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Freshwater Aquarium – An A to Z guide

Having fish as pets is very common nowadays. A freshwater aquarium is an ideal way to care them. You may wonder why you need an aquarium? Having fish as pets is an efficient way to reduce cardio diseases, mental conditions like anxiety, stress, and depression. Furthermore, it lowers blood pressure assuring the health of the body. Indeed it’s essential to maintain and the proper conditions to facilitate a suitable environment for the fish. The oxygen supply and quality of water are necessary for fish to assure the health of fish. Indeed the PH level of water. Certainly, it may adversely affect biological fish, fish eggs, and hatching.certainly we must pay attention when setting up an aquarium. So let’s discuss more the freshwater aquariums.

The freshwater aquarium and essential tips 

A freshwater aquarium consists of freshwater fish or organisms and freshwater aquatic plants. Indeed, this environment is comfortable for such an environment assuring their comfortability. Indeed you require suitable freshwater fish, a tank, water filters, a stand, and lights. The tank is the essential equipment as you set up an aquarium. It’s necessary to beware of the material and the thickness of the tank. The material should be transparent while it rests the force exerted by water and organisms. 

Also, it’s essential to select a proper stand to bear the weight of the whole tank. Stainless steel will be an ideal selection that prevents rusting while carrying the tank. The water filter is also essential as it helps to maintain a favorable environment for the fish. Maintains the proper oxygen levels while purifying the water. Furthermore, also beware about the lighting. Lighting does a great job in keeping the condition of water, additionally affecting the health of fish. Proper lighting prevents the formation of harmful microorganisms and also creates a suitable environment for hatching fish eggs. 

The most crucial factor to consider is the type of freshwater fish. They should live in the same tank without harming others. So beware when you select freshwater fish species. Also, the fish should be comfortable with their new environment. 

freshwater aquarium

How to set up 

Select a suitable tank and clean it properly. Then place it on the stand. Add stones or sand to the lower level of the tank. After that, add water to it. Leave it for an hour to let the mud sediment. Fix the filter properly. Afterward, add coral reefs or aquatic plants. Finally, add fish to the tank considering their physical factors. 

Best freshwater fish for the aquarium. 

  • Guppy 
  • Gourami 
  • Platy 
  • Danios 
  • Cherry Barb 
  • Pearl Gourami 
  • Tiger Pleco 
  • Cory Catfish 

Important tips to remember 

Don’t add water directly from tap to the tank. Add water to another vessel and insert it to the tank after leaving for about two days. Its an essential factor to balance PH levels. Try your best to clean the sedimented debris and rotten food to ensure the health of fish. Choose fish flakes and pallets designed for the relevant groups of fish. Also, select live fish food with an excellent condition to about diseases and intestinal disorders. 

freshwater aquarium


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