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Bloodfin Tetra | Care, Feed, Breeding

Bloodfin tetra or Aphyocharax anisitsi is a relatively large tetra breed native to Parana river basin of South Africa. They can grow up to 6 cm. Bloodfin tetras have a silver colour shiny body. The tail, anal fin and the dorsal fin have a blood-red colour. That is why they are called “the blood fin tetras.”

Bloodfin tetra is an easy to care fish breed. You don’t need any special skills to care for them. So, bloodfins are very popular among beginners in fish care.

Bloodfin tetra in aquariums

Bloodfin tetras are community fish. If you keep one or two fish alone, they will get stressed easily. They always love to live in a school of five or more fishes. So, whenever you buy bloodfins don’t forget to buy a school of them.

Usually, they are not aggressive. They will not cause any problems or fights in your tank. But, bloodfins love to nip at the fins of other fish. So, if you have fish verities with a long tail, like goldfish, guppy fish or angelfish be cautious about their fins. If you find your bloodfins are nipping the fins of other fishes put them in a different tank. If your tank is big enough, there will be no problems at all.

Bloodfin Tetra

Bloodfin tetras in communities

Bloodfins can live in harmony with other fish. But, since they are very small, some other fish may eat your tetras. So, if you have aggressive fish verities like Arovana, Catfish verities, Chichald verities, Oscar or shark verities do not add bloodfins to the tank. In some occasions, bloodfins can live with the betta fish. But, it depends on the temperament of your betta fish. If your betta is highly aggressive, don’t try to place bloodfins in the tank.

Water conditions

Bloodfin tetra fish has strong immunity. Also, they can adapt to water conditions. So, no worries, just keep the water clean so they will live happily. Bloodfin tetras can also adopt with the water temperature. According to Wikipedia, they have been kept in temperatures between 64–83 °F.

Some people keep bloodfins in cold water aquariums. But it is always better to have a water heater. Having a stable temperature is very important to avoid stress in the bloodfins.

Bloodfins can live in soft water and water with a little acidity. However, if you want to breed them, soft water is essential to do so.

Feeding Bloodfin tetra

Bloodfin tetras are omnivorous fishes. Almost all tetra fish are omnivorous. So, they enjoy both plant-based food and animal-based food verities. Bloodfins prefer to eat algae, small shrimp verities and small worms. They can even depend on flake food or processed fish food. But it is always better to feed them with live feed time by time. Especially if you are willing to breed them providing a high-quality meal like, live brine shrimp or a small larva meal is recommended.

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