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Is Molly Guppy Hybrid Possible? All You Need to Know

Is the guppy and molly hybrid possible? Yes. It is possible to hybrid the Molly and Guppies in a specific condition. The hybrid is possible because both fish are called in the same genus called Poecilia. You have first to arrange a fish tank where only female molly is available with the male guppies. If you put a pair of both of them, the male and female may not mate, and the chance of a hybrid is less.

In the circumstances where the male Guppies do not have their partner around, they mate with other species. In this case, there will be female molly to breathe.

What is this hybrid called?

In fact, for guppy and molly hybrids, there are two distinct names. They are called Golly or Muppy. The fish will be called the Golly, if the male guppy and the female the Molly. If and the female guppy, the fish is called Muppy.

Why do you want to Hybrid Guppies and Mollies?

Both types of fish are considered peaceful fish that looks beautiful together. In most aquariums, people keep guppies and mollies together. They create a great atmosphere in the tank. Many of you have wondered how the guppies would look when cross-bred with the mollies.

Does guppies signature tail can be transferred to the policies. Also, the color pattern that guppies will have can you imitate that on the molly? These kinds of thoughts are common. When you cross breed these two beautiful fish, they produce amazing babies that will have characteristics of both species.

How to hybridize guppy and molly? Process

The process of hybrid the guppy and molly are quite simple. As you prepare the aquarium for the same species, you have to arrange the free space where both the partners male and female are two different species. There are a couple of things that you have to consider when you hybrid the guppy and molly.

1) Size of your tank:

The more space you have in the tank, the more chances of the hybrid. It applies to all types of species. Arrange an aquarium where you provide a natural habitat for the fish to stay calm and relaxed.

When the fish enjoy their surrounding, they prepare themself for the breeding session. A stressful environment keeps them in an alert mode which would be difficult for them to breed. When their survival on stake, they avoid any other activities and try to keep themselves in a safe place.

2) Ratio between mollies and Guppies:

The ratio between mollies and guppies needs to manage when trying to breed two species. Keep one male and four females to get quick results. The more females you have, the chances of getting molly pregnant would be four times.

If you keep the male and female of the same species, the chances of getting them pregnant with the other species would be difficult as they may not chase the other fish if they have their companion fish around them. As a result, you will not be able to create hybrids fish.

3) Take care of the Pregnant females:

Like any other fish breed, when you find the molly is pregnant, create a good atmosphere in your aquarium. Have proper hiding space, as the mollies may look for the hiding space to relax. It keeps them calm during pregnancy. Keep them on an appropriate plan of diet.

During the pregnancy, the fish may not eat much. Also, there are possibilities that many times the fish will avoid the food. It would be best if you kept them feeding in different time zone. Provide a small portion every time so the pregnant fish would have time to eat their food and not waste it. Water should be clean with a high oxygen rate in the water.

4) Not to keep male mollies with Guppies:

Some may try to breed the male molies with the female guppies. It is not advisable to breed the female guppies with the other species as they are very tiny to give birth to large size fish.Even if you try to breed them together, they will have some serious problems during the pregnancy, and in the worst case, the female guppies may die. So it is better you do not experiment with the female guppies.

Guppy TANK

Are Guppy Molly hybrids sterile?

Yes. It is possible that the hybrid fish produced from the Guppy and mollies are probably sterile. A formal study done on these two species shows the sign of Sterile. Also, on the many forum discussion, people have experienced that once the fry is born, they cannot produce more babies.

It limits the progress of the new hybrid species. However, some evidence suggests that it cannot be true. People have mixed opinions about the hybrids of fish.

What should you avoid when hybridizing mollies and guppies?

You should know a few things when you are breeding two different species for producing hybrid fish. The species that you hybrid would be part of the two different categories of fish. The fry that the fish will produce would be completely different in terms of colors and size.

Do not expect something that you cannot control. Let the fish breed and whatever the outcome will be of your process of hybrid, accept the fry as they might look good maybe awful. In the end, they are the product of the two different types of fish. Additionally, the molly may produce an entirely different breed than what you have in your aquarium.

You may notice none of the characteristics are assimilated into the new hybrid fish. This happens when you have purchased the new molly fish from the aquarium and put them in the breeding immediately.

Molly carries the sperm with them of the previous male for several days. If they have already bred in the part aquarium, they might have the sperm in their belly, which may produce the fry. Do not be surprised to see any result on the molly and produce another molly even after keeping male guppies in the tank. The outcome is not from the guppies, but the previous species.

Another important aspect of breeding mollies and guppies is always breeding male guppies with female mollies. Do try to breed female guppies. There will be bad consequences on the female guppies as they may not carry the large size of the fry of the mollies. As a result, the fish may develop a health problem or die during pregnancy. Fried of mollies is large, which makes complications during the pregnancy.

Is cross breeding ethical?

Crossbreeding is not wrong, but you should be honest about the new breed. Do not misguide people by selling the new breed as the natural breed of the fish.

Many aquarium owners doest cheat with their clients. They produce hybrid fish to sell and tell people that they are found naturally. They charge a high price for the attractive new breed. It would be best if you were honest about what you are doing. Never try to sell the fish as purebred. Let the buyer know that it is hybrid and genetically manipulated to produce a new type of fish.

Can Molly fish cross breed?

Yes. Molly fish may cross-breed with other types of fish. You may have to create Molly’s proper condition to breed with the other fish available in the aquarium.

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Can Different Types of Molly Fish Mate (Breed)?

Yes. It is practical to breed all types of molly fish as they all are the same. Until they are healthy, they can breed comfortably. Regardless of their colors, their genetic bonds are the same. The species can mate and fertilize quickly when there are male and female mollies in the tank at the perfect ratio.

Molies are fish that are easy to breed. The mollies produce the babies throughout the year. You can even breed the molly with a single female. Mollies are capable of breeding hundreds of fry in the year. No matter the size of this fish, the male molly can breed comfortably with the large size mollies But, all the mollies are the same and can be bred easily.

Can a Molly mate with platy?

No. It is not possible to breed Molly and Platy fish together. The reason for that is they are not compatible with each other. They are two different species with different genetic bonds which makes them challenging to crossbreed. To hybrid the two fish, they have to be cross relative to make the bond. If the two species are not compatible, it is not possible to breed the fish.

Can a Molly mate with platy?

No, they are unable to breed with each other because they are not from the same species. They are not compatible for breeding since the two species have to be closely related to each other in order to crossbreed. You can crossbreed Mollies with Guppies and Platies with Swordtails if you want to. B


It is good to experiment with different fish when you want to produce hybrid fish of the naturally found fish. The type of fish you choose for the hybrid must be of the same category. Else, the fish will not breed, and you will not have any babies. Many aquarium owners do cross-breeding to produce beautiful-looking fish that gets sold out immediately.

When you buy fish, you should first learn about them and know the difference between naturally found fish and hybrid fish. As the hybrid fish is sometimes sterile. So if you buy sterile fish from the market, you will not be able to breed them in your aquarium. Mating male guppies with the molly are comfortable, and you should try them in the home aquarium.

Take care of the pregnant molly and provide the proper environment to improve their health. Also, be ready with a particular place or tank for newborn babies. Remember to put them aside once the babies are in the water. Else, the mollies or other fish may eat them. Try creating your own breed, which is entirely different.

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