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Can Black Moor Live With Goldfish? (Your Answer Is Here)

Can black moor live with goldfish? Most of the time, black moors can live peacefully with goldfish.

But there are times that black moors become bullied among other goldfish. So, not all goldfish types can live peacefully with black moors.

Black moor goldfish are not your typical type of goldfish that can get along well with most aquarium fish.

They are delicate and prone to accidents and diseases. Therefore, choosing compatible tank mates can be a challenge.

So, which goldfish can live with black moors and which goldfish can not? Let’s take a look.

Can Black Moor Live With Goldfish

Are black Moors fish-friendly?

Yes. Black moors are actually one of the more friendly types than the common goldfish, which is aggressive sometimes.

They can live peacefully with any tank mate unless it is an aggressive one. Unlike the common goldfish, black moors do not try to fight with other fish for any reason. They are innocent fish that swim slow and mind their own business.

Can black moor live with goldfish?

Yes. Black moors can live with goldfish if other goldfish do not bully them.

Some goldfish types are actually aggressive when they feel jealous or when the tank is not large enough. So, housing black moors with these goldfish are not good because they can get hurt.

But, if you have a large enough tank and can provide plenty of hiding places for the black moor, then it is okay to have them live with other goldfish. 

Goldfish types that can live with Black moor goldfish

While black moors can live peacefully with most other fish, some goldfish types do better with black moors.

Best goldfish tank mates are other fancy varieties that are slow-moving. But some goldfish are more docile than black moors, and others are more prone to accidents than black moors.

Below is a list of goldfish types that fits well with black moors.

  • Shubunkins – While shubunkins are fast-moving fish, they are usually gentle and friendly with other goldfish types. So, usually, they can cohabit well with black moors.
  • Commons – Common goldfish are also generally peaceful fish. They can live peacefully with black moors, but some specimens can become aggressive if the tank is small.
  • Some varieties of fantails – Some fantail varieties such as fancy fantail, pearl scales, and Dragon eye goldfish are relatively easy to care goldfish types that can live well with black moors.
  • Some varieties of veil tails – Some veil tail goldfish types such as veiltail goldfish and butterfly tail goldfish can cohabit well with black moors because of their hardy nature.

Goldfish that can not live with black moors:

  • Comets – Comet goldfish are known for their relatively aggressive nature. So, they might not be suitable tankmates for black moors.
  • Ryukin goldfish – Ryukin goldfish are also popular for their aggressive behavior. They tend to attack other fish when the tank is small and during feeding time. Since black moors are more peaceful, they can not live peacefully with Ryukins.
  • Ranchu – Ranchu goldfish are more delicate than black moors because of their body shape and difficulty swimming due to lack of dorsal fins. Ranchu requires a dedicated tank to thrive. Although they can live with other goldfish species, they can not compete well. So, it is recommended not to keep Ranchu with black moors.
  • Orandas – Orandas should be an exception from the black moor tank as they sometimes become aggressive to the black moors. While they are peaceful fish, they sometimes do not get along with black moors because of their different body shape.
  • Lionheads – Lionheads are similar to Orandas in that they sometimes become bullies to black moors. So, keeping lionheads and black moors together in a tank is not recommended.
  • Bubble eyes – Bubble eye goldfish is one of the most fragile goldfish varieties. They are not good tankmates for black moors because they cannot swim away from danger quickly. So, when black moors chase food, they might end up hurting the bubble eyes.
  • Telescope eyes – Telescope eyes are also gentle goldfish. However, they have protruding eyes that other fish might take advantage of. So, it is not good to keep telescope eyes with black moors.
Can Black Moor Live With Goldfish


When choosing compatible tank mates for black moors, it is always best to go with other slow-moving fancy goldfish varieties.

This way, both the black moor and the other goldfish can live in peace without conflicts.

If a tank is large enough to provide plenty of hiding places for the black moor, it is okay to include other docile goldfish types. 

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