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Why The Goldfish Tank Appears Cloudy? 8 Causes To Fix

The cloudy goldfish tank is the most common problem people face in their aquarium when they have Gold Fish. The goldfish is one of the aquarium fish that produces a good amount of waste product when this waste gets mixed up with the water. As the water flows, it creates cloudy water in the tank, making it look dirty.

Why the Goldfish tank appears cloudy 8 causes to fix

How to get rid of the Cloudy goldfish tank problem?

When your water starts looking cloudy, it is time to take quick action to reduce the dullness. The vital part of the process is the water. Changing 50% of the water would solve the problem to a great extent. But remember that it is not a permanent solution.

Goldfish require special care to maintain the water clean and health in control. If the fish find it hard to breathe in the cloudy water, they will develop the illness, and in the worst case, they will die sooner or later.

It is frustrating to see the aquarium tank looking cloudy even after cleaning it a few days before. Every aquarium owner faces this challenge in their lifetime.

The good thing is, that there are several ways you can control the water and give it a completely new look with small steps.

Also, if you follow the maintenance guideline carefully, you will never encounter such a problem in your life.

What kind of substances found in the goldfish tank?

The cloudy substance in the water is the waste product of the food and fish waste.

The water looks milky white, and in some cases, brown. It is a clear sign that the water contains chemical-rich product and bacteria, which is harmful to the fish.

Fish would not get the right hygiene in the dirty water. There are several versions of the milky white water.

You should first test the water condition to understand the cloudy water in the goldfish tank.

How to identify the cause of the cloudy goldfish tank?

1) Check if the chemicals you add to clean the water are not used more than recommended. Use it in proportion to what is suggested by the experts.

2) Ensure that your filter is properly working. If the water filter cannot clean the water, it is a sign of dirty water. It is passing through without getting cleaned. Change the filter material and replace it with the new one. If required, change the filter position to arrange it on the side where most dirt particles fall in the tank.

3) Aquarium plant could be one of the reasons why you may have a Cloudy goldfish tank. The plan rots over time. When they fall from the branch, they reach the tank’s bottom, where the bacteria start eating them and break them apart. You should remove the leaves immediately after they start floating on the surface of the water before it tanks down. Do not allow the plant to rot in the water.

4) Fish waste product is too much than what your filter can clean. Goldfish generally produce a large amount of waste product. You should have a good quality filter that can manage the high amount of fish waste and clean them regularly.

The regular filter would not be sufficient as it cannot a large amount of waste. Changing the filter is the only solution to get rid of the waste product.

5) Sometimes, water temperature also causes the water to look cloudy. The bacteria in the water start multiplying at a high rate if the water quality drops. They move in the water making the water look dirty. You should also put an eye on the temperature is the health problem that the fish would develop if the water temperature goes up.

6) Growing Algae is another reason why you may have cloudy water. The aquarium, which is not clean for several days, would develop algae in the water.

Most algae survive on the leftover food. If the food leftover is too high, it helps the algae to multiply quickly. Check in the water filter and decorative used in the water. This equipment might have layers of Algae on it which makes the water dirty.

The Algae eats the leftover food and produces the waste product, which reacts to the water and looks cloudy.

7) You may maybe follow your routine water change procedure to keep maximum water clean; however, the water still looks dirty if your tank is dirty. As the days pass, the aquarium tank would develop algae and bacteria, which stick to the tanks inside.

It creases the layer inside, which makes it look dirty. Even if you pour the fresh water in it, the water will appear cloudy. The only way to get rid of this problem is to clean the dirty tank.

8) The gravel used in the aquarium needs proper cleaning. People who are careless in cleaning the gravel and do not put much effort during the cleaning keep the waste product like it on the grave.

When you put the gravel back to the fish tank, it stays under the surface. Once you pour the water, the waste product trapped in the gravel will get removed, and it starts flowing in the water, making the aquarium water look dirty.

You should systematically clean the gravel and ensure that every small particle from the gravel is removed. If you want, keep it dry under the sun and then clean it again before putting them in the aquarium.

The drying process removes any dirty particles and bacteria which may go back to the tank and make your water look dirty.

What are the tips to keep the Goldfish tank clean?

  • An aquarium filter is essential for keeping the tank water clean. Clean the filter regularly to avoid any substance trapped in the water. Leave the filter and make the water dirty.
  • Keep your tank away from the sunlight. The sunlight helps the algae to grow faster and multiply quickly in the water.
  • Reduce food wastage. When you feed the fish, ensure that the leftover food is removed before it tanks to the aquarium’s bottom. The waste product degrades in the water making the water look dirty. If you require, feed your fish several times a day in a small portion, so they have sufficient time to eat the food, and nothing is left.
  • Perform a water change regularly to keep it clean. The water change would be beneficial to the health of the fish.
  • Do not use any chemicals more than recommended, such as chlorine, to clean the water. The high amount of chemical dose would make the water dirty.
  • You can use the EcoBio stone in the tank to keep the water clean naturally.

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Do too many Goldfish in the tank would cause the water to get cloudy?

Too many Goldfish in the small tank is also the cause of the cloudy goldfish tank. When each goldfish waste product is saturated in the small-size fish tank, it makes the water dirty. The filter will not remove the small particles and food waste during the filtration process, making it look dirty.

Unless you have proper maintenance planning to keep your fish clean, it would be difficult to avoid the tank’s cloudy water. Either you have a large fish tank that makes room for the Goldfish and provides sufficient space for each fish. Also, if the water gets dirty, your filtration process would efficiently remove the dirt particles.

In a small tank, it is not possible to catch all the small particles in the filter.

Whenever you have a fish tank filled with too many fish than what it can hold, the water condition gets compromised.

Even in the small size goldfish could reduce the water quality in a day if kept in a large group.

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Final Thoughts:

Cloudy goldfish tank is the major problem every aquarium owner faces in their lifetime. Proper maintenance of the fish tank is the only way to keep the tank water clean. Keep an eye on each element available in the tank.

Everything should be properly clean before you fix them in the fish tank. Also, control the goldfish waste product. It can be food waste or organic waste. Use the powerful filter to suck all the small waste particles. When you find the water is not getting clean by the filter, it is time to remove the filter and clean it.

The small-size fish do not produce a large amount of waste product. Hence you do not have to clean your filter frequently, but when it comes to the Goldfish. You have to prepare yourself for the extra care. Schedule your maintenance plan to change the portion of the water every week. See if you can find a better way to keep your water clean.

The majority of the time, the waste product is the reason for the aquarium’s cloudy water. If you balance the water condition, it is easy to keep your tank clean. Follow the above-given guidelines to make your aquarium clean.

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