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Dwarf baby tears care Everything you need to know

Most of us have aquariums in our places. And we do so many things to decorate them. Mainly, we grow different types of plants inside our tanks to enhance the look of them. So, in this article, we will find out about a particular plant that we can use for decorating. That is Hemianthus callitrichoides or dwarf baby tear plants as we know.

Dwarf baby tears one of the most popular aquatic plant which is using for decoration inside of aquariums. This plant is mainly used to carpet the floors of aquariums. Here the convenience is, dwarf baby tears are proliferating.

Dwarf baby tears care

Even though this plant is exquisite and spread quickly doesn’t mean that you have to care about them. We really need to care a lot about those plants properly. Likewise, we have to consider many environmental factors they need to grow. And, to get a better quality outcome, we have to provide what those plants need.

Temperature to care Dwarf baby tears

In, most ornamental plants, there is a specific temperature level that experts always recommend. Likewise, dwarf baby tears also have an ideal temperature. You may think like no, it won’t affect much. But remember small things make more significant changes. If you grow that on a specific temperature rather than the recommended level, it will grow. But the thing is, you can’t get the optimum outcome in that way.

The ideal temperature for dwarf baby tears experts recommends, which is 70-84 degrees Fahrenheit. So always try to maintain temperature conditions in this range. It will help you get more attractive and healthy plants over common ones.

Dwarf baby tears care

Light conditions

As we know, many plants in the world need a lot of light for the photosynthetic process. Thus, dwarf baby tears also need a lot of light. The recommended number of hours is 10 – 14 per day. And it’s not a dim light. That should be a perfect brighter light. By giving that much of light makes this plant more green and glossy.

Tank to care Dwarf baby tears

In most occasions for ornamental plants like this need any specific tank requirements. But dwarf baby tears do not require particular types of containers. We can grow them in even a small tank, too.

Tankmates for dwarf baby tears

Even when we find more facts about a fish type or any other organism that we can grow inside a tank in our home, we always try to find better tank mates who can live with them. Likewise, we can add some compatible aquatic organisms which can live in the environment we make for dwarf baby tears.

So, when finding compatible fish, you can add many types of fish than some exceptions. Do not put heavy plant-eaters with dwarf baby tears. As an example, goldfish is like that. So, they are not suitable for that environment.

And too aggressive fish types also not suitable for these plants and their growing environments.

Here above are some most important things you have to pay attention before you grow these plants. Otherwise, you waste your money and time. And, always try to give the best fertilizers and better CO2 supply. Because dwarf baby tears need a lot of CO2 for better growth.


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