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What Kind Of Fish Is Nemo ( Everything About Clownfish )

We all have watched the emotional and inspirational movie “Finding Nemo”. But do you know What Kind Of Fish Is Nemo? They are commonly known as clown fish.

There are many verities of clownfishes living in the ocean. But, the one in the film is an Ocellaris Clownfish or Amphiprion ocellaris.  These fish have different color variations depending on their location. Clownfishes with the white band are usually found in oceans around South Asia, Australia, and Japan. 

Nemo fish is a small fish. It can grow up to 11 cm long. Female fishes have a more significant body. Males are relatively small. They have an oval body shape — the color of the body is very orange to reddish-brown tones. 

Distribution of Nemo fish

The Nemo fishes are mainly found on the eastern side of the Indian Ocean and also in the western pacific ocean. They are also living in the Northan Australia and Japanese regions. Clownfishes don’t live alone. They always live in small fish groups. Nemo fishes are always found around reef slopes or on lagoons. They find all their requirements around these places.

Clownfishes and anemone

Also, clownfishes have a symbiotic relationship with some sea anemone verities,

  • The magnification sea anemone
  • The giant carpet anemone
  • Mertens carpet sea anemone

Clone fishes have a massive bond with these three spices.

The Nemo fish eat the leftover food of an anemone. Also, if they see any predators around them, the clownfishes can hide within the fingers of anemones. 

what kind of fish is nemo

The natural behavior of Nemo fish. 

The clownfishes have Sequential hermaphroditism behavior.  So, the male fish can turn into a female in its lifestyle. Clownfishes are not as cute as they seem to be. In nature, they have very aggressive. They mark territory for them. So, if any other clownfish come to their place, they will attack. 

Nemo fish consider the sea anemone as their shelter. Because of their bright colors, clowns are highly visible to predators. Also, they have small bodies. So, the Nemo can’t surf in the free waters without getting caught by a predator. But, the anemone shelter is an excellent place for them to hide from predators. 

Food Habits 

The Nemo fish are not strong enough to hunt down huge fishes; They feed on algae and plankton. So, they are omnivores fish. Planktons are small creatures living in the seas. They can’t swim against the water flow. Thus, the clowns can easily hunt them around their anemone shelter. 

Social behavior 

In a group of clownfish, the alfa female is the leader. The female has a relatively big body. Within the group, smaller fishes face more aggression from the dominant fishes. So, usually, they get a small amount of food, and they have less chance to grow as dominant fish. 

In spawning time, the largest fish becomes the female. Within this time period, all the male fishes get aggressive. But, likewise in all other communities, only the most dominant one gets the chance. Some people keep the Nemo fish in their saltwater aquariums. But, keeping them is a huge challenge. So, if you are a beginner learn things before you give them a try.

what kind of fish is nemo

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