bloodworms fish food

Bloodworms Fish food -best high protein fish diet

People use many types of fish baits. They could be natural or artificial ones. Bloodworms are one of the best baits. Because many fish love to eat Bloodworms food. These bloodworms belong to the phylum Annelida, and the scientific name of them is Glycera.

The main reason people use Bloodworms to feed their fish is, they are good protein sources. Which means people give them to fish as a supplement, not a whole complete diet.

Usually, it’s recommended to give them twice a week. Otherwise, fish will get much health problems as effects of that. As an example, it can occur constipation.

Breeding backgrounds of Bloodworms are places such as ponds, pools, and they lay eggs in those places. Bloodworms got their names because of their dark red colour.

Breeding bloodworms for fish food

As mentioned above, breeding occurs in damp places like pools and ponds. But the exposure to sunlight makes the breeding process slow. Rapid growth takes place in areas having quiet darkness. The larvae life cycle is a little short is about 10 – 12 days.

But the thing is that breeding bloodworms are difficult than we think of it. They are carnivorous parasites that depend on sucking the blood of other animals. Since they can spread so many diseases in that area that you are going to breed them. This culturing process is excellent if you do it commercially. Otherwise, if you intend to do it as a hobby, please buy them that’ll be good for your own health.

Types of bloodworms fish food

When it comes to the sake of feeding fish, there are 3 significant types of bloodworms we can buy: They are,

  • freeze-dried bloodworms
  • Live blood worms
  • Frozen blood worms

bloodworms fish food

In these 3 types, there are some conveniences over another. Try to use what you prefer and according to the purpose. The frequent type is the first type, freeze-dried bloodworms. The only thing you have to do is a soak and let your fish feed.

Live blood worms are difficult to find. Unlike dried ones or frozen ones, you can’t keep this that much longer. Because of that reason, use them soon after within 2 or 3 days you buy them. But even it’s a drawback the nutritional value of live bloodworms are more way better than dried or frozen bloodworms. But you have to wash bloodworms properly before you feed fish with them. Some exterior germs coming outside of with that bloodworm pack may be harmful to your fish. Because it’s a live food, it can spread infectious diseases.

Frozen bloodworms are more comfortable to use than live ones and can store for long periods.

Most of the time, many fish types feed on these bloodworms, as mentioned above. The reason for that is that many fish are carnivorous.

Effects on human

Even bloodworms are good for fish, but sometimes there will be some adverse effects on humans. Since bloodworms are carnivorous, they suck blood as there food. And they have venomous jaws for grasping. So, if they bite on us, humans it will be even more painful than we think. It can cause allergies.


I hope you found something useful here. But here, we should mainly focus on what are the best things suitable for our fish. And also it’s essential to care about yourselves too. Since bloodworms are parasites even they are good nutritional food for fish, they can spread a lot of diseases around the area. Because of this, the reason is the best option is to buy them. Instead of trying to culture them than in your living area.

So be careful about that factor. And that other thing is it’s perfectly fine to use dried or frozen ones rather than using live ones. Some fish need to feed with live ones. Other than that it’s excellent to use dried or frozen ones. Don’t feed fish frequently with bloodworms. Once or twice a week is completely enough.

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