are great pet and don’t require much space or maintenance to manage them.

Once the Aquarium is set up, you just have to feed them regularly. They are calm and enhance the beauty of your home. 

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  • It doesn’t take too much space in the home.
  • A small size tank can be accommodated on the small table, computer desk, or kitchen. 
  • Readily available equipment in the kit makes the installation instant. 
  • Filter fitted to the top of the tank, which makes the water oxygen-rich. It consumes the air and passes the oxygen in the water, transferring the oxygen to the fish.
  • The filter doesn’t make any noise or vibration. It runs in complete silence.
  • Sufficient swim space provides in the front. All the other equipment such as filter, heater and decorative are placed at the back of the tank.
  • LED makes the Aquarium look beautiful. It comes with the day and night mode. During the day, the LED emits a bright light similar to the sunlight. As the day ends, the LED automatically turns to the blue, offering the moonlight effect.


  • The filter is very aggressive in producing the water waves. It may injure the betta or any small type of fish if it gets in contact with the moving water. The filter could have to option to reduce the force. 
  • The product is made of plastic. There are high chances that the product will not last long. In some case, the product will get scratch on it during cleaning. Once it is scratch, you cannot remove them. The Aquarium will look awful.
  • Cannot put more than 2 fish in the tank. It is designed to accommodate small size betta fish.

What Are The Pros And Cons Of The Nano Tanks For The New Fish Keeper?

The nano tanks are designed for people who want to start their fish keeping hobby. Setting up a large size aquarium without having prior experience would be challenging. 

You will miss many essential components and method that keeps the fish in good health. You should start with small. Gain the experience, then decide on setting the large size aquarium in your home.

The modern nano tanks are made available with the complete kit. The kit is suitable for beginners as they are easy to assemble. You just have to fix the given equipment, fill the tank with the water and your Aquarium is ready to place the fish in it. 

However, not all the all in one aquarium kit is perfect for the beginner. You should know the pros and cons of buying the all in one kit before deciding to set up the Aquarium.

The following details will help you make the wise decision of choosing the right all in one kit for your fish tank.


  • The kit comes with everything that you need to start your Aquarium. 
  • Pre-assembled holding stands, equipment, rods are all already provided in the kit. You just have to fix them at the right place to make it work.
  • Bright LED light is attached to the hood at the perfect position. It illuminates the entire Aquarium with natural lights. LED’s are helpful for power saving.
  • Adding features such as Gravel, plants, and decorative stuff can be added later in the package.
  • Everything is already there in the package. You just have to add the water and fish to it.
  • A filter is provided that keeps the water clean. Fix the filter at the right place, connect it to the power circuit, and it is ready to filter the water.


  • You do not get the choice to select the equipment. Whatever is added to the kit is the final product. If anything goes wrong with the quality, you have to purchase it separately.
  • In most of the all in one aquarium kits, the equipment is designed in common size. You cannot have equipment in the bigger size. In this case, you have to upgrade the system to a higher quality product which may cost extra to purchase.
  • Design for masses, which makes the kit look similar. You do not have many options in colors or sizes while buying them.
  • Do not expect customer support at the price the kit is offered. In some case, email support may be possible, but most of the time, the issue will be with the quality of the product. The support team cannot do anything if anything is broken while using it. You have to repurchase the broken equipment from the store. It would be difficult to get the replacement or warranty on the all in one aquarium kit.

How Many Fish Can You Put In The Nano Tank?

Generally, the size of the tank enables you to put 3 to 4 fish in the tank if you are ready to compromise on the decorative stuff. Many time the decorative items consume a good amount of space. 

The front area is the only space left for the fish to swim. Therefore, you cannot have more than two fish in the nano tanks. Placing more than two fish may cause the fish to develop anxiety due to less swimming space. 

Additionally, you have to arrange the essential equipment in the tank, such as a filter. If you live in cold places, then a heater is also required to keep the water temperature in a moderated forum. This equipment is large and cannot be ignored. The filter keeps the water clean and neat.

However, the nano tanks are great for small size home. You can have them on your desk in front of you all the time while you are working. Fish generate positive energy in the room. When you put them on your working desk, it will make you feel better. 

You can watch them roaming around in the water. Doing different activities and enjoy their time in the water. Watching fish swim in the fish tank is one of the peaceful experiences you find in nature. 

How To Choose The Best Nano Tanks For The New Fish Keeper?

The first thing that you have to do is note down what you require. Do some research if you are unaware of the things that need to maintain the Aquarium. 

Put more efforts into reading the maintenance procedure as most of the hard work is done during the maintenance. The tank setup is easy and doesn’t require experience to assemble and place fish in the tank. 

During the cleaning or regular maintenance of the fish tank, you may have to remove the fish from the tank and place them in the temporary container. For doing that, you must have the right size of a fishnet. Without that, you will not be able to remove the fish.

List down the items essential to set up and compare them with the all in one aquarium kit. These items are unique, and they would have different features. So read the specification carefully before buying them.

Choose the nano tank kit from the reputed company.

Filter and heater should be part of the kit.

Read the reviews of the buyers. More positive reviews indicate the quality of the product is good.

Consult with an experienced person to understand what are the things that you need to set up your Aquarium.

LED lights with an automatic switching option should be part of the kit. The automation will save you lots of time in management.

Choose from a glass or acrylic tank. However, both are good for the Aquarium, and the glass tanks are the traditional way of setting Aquarium. The acrylic tank is more durable compared to the glass. 

 With the acrylic tank, the only problem is it can get scratch, especially during the cleaning. Once the scratch is developed, it will look not very good. 

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