sea stars eat

What do sea stars eat? How to feed Starfish at home

Sea stars or the starfishes are omnivorous fish. They can feed on both plat based food and animals. Depending on where they live, their food preferences are different. So, what actually the sea starfishes eat? Best of all, their favorite meal is mollusks in nature. They love to eat Mollusca verities like shrimps, sea snails and etc. But, If you are willing to keep sea starfishes in your aquarium, you can’t always feed them with snails or shrimps. Hopefully, still, you have many options to try. So, let’s find out about feeding sea starfishes.

What is a star fish?

Sea stars are echinoderms living in the sea. They have a star-shaped body with five fingers. Around 1500 species of starfishes have been identified. Some of them can even live in very deep waters. According to Wikipedia, some starfishes have been found in 6000 ft deep waters of the sea.

They have a very colorful body. The starfishes are a very attractive addition to an aquarium. But, you can’t just keep them on your freshwater tank like other fish. To keep them alive, you will have to provide them with a special tank setup. A saltwater setup is essential to upkeep starfishes. A minimum salinity level of 1.02 is required for sea stars. Also, the pH of the water should be in a range of 8.1 – 8.4.

sea stars eat

What sea stars eat in nature?

In nature, starfishes are strategical hunters. Since they can’t move like other fishes, they always target slow-moving animals. They just stay calm and seek for the slow-moving once around them. Especially if some animal is injured or dead, Starfish will take care of the dead body.

In nature, corals, small shrimps, small snails, mussels, clams are their common meals.

How to feed sea stars at home? What sea stars in aquariums eat?

Unlike other fish verities, you can’t just feed them with fish food or flakes. They will not even touch them. Always remember depending on what species of Starfish you have on your tank, the food habits vary. If you are a beginner in fish keeping or if you have never maintained a saltwater aquarium, do not buy Starfish. They need far more care than normal aquarium fish. 

Some starfishes can feed on algae. So they will eat the growing algae in the glass of your tank. Most aquarium keepers feed starfishes with frozen food verities like frozen shrimp and frozen prawns. Even chopped sponges are a good choice. 

Some verities of sea stars can feed on vegetables. They will accept boiled green vegetables, spinach, and kale. 

Different verities have different requirements. So, before buying a starfish, always do research about their food requirements. Not all stars eat vegetables. So, don’t force them to eat things that don’t match their habits.

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