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Why Betta Fins Shredded Overnight? [SOLVED]

Betta Fins are the soft feather-like structure that easily gets a break when it comes into contact with the hard surface. There are several reasons why Betta could suffer from fins loss. It would be best if you first tracked the movement of the fish to understand how the Betta lives in the tank and what causes them to shred their fins. So lets see Why Betta Fins Shredded Overnight?

Do not apply any medical treatment until you find the exact cause. You should know what behind it.

What Causes Betta Fish Fin Loss?

Fish Tank Decorative: 

We love to decorate aquariums to make them look good. If you have a small fish tank where maximum space is occupied by the decorative, then Betta would have trouble moving in the tank. The long betta fins are generally large.

They get stuck in the decorative while moving in the water. It gets shredded. Decorative can be one of the reasons why your Betta is losing the fins. Rough and sharp stones in the tank could be the reason why the Betta is losing its fins. Betta hides behind the stones and surface to protect them from danger. During hiding behind the rocks, it may damage its fins.

Betta tail biting:

When Betta is stressed or hungry, they start biting their tail. Stress makes them panic and causes aggression. The boredom of Betta is also the reason why they act this way. Tail biting from the other fish happens rapidly. If you have kept your Betta with another fish that love to eat Betta tails, it will make them eat the tail. Betta tail never disappears overnight.

The most common overnight change is the biting of the tail by other fish in the fish tank. You should keep the other fish aside and make the Betta live in a separate fish tank where no other breed is there. If you have kept the Betta in the group, you should feed them properly else they will start biting each other fins. Take action as soon as you notice the fins disappearing problem with a betta.

It may develop health problems in Betta if the cause is other fish in the same tank. The other fish may bite their scale as well, and they will not survive longer.

Betta’s Fins Look “Shredded” Overnight? Why Might This Happen?

Here is the video guide talk about how the Betta fins shredded overnight.


What causes betta fins shredded overnight?

The boredom of Betta is the most common reason why Betta will lose their fins. It is vital to have the good health of the Betta to produce the large fin tail. Boredom makes them stay dull and develop serious health conditions. You may also observe that they stop eating. Keeping Betta in the group would solve this problem.

Water quality is another reason that halts the growth of the betta fins. Clean water provides sufficient oxygen and minerals essential for the Betta’s growth. The bad quality damages the progress, and you will encounter the problem with the overall betta health.

Fin nipping happens when there are too many breeds of fish in one tank. The small fish would start biting the fins and make them shorter. It would be best if you kept the Betta separately around the other Betta. Please do not mix them with other fish.

The filter’s high water flow can also be the reason why betta fish fins are getting shredded. The fins are a soft feather-like substance that gets shredded with the heavy water flow. You should reduce the water flow and keep it in moderate form.

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Did will rip Betta fins heal?

Yes. The betta fins will heal naturally when the water condition is good. It may take a few weeks to months, depending on the type of breed you have. Fin takes time, so it does not bother much about it. You cannot do anything to fix this rapidly. Keep the water clean, provide them nutritional food and let them stay in a safe environment where they can enjoy their surroundings. The good health of the Betta enables it to grow faster.

How to heal shredded fins?

Here are some of the ways you can heal the shredded fins naturally.

Clean water:

The majority of the healing process of the betta fish depends on clean water. Have a proper filtration process in the tank that keeps the water in good condition. The healing process is slow and may take months to get to the early stage. Clean water also helps the Betta to bread in the natural environment. They will stay calm and enjoy their surroundings. It is vital to keep a betta in good health if you want to see fast progress.


Keep the water temperature in a moderated condition. Heating water more than what Betta would absorb will cause them stress. It will affect their health condition.

Small water changes:

Water change also results in the growth of the fins. You should frequently change the small portion of the water and add the freshwater to the tank. Freshwater will increase the speed of the growth and allow the Betta to develop fins faster.

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