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How Can You Tell The Gender Of A Black Moor?

If your friend asks ” How can You tell the gender of a black moor?” Do you know the answer?

Determining the gender of black moor goldfish isn’t an easy task for an average fish keeper. But, if you know the traits of a male and female black moor and the behavior changes when they are ready to spawn, you can easily identify the gender.

This article will walk you through the process of sexing black moor goldfish.

How Can You Tell The Gender Of A Black Moor

Why sexing black moor is important?

Identifying the gender of black moor goldfish is essential if you plan to breed them.

It is useless if you keep only one gender of goldfish because goldfish are egg-laying fish. This means that goldfish require both males and females to reproduce.

So, you will have to keep at least one female black moor and a male black moor if you want goldfish babies in the future.

If you don’t want any more fish in your tank, you can ignore the sexing part and care for your fish without worrying.

Since goldfish are omnivore fish, they will get rid of their offspring soon after they are born. So, even if you have male and female fish, your tank will not be overpopulated as goldfish eat their babies.

Can goldfish change gender?

No, they can’t. You may have heard about certain fish that can change their gender when needed.

But, goldfish are not among those fish. Goldfish are born with the gender that they will carry throughout their life.

So, if you have a female black moor, it will always be female, and a male black moor will always be a male.

How can you tell the gender of a black moor?

Although goldfish are sexually dimorphic, identifying them apart is relatively tricky, especially for beginners.

To pinpoint males from females, you have to observe them for a long period of time. The physical differences and behavior changes stand out when black moors are ready to spawn.

The spawning season comes during the spring and early summer in the wild. You can induce spawning by artificially giving them hot temperatures to mimic the spring season.

When your goldfish are ready to spawn (when you induce spawning by increasing the water temperature), check for the below differences in your fish.

Physical differences

Male black moors develop small white bumps on their gill covers and along the back.

The bumps are known as breeding tubercles. They will also have a more streamlined body shape, and their anal fins will be more pointed.

On the other hand, females will not have any bumps on their bodies, and their anal fins will be more rounded. Further, females will have a more rounded abdomen as they store eggs inside their bodies.

Behavior changes

When goldfish are ready to spawn, their behavior will also change.

Males will become more aggressive and will chase the females around. They will also start to eat less than before.

On the other hand, females will begin to eat more than before as they need food to produce eggs.

If you observe your fish closely, you will notice these changes in your fish. You can use these changes to identify the gender of your black moor goldfish.

Why has my black moor turned to gold? Is it a sign of its gender?

While you may think this is a sign to identify male or female fish, it is not.

Black moor goldfish are a type of goldfish that have black coloration on their bodies. However, as they grow older, the black coloration will fade and turn gold.

So, if your black moor has turned gold, it is not a sign of its gender. The gold coloration is simply due to the fading of black coloration.


To tell the gender of a black moor goldfish, you have to wait till their spawning season. However, you can induce spawning by changing water temperature.

By doing so, your fish will get ready to spawn and show physical signs and behavioral signs. Once they show these signs, you can use them to identify males from females. 

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