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Top 3 Coolest Freshwater Aquarium Fish You Should Buy

Aquarium fishkeeping is a very popular hobby. Sometimes it is a way to show how rich you are. Some people consider fish verities like Arowana and koi carp as a sign of prosperity and luck. Some fish can be your best friend. If you are a newbie, you may wonder which fish to choose. Then this article is for you. Let’s find out about the coolest freshwater aquarium fish all the time.

coolest freshwater aquarium fish

Coolest personal pet freshwater aquarium fish – Betta fish

Betta fish is my personal favorite. Betta or the Japanese fighter fish is a gentle and intelligent fish with a small body. They are very good as pets. The bettas can understand you, recognize you, and love you. Also, they are very inexpensive. You can buy the best breeds for below 500 US dollars. From wild types to home-bred types, many betta options are available in the market. Every betta fish verity has unique color patterns, fin shapes, and even behaviors.

Betta fish are so intelligent even they can learn things every day. You can teach your fish a few tricks to entertain yourself and also to make him happy. Also, you can interbreed your fish with some other betta verify to get more special variations. So, I think betta fish is one of the coolest aquarium fish. Bettas don’t require huge tanks. So, if you are looking for a personal pet betta would be the best of all.

coolest freshwater aquarium fish

Coolest Saltwater fish – Clownfish

The clownfish or the Nemo fish from the Finding Nemo movie is a small size fish living in the sea. So, if you own a saltwater aquarium, clown fish are a great choice. Clownfishes have a brown to orange color body with white color stripes on them. They usually grow up to 11cm long. They usually live in small fish groups. So, you can’t keep one alone. If you do so, the fish will get stressed.

But, caring for a Nemo fish is not an easy task. They are very sensitive. So, you will need a lot of skills and experience to keep them. A group of clownfish is an excellent addition to a planted seawater tank. In nature, they love to live with sea anemones. So, you can also add a few anemones to add beauty to your tank. However, keeping clownfish will cost you a lot of money. But still, they are the coolest seawater aquarium fish.

coolest freshwater aquarium fish

Coolest freshwater aquarium fish for ponds – Carp fish

Carp fish is one of the coolest freshwater aquarium fish widely available to buy in the market. Carp fish also have unique features. In Japan and China, keeping carp fish is considered a sign of luck. Japan is the biggest carp fish breeder. The chosen best fishes, they call them the koi fish. The most unique freshwater fish you can buy.

Carp fish have a very long lifespan. Also, they have very good immunity. So, they will last long in your tank for decades. Also, they can grow huge. If you have an outdoor pond carp fish is the best option for you. Some people use carp fish ponds to practice mindfulness meditation. They are that exciting. 

coolest freshwater aquarium fish

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