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How Long Do Giant Betta Fish Live?

GIANT BETTAIn this post, I will guide you on how long a giant betta fish live and how to extend their lifespan. Giant betta or King betta is like normal betta fish in general theory live around 2-3 years on average. But, with betta care and the food they can live up to 5 to 6 years. Normally if you place giant betta fish is a small tank, the life span of fish is going to be shorter.

How to extend giant betta fish life span?

To extend betta fish, you should pay very close attention to them, as an example.

  • Cleaning betta fish tank daily
  • Providing a spacious tank area
  • Providing live food (shrimp and bloodworms)
  • Providing nutrition and quality food

So as a summary keeping them healthy to expand the life of betta. So how to find if they are not healthy now?

How to find if giant betta is not healthy?

  • Fish is not much active (lethargic)
  • Fading colors in fins
  • Uneaten food in the tank
  • Ragged fins

If you see the above conditions, you need to make some changes to make your Betta fish healthy.



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