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Can Fish Make a Better Pet than Cats or Dogs? ( You Need To Know This )

I have seen people arguing whether cats or dogs make better pets, but other living beings can be considered pets and will suit many people. One such pet can be getting fish at home as a pet in a fish tank. But Can Fish Make a Better Pet than Cats or Dogs? Well, this is as if we are comparing oranges and apples. “We Love Doodles website” will help you see how a dog can be a good pet. Every pet gets many positives and negatives as well. It just depends on which quality you would prefer your pet to have.

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How can Fish Be Good Pets?

First, let us understand how a fish can be a good pet. We have listed a few positives below.

1. Variety:

Fish are considered the most diverse group of vertebrate animals. Dogs do have a lot of breeds, to be honest. Hence, this point may seem invalid to many, but did you know fish are incredibly diverse, and there are about 32,000 known fish species? We are not even aware of how many are there yet. Obviously, many of these species cannot be kept at home, but the wide variety of fish available to be kept in an aquarium will still surprise you. However, classic goldfish, lionfish, and frilly fish are commonly seen in a fish tank.

2. Fish are Beautiful to Look at:

An aquarium is used to improve the ambiance of any room. The idea of an aquarium makes you feel excellent because floating fish in clean blue water can calm you down immensely. Having a fish tank at home can give the room a zen feel which obviously no cat or dog can do as if you have one furry friend, they will just want to play with you, and the fur you find on your furniture definitely does not improve the vibe.

3. They Don’t Mess Your House:

Fish are confined to a fish tank; therefore, your home always stays clean. This cannot be said if you have a cat or a dog at home. They need to be house-trained, or else they may pee inside. You always need to vacuum the home as they shed a lot. They can knock things off the furniture as they get free rein in the house. Yes, you will need to clean fish poop, but it is not as bad as scooping the poop of your dog twice a day.

4. Fish are Hypoallergenic:

The thing with fish is you cannot be allergic to fish as a pet. They live in their own space and you are not going to pet them or breathe the same air as them. So in that sense fish is a good substitute for a dog or cat-allergic people.

In the case of dogs especially doodles, If you are allergic, you will find people suggesting you go for doodles because they can be hypoallergenic, but let me get this straight. There is no guarantee if you do not get one from a reputed breeder who can perform a genetic test on the dog to confirm it has inherited more of the poodle parents’ characteristics. If not, your doodle may shed as much as any other dog breed. Even doodles shed little to a lot; hence, if you are allergic, a dog or a cat as a pet is a bad idea. To know more about doodles, check out Trending Breeds.

This is not a problem with fish. Anyone can own a fish without getting any allergic reaction. Even if you are allergic to certain fish meat, like shellfish, you can still keep one in the tank without worrying about it. The best shot you have at keeping a pet as an allergic person is a fish.

Is Fish Oil Better Than Salmon Oil for Dogs & Cats

5. You can Travel freely:

Many dogs or cat owners have the issue that they can’t plan travel easily because they need to find a pet sitter or put their pet in a kennel facility when out of the station. This can become an expensive affair too. On top of that, your pet gets anxious to be left alone in the care of someone else, which may cause other issues. With fish as your pet, you need not worry about this. You need just to request a neighbor to timely feed the fish or arrange to set up an automatic fish feeder. Fish does not have anxiety when you are away; hence, you are good to go.

Why Should You Not Consider Fish as Your Pet?

Well, fish do make a great pet, but it is not for everyone. Some still prefer to have an emotional bond with their pets. Therefore they want their pets to be emotionally attached to them. A dog is an ideal pet for such owners as dogs are known as a man’s best friend. They are loyal and devoted to their owners. They become family members, and the cuddles you get from them are priceless. The extreme affection dogs show cannot be compared to any other pet. But I must say some species of fish are more affectionate toward their owners than other fish. And if you train your fish well they even start to eat from your hand.

But if you are active, fish can be a bit boring for you. Dogs and cats add that extra fun factor to your home as you physically get to play with them, which fish cannot. Though fish are pretty to look at, you cannot teach them commands or make them fetch things for you.

The Bottom Line-It on Can Fish Make a Better Pet Than Cats or Dogs

We cannot conclude which is the better pet as each pet has to offer something. It only depends on you what you are seeking from your pet. If you are looking for some devoted companionship, a mood lifter, and a cuddle ball, go for a dog. A person who loves to snuggle and is not scared of some additional responsibilities in return is definitely a dog person.

If you like fur balls but would not care much for taking too much responsibility, an independent pet like a cat is a good option. They are less needy than dogs and more independent, hence seeking lesser attention. But you still will need to give it some to bond.

Lastly, if you are not a snuggly person and extremely OCD about things, then none of the above pets is for you; you should opt for fish as pets as they are easy to maintain and you need not worry about getting anxious when you are away. 

Choose a pet based on your personality and how much time you can spare to care for one.

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