How Long Does Water Take to Dechlorinate _

How Long Does Water Take to Dechlorinate ?

If you are a fish lover and planning to build an aquarium, there are few things you should consider first. Water is definitely one of them. Regardless of the aquarium type (freshwater or saline water), you must use chlorine-free water. Otherwise, your fish have to face many problems. The high chlorine level can cause a

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How Do Fish Sleep? With Open Eyes | Mystery Solved

Do fish sleep? This may be one of your most curious questions from childhood. The answer is simply Yes! Fish do sleep. Like any other animal kingdom member, fish verities also need proper sleep to maintain their health. Sleeping and resting is an essential need for any animal. It helps the body recover from any

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Fighting Betta VS Peaceful Betta

Betta imbellis The Peaceful Member Of The Aggressive Family

Without doubt, fighter fish or Betta fish are one of the best-selling aquarium fish species in the world. They are famous for their gorgeous fin coloration, the shape of the fins and color pattern in the body. Most importantly, Betta fish are famous for their aggressive behavior. Special Betta splendid are known for the aggressive

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Bamboo in aquarium

Put Bamboo In Aquarium? Is Bamboo Safe For Fish?

Bamboo will add a premium look to your aquarium aquascape. But you may want to know what kind of bamboo tree you should put in the aquarium and how it affects your fish. Many aquarium keepers, like the concept of using Bamboo In Aquarium. But is it suitable for the fish? Everything you put into

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Aquascaping guide

Aquascaping Advanced Guide-Learn Professional Aquascaping

Aquascaping is the art of positioning rocks, stones, plants, driftwood, and coral in an aquarium. Aquascaping has become a hobby and craft, with its underwater gardening concept. Most of the time they are inspired by natural environment. Aquascape involves the parameters of design, the knowledge of particular biology, and an awareness of available technology. In

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Discus Fish Care

Discus Fish Care Easy Guide: Not for Experts Anymore

Discus fish is among the grandest freshwater fish suitable for the home aquarium. They are mostly known as the “King of the Aquarium” for their magnificence and royal colors. Discus fish are fascinating fish to enjoy for aquarium keepers, and they have gained popularity over time as they are very colorful due to its specific

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