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What Food Do Cory Catfish Eat? 20 Things You Should Know

What Food Does Cory Catfish Eat? Cory catfish love eating the worms. Feed them blackworms, frozen bloodworms, and Hikari Vibra Bites, which look like bloodworms. Corry catfish is not picky about the food. They eat whatever you feed them. Make sure that the food that you give them has small chunks. So let’s see more on the Cory catfish diet care guide.

What kind of Food Do Cory Catfish Eat

How often feed corydoras catfish?

Providing the right amount of food to the fish makes them stay healthy. It would be best if you kept a proper diet plan for the fish, so develop the habit of eating a sufficient amount of quality foods when served to them. It will help you to avoid wastage of food.

The food you give to the fish would get wasted due to the less consumption by the fish. Fish tends to eat slowly. Until they finish the first bite of the meal, the food chunks floating on the water’s surface may tank down to the bottom of the tank.

It would be hard for the fish to eat the food trapped under the gravel. The wasted food would make the water dirty, and it will foul the tank water. so water changes may need to remove uneaten food.

Divide the feeding time into multiple intervals feed 2-5 minutes at a time. The corydoras catfish generally eat anything that it finds in the tank, so people sometimes get confused about feeding them. You put any fish food in the tank, and the corydoras catfish would love to jump on it and enjoy the food. This makes cory cats more interesting when it comes to setting a diet plan for the fish.

How long can cory catfish go without food?

The corydoras catfish can go without food for 2 weeks. but it depends on the size and health condition of the fish.

What does Cory Catfish Eat?

You can feed anything to the Cory fish. They would prefer any time of food, but it should be in natural condition. Fish food such as Pellets, fish flakes, bottom feeder tablets, dry bloodworms, plants, vegetables, brine shrimp, tubifex worms, and blackworms are some of the commonly found best food you can give to the Cory Catfish because they are bottom-feeding fish. They need a high-quality well-balanced diet.

The appetite of the Cory Catfish is mostly high compared to the other breed of the fish. You will notice they eat the other fish’s leftover food as well. so the above types of food are the best. If your aquarium grows algae on the rocks or the decorative, the Cory Catfish will eat that as well. They eat everything eatable in the tank.

Due to this, many aquariums keep one or two Cory Catfish in the tank to keep the water clean as they do not waste the food and keep eating whatever they find in the tank. Your tank would look clear all the time.

However, some people would not prefer to have them because they eat plants as well. The cory cats will eat your decoratives, and it may look awful. You can also try Good quality flake foods, Good quality granular foods, Good quality sinking catfish pellets, and Good quality tablet foods such as cory catfish food.

Cory Catfish bottom feeding

Do Cory catfish eat veggies?

Cory catfish food is versatile. They are born eaters because they can digest anything that you serve them. You can feed them veggies like zucchini, squash, romaine lettuce, cucumber, etc. They can survive on the veggies as well. However, it is recommended that you provide a high protein diet where bloodworms and blackworms are mixed with the vegetable diet for sustainable growth.

Like any other fish, the corydoras catfish food must be moderated to avoid overdoing it. Cory catfish may eat more when they have access to a large quantity of food. When you feed the food than what they can digest naturally, the Cory catfish develop a symptom of the slow digestion process. When corydoras catfish is ill, they will stop eating the food. If you find the Cory catfish change their normal behavior, it is a sign that they are going through some health problems.

What vegetables do cory catfish eat?

As I told you earlier they love vegetables. so what are the vegetables they love.

  • Zucchini
  • Squash
  • Cucumber
  • Romaine lettuce
  • Peas
  • Courgette
  • Lettuce
  • Cucumber
  • Marrow
  • Potato
  • Spinach
  • Aquatic plants
  • Bogwood

Can Cory catfish eat cucumber?

Yes, you can feed them cucumbers without any problem. but make sure to feed cory catfish with a balanced diet.

Do Cory catfish eat peas?

Yes, you can feed them peas and they will love it. but do not feed them with canned peas because that can harm their health.

Do Cory Catfish Eat Algae?

No. cory catfish dose does not eat algae that grow on plants and tank decorations. While Cory Catfish won’t eat algae, you can still feed your Cory Cat with plenty of other things. The eating habit keeps your tank clean and Algae free. However, Algae consumption is not great compared to the other fish in this category, and they may eat a small portion of it when they are hungry. Mostly Cory Catfish skim the Algae and eat the small parts of it.

If you have an Algae problem in your aquarium, you should have a better algae eater, such as the Catfish, ottos, bristlenose plecos, or suckermouth catfish. The Suckermouth cats fish eat most of the Algae in the tank and keep your aquarium glass clean.

Do Cory Catfish Eat Algae Wafers?

Yes. some times they munch on Algae Wafers but they do not love it. also, their downward pointed month prevents them from eating Algae Wafers. but there is the unique shape of the Tropical Sinking Wafers is designed to allow the tiny elliptical wafer to be easily caught and swallowed by these types of fish.

These wafers have been specifically formulated for Corydoras Catfish. The plant-based side of your Corys’ omnivorous dietary requirements is covered by soybean and seaweed meal, while the protein side of the equation is created by krill meal and silkworm pupae. They are also made to be denser than water, like the bottom feeder tablets, So your Corys would be able to scavenge the bottom of the tank.

Do Cory Catfish Eat Algae Wafers.

Do Cory catfish eat shrimp pellets?

Yes. Cory Catfish would love to eat Shrimp pellets. It is the perfect food for them. Shrimps pellets are the most loved and best food in the fish food category. Many fish enjoy eating Shrimp pellets served in natural condition. Especially the bottom feeders would reach the Shrimp pellets when they start sinking.

Pellets are mostly slow sinking due to dry conditions. It is made from real Shrimp and contains a good amount of nutrition and a high protein level that enables the fish to grow faster. It fulfills the nutrition need of the fish. Corry Catfish may take time to eat Shrimp as they are dry and takes time to consume. You may find they keep eating single pellets for a few minutes before they swallow them entirely.

However, Shrimp based fish food is a good alternative for the fish. You can mix them in the routine food to allow the fish to change its taste. Cory catfish food comes in different varieties. You can choose any fish food from the market, and they will support the growth of the Cory Catfish.

The Cory catfish are not many picky eaters about the food that is served to them. They generously accept whatever you throw at them and eat the food with pleasure. However, they may appreciate some natural food such as dry blood worms, blackworms, etc. In most cases, the Cory catfish enjoy all kinds of fish food.

Do Cory Catfish Eat Snails and Shrimp?

No. Most Cory Catfish do not eat Snails and Shrimp, Especially when other options in food is available. The Shrimps are the last resort for them. The Shrimp and Snails would be large, which will not fit in the Cory Catfish mouth. Cory Catfish are peaceful fish that are good companions for the Shrimp and Snails.

Note that the Cory Catfish comes in a different category. Some large-size Cory Catfish would have a completely different personality, and they may react to the other species in the aquarium differently and may eat different types of food.

While Cory Catfish will not eat inverts, the reality can change anytime if the Cory Catfish is hungry and they do not get food in time, or less food is served than what they want to eat. Therefore, also keep an eye on the behavior of the Cory catfish. If you find they attach to the other fish, immediately separate them. Please keep them in a separate tank and feed them properly.

Do Cory Catfish Eat Bloodworms?

Yes. Cory Catfish eat the freeze-dried, live, or frozen bloodworms. Before serving frozen food, keep it at room temperature to get to the average temperature. Feeding frozen food to the Cory Catfish would make them ill. Cory Catfish love the blood worms.

As soon as you put the bloodworm in the water, they will attack them and try to eat as much as they can consume. Bloodworms are high in nutrition and protein. You should occasionally mix the food with other fish food to provide complete nutrition to the fish.

Oppose giving worms in everyday meals. Eating too many bloodworms may make the fish unhealthy. Cory Catfish equally enjoy other worms found in the natural habitat of the fish. You can feed them glass worms, white worms, Tubifex, etc. Cory Catfish is the bottom feeder, so you should know that the dry worms sold in the store mostly float on the water when you are feeding them.

Cory Catfish may not be able to sense the food floating on the top of the water. You may have to arrange the fish feeding net placed in the bottom section so that Cory Catfish can reach the food and eat them.

Do Cory catfish eat poop?

Yes. While occasionally you could catch your Corydoras eating feces, it doesn’t mean there’s a specific nutrient they get from it, so it shouldn’t affect how you feed them.

You’ve got to give them food, just as you’re going to give them every other fish. The fish usually eat something that looks like food to them in the water, but they spill it when they realize that it is not edible. But sometimes your Cory Catfish will pick up poop and spit it out, sometimes they can pick it up and forget to spill it.

Related Questions

Can I add insects to the cory catfish diet?

Yes, you can add aquatic insects. in their natural environment, they scavenge insects. so adding them to the diet is not a problem.

Do Cory catfish need special food?

No, they do not need any special food because they are omnivorous fish they can eat anything depending on food availability.

Why won’t my cory catfish eat?

Your fish cory catfish might not eat due to diseases, water quality changes, or because they don’t like food, or because it’s hard for them to feed. a good example is Brine shrimp and blood worms. they are hard to eat because they don’t really fall to the bottom of the tank. So it would be hard for them to eat that stuff.

Can cory catfish eat betta food?

Yes. Cory catfish are can eat betta food without any problem. Since these fish are scavengers and omnivores, they can eat anything they can find. But the key problem is that the betta pellets diet includes high protein, and Cory catfish need a more healthy diet. So long term feeding with betta food is not recommended. if your betta food is floating at top of the tank Cory catfish can have a problem feeding on it because they are bottom feeder fish.

How does Cory Catfish behave when it is kept with other fish?

Cory Catfish are known as beginner fish because they do not require much caring. The fish manages her healthy, and eating and also keeps the water clean. If you are a beginner and looking for fish that require less attention, the corydoras catfish is the right choice for you. It is the easiest fish that you should have in the aquarium.

Some see the Cory Catfish as the armored catfish. They usually have a hard plate-like exterior on them. They are very calm, and gentle, and get mixed up easily in their surrounding.

Even if the food is not served on time, they will dig out the food from the sand at eating them. They eat plants as well, so if you cannot reach your home on time, do not worry, and your aquarium plants would help them get their food.

These kinds of arrangements make the corydoras catfish more popular among working people. You can have them with other fish, and they will be fine. Ensure that you feed them nicely and in time. The Cory Catfish may eat the fins of the other fish if they are hungry.

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