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How to take care of a fish? Read before buying a fish

Fishes are sometimes adorable, sometimes dangerous, and maybe joyful. Depending on our interests, we all love to take care of some pet fish. Some people love the aggression of a fish. So, they choose monster fish verities such as Arowana, piranas, catfish verities, etc.

Some other people want to see the colorful and beautiful fishes every day. So, they keep the most beautiful built of nature: parrot fish verities, clown fishes, angels, and many more to tell. No matter what kind of fish you like to keep, all fishes need many things to live happier and healthy. 

How to take care of a fish

As an owner of a fish tank, it is your responsibility to take care of them. Some fish verities require many special things. So, what if you have no idea of what things to provide.

Or what if you don’t know what to feed or how to keep the tank clean? Then Your fish will start to suffer. So, before starting to keep fish as pets, always gather knowledge about them. It is not like keeping a dog or a cat. 

If you leave your cat alone for a while, it would find food and water for itself, and nothing bad will happen. But, keeping a fish doesn’t work that way.

Some fish verities like goldfishes require a continuous oxygen supply to live in still water tanks. So, what if the power goes off for a day while you are not at home? Now you can feel the responsibility. Let’s take a look at the primary requirements of a fish.

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Tank size 

The size of the tank or pond is a very important factor. If you are building a community tank, and if the tank is very small, your fish will start to fight with each other for living space. Also, they will get stressed, and their mental health will easily go down. 

So, before buying a fish, always consider about,

  • How big can these fish grow?
  • Can it live in a community tank?
  • Is my tank deep enough to keep this fish?
  • Can this fish live alone if my tank is small?
  • If your fish tank is not big enough to care for it when it becomes an adult, are you capable of buying a new bigger tank?
How to take care of a fish

Air supply

In nature, most fishes live in the moving water. The moving water has a good oxygen level. So, they don’t feel any difficulties in breathing. But, when it comes to a tank, the water is still. The fish will consume the available oxygen in the water. But, with time, the oxygen amount will reduce. So, how can it breathe now?

If you want to keep big fishes an air supply system is always essential. You can use a bubbling device or a full airflow system to maintain good oxygen levels in the water. Also, consider buying a backup air supply system to be used in case of a power cut. 

How to take care of a fish


Different fish varieties have different food habits. Some of them are omnivorous; some others are carnivorous or herbivorous. You can’t feed blood worms to the herbivorous fishes. So, before buying a fish, always search what kind of food is best for this fish? 

Also, consider the quality of the food. Do not feed the fish with the same meal every day. Add vary of foods so the fish can live healthily. Likewise, human fishes also need micronutrients to live healthily. So, get advice from a doctor and provide the essential vitamins and other micronutrients. This will also make your fish look beautiful. They will grow more color, and the body will also grow with beauty. 

Water quality 

Buy a water quality test kit. Regularly check the quality of water. If it’s not good, do a full water change or a partial change of water. Some components like nitrates can be lethal for fish if it exceeds the lethal dosage limit. Use a good filter system to keep the water clean. Also, set a day to change the water every week. So, you don’t miss a water change

Filter system

Having a filtration system is essential to maintaining water quality. The filter will suck any excessive food, fish poop, and other unwanted things. If they remain in the tank, the microorganisms will start to digest the waste, and this process will build poisonous components. So, using a filter is always recommended. 

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