How Long Can a Betta Fish Live In a Fishbowl Without A Filter ? Know All

In present it is a fashion to keep a fish in a bowl rather than in a big tanks. If you are planning to buy a betta and put it in to a bowl, you better prepare yourself for the activities you must go through, to keep your fish alive in a fishbowl. Before going on to the question “how long betta fish live in a fish bowl?” it is important to find out, “How Long Can a Betta Fish Live In a Fishbowl ?” Without A Filter

Can betta fish live in a fish bowl?

Yes indeed, betta fish are hardy, and they can live and grow up in a fish bowl. But it is not comfortable them to live in a confined space. Take you as example, if given food and other essential requirements, it is possible for you to live in a small room. But it is not enjoyable for you. Same situation applied for this attractive fish.

Do betta fish die easily in fish bawl

In normal conditions betta fish do not die easily. They are considered as one of the hardy species in the aquarium world. But, on the other hand betta fish live in a fish bowl have considerably short life span than betta live in a 2.5 gallon tank.  Tank living betta fish can live up to 5 years while bowl living fish hardly live above 1 year. So, the answer would be yes.

What should you put in fishbowl along with betta?

You should put heater in to fish bowl with betta fish. As you may know betta is tropical fish and prefer 72° F to 77° F temperature range. so if the water is not above range you should use a heater in the fishbowl.

Due to limited space, may think fishbowl need a filter system. But this is not true. Strong waves generated by a filter is not suitable for small bawl and make the fish more stress. So, filter is not an important gadget for betta bowl.

Other than that, you can put some floating plants in the betta bawl, but keep in mind not to put too much. These live plants are act as natural filter to your small aquarium.

Caring tips for betta fish bawl

Since the small bawl do not use a filter, weekly water exchange is a must. Otherwise chemical such as ammonia concentration become higher and cause lethal effect to the fish. Other than that, keep in mind to feed your fish small amount of food. Collection of uneaten food in the bottom of the tank will affect negatively to your fish health. Apart from water changes, try to clean your fish bawl weekly. Carefully cleans the inner surface of the bawl to prevent unwanted algal growth.


It may sound easy to maintain a fish bawl rather than an aquarium. Now you know it is not. If you want to keep betta fish in a fish bawl you have to do lot of work. You need to clean water weekly or twice a week to avoid negative impact on fish health. Also, you should be careful when feeding your betta fish. Most importantly you mush keep a close watch about your betta fish’s behavior.

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