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Best Water For Betta Fish | 4 Facts To Know

Selecting water for Betta Fish can be a challenge for many people as it requires certain conditions to be met for a healthy living for Betta Fish. However, the water you buy from a store and water you take from your home water supply may look the same, they may have different amounts of chemicals and minerals.

Betta Fish specifically needs chemical-free water and other specific nutrients; otherwise, it will impact their health and growth rate. There is also a minimum tank size to keep Betta Fish healthy. If you keep water conditions at the right range, you can raise well-grown, shiny, and happy Betta Fish in your tank. So let’s see What is the Best Water For Betta Fish?


What Water Do You Use For Betta Fish?

There are some recommended water parameters for Betta Fish. Any water that completes these requirements can be used in Betta Fish tanks.

ParameterRange (ppm)
General hardness (GH)30-120
Carbonate hardness (KH or CH)40-120

Many aquarists suggest using tap water along with water conditioners to remove chemicals like Chlorine and chloramine. There are water conditioners made explicitly for Betta Fish, but a conditioner made for freshwater fish is more than enough.

However, you can use spring water or even well water after testing water Parameters. You can test a sample of your well water in your local pet store. Distilled water is not suitable for Betta Fish as it doesn’t include any nutrient or mineral essential for their health.

You can, however, use distilled water after adding necessary nutrients and controlling pH levels. Betta’s will thrive in water temperatures between 76 to 82 degrees Fahrenheit so, you may need to buy a heater for your Betta Fish tank if your room temperature is colder.

We need to replicate Betta’s habitat and provide the required nutrients for Betta Fish to live happily and healthfully. As chemicals can quickly kill Bettas, you must get rid of chemicals with a water conditioner or water filtering system to ensure it’s safe for them.

There is an expensive solution; Betta water is per-conditioned bottled water specifically made for Betta Fish with correct pH level, nutrients, and minerals and no chemicals and metals. This product may relieve you from worrying about recommended water parameters but will cost you more.

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Do Bettas Prefer Hard Or Soft Water?

Water that contains a high and concentrated amount of minerals is considered hard water. Unfortunately, Betta Fish cannot survive on hard water for long. However, Betta Fish’s preferred water hardness level is 5-20 dH or 70-300 GH ppm. They like soft water with no chemicals and a low amount of minerals. Luckily, you can use water softeners to make water suitable for consumption. Many water systems like your home water supply include water softeners. When you use tap water, you don’t have to worry about water’s softness most of the time.

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Do Bettas Prefer Still Water?

Bettas are not strong swimmers due to their long fins, making them hard to swim through strong currents. Because of this reason, Bettas prefer slow-moving or still water. Recommended fish tank size for Betta Fish is 5 gallons to use with a filter.

It would be best if you do not use filters on 2.5 Gallons or smaller tanks as filters can produce strong currents in small Fish tanks, which is harmful to Betta Fish. However, using fish tanks without filters is a hassle as water equality goes down faster without filters. Because of that, you’ll be required to change the water frequently.

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Boil Tap Water For Betta Fish

Boiling water to obtain the water requirements of Betta Fish is not recommended as boiling would not remove chloramine in water for good. And also boiling will remove oxygen and other vital gasses for Fish. You can re-oxigenise by giving the water a hard shake, but that’s more hassle than just boiling for dechlorinating water. The best solution is to use a home water purification system for tap water. Instead, you can use a chemical aquarium water treatment to de-chlorinate the water.


Tap water and spring water are the best sources of water for your Fish and your pocket. But remember to check the pH level of water with test strips, and the tank’s water temperature, and use water treatments to keep correct mineral and Nutrient levels. However, With proper care and correct water, you can raise happy, shiny, and healthy Betta Fish in your tank.

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