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What Is Tiger Shovelnose Catfish Max Size?

The Tiger Shovelnose catfish is a genus of long whiskered catfish. Tiger Shovelnose catfish is native to the Amazon River basin. Hence, this fish is common in various countries of South America, including Bolivia, Brazil, and Colombia. Due to their unique appearance, most aquarists love to rear them. Hence, the Tiger Shovelnose catfish is popular as an aquarium fish type worldwide. So, provide favorable conditions to nurture them as aquarium fish. 

The feed, tank water quality conditions, and fish density should be at an optimum level. If so, they can easily reach the market size. Hence, it is essential to know what tiger Shovelnose Catfish max size when rearing them. 

Tiger Shovelnose Catfish max size

Tiger Shovelnose Catfish Max Size

The Tiger Shovelnose catfish’s average size varies from 2.5 to 3 feet in captivity. These fish can grow even more significantly in the wild. But sometimes, these fish exceed 4 feet in length in their natural habitat.

Tiger Shovelnose Catfish Size In Captivity

Tiger Shovelnose catfish fish can grow more extensively. This is more prevalent in the wild when compared to tanks. They rarely exceed 4 feet in their natural habitat. Even though they are popular, rumors exist about the growth rate of Tiger shovelnose catfish. Anyway, these fish grow quite fast. Do not consider how little you feed them or how small the tank is. Eventually, they will grow quickly and be big.

How Big Do Tiger Shovelnose Catfish Get In The US?

Tiger Shovelnose fish can easily reach two feet in length. But this is only for a few years. Within its native streams, this fish can reach more than 60 pounds of weight. Females are larger and reach sexual maturity at 56 cm. Usually, males get mature at 45 cm.

How Long Does It Take Tiger Shovelnose Catfish To Grow?

Fed correctly, they can grow 12 inches every 2 years. Ultimately reaching out for their full length in 5-6 years. But this will only be achievable if you have a big enough tank. Moreover, feed them a variety of meaty foods. Most people do not have room for a suitable tank. Occasionally, their fish reach around 3-4 years.

Tiger Shovelnose Catfish Appearance

The appearance of the Tiger Shovelnose catfish is the most obvious thing out of all. It makes them stand out so much in the first place. Tiger shovelnose catfish have long, comprehensive, and flat mouths. This ideal design allows them to scarf down prey and skim the riverbed when necessary. They have relatively long barbels that protrude from the front of their mouth. They are angled and slightly forward. The dorsal fins of fish are average in size. It looks backward in a shell-like shape. Tiger shovelnose catfish has forked caudal fins.

There are black spots present on the fins. The pectoral and anal fins of these fish are on the smaller side. Moreover, they include a similar pattern. The coloration and pattern on their body are a dark silver color. Prominent black stripes running vertically (usually) from front to back. These fish have spots on the back. So, you will typically see spots in different areas between the lines.

Tiger Shovelnose Catfish Lifespan

The lifespan of a shovelnose catfish ranges from 18-to 25 years. Genetic factors and the level of care they receive in captivity can significantly impact this range. It is uncommon for these fish to hit the upper limits of that lifespan in captivity. These years are not varied from other freshwater fish.

Tiger Shovelnose Catfish max size

Recently Asked Questions

How Many Tiger Shovelnose Catfish Can I Put In A 40-Gallon Tank?

The ideal tank size for these fish ranges from 180-to 200 gallons. This tank size is adequate for juveniles and 250+ adults. In this way, 50+ Tiger shovelnose catfish adults are possible to put into a 40-gallon tank.

Is Tiger Shovelnose Catfish Aggressive?

Yes. Tiger Shovelnose catfish pick on other fish that cannot stand up for themselves. They get territorial, especially if there is not enough tank space. Therefore, Tiger Shovelnose catfish are more inclined to the aggressive side of things. Hence, it is necessary to be concerned before purchasing and choosing their tank mates.

Can A Kribensis Bite You?

Kribensis are an incredibly peaceful variety of fish. They are also community fish. Kribensis are non-aggressive and most like-minded species. They can easily cohabitate in a tank with others. Sometimes they get aggressive when breeding. The behavior of Kribensis unpredictable, with some individuals more belligerent than them. They also like to have their space to themselves.  Hence tend to be feistier in small aquariums. Therefore, their contact with other fish is frequent. 

The only thing to worry about Kribensis is fin-nipping. These fish chase freshwater species with long flowy. The fish should not be housed with slow-moving species with long and flowing fins. The reason is in such a company; they can turn into fin nippers.

Does Law Protect Tiger Shovelnose Catfish?

The Tiger shovelnose catfish are not extinct species. The fish population is stable across its natural habitat. But a decline is noticed due to overfishing and habitat loss.


They are Tiger Shovelnose catfish that can grow over 4 feet in length in the wild. But in a home aquarium, they often reach between 2-3 feet. For this, the right size tank, water conditions, and quality food must supply. The appearance, color, size, and other external things describe the healthy nature of fish. Therefore, it is important to care for juvenile fish to reach their maximum size.

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