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Baby Whale Fish Size | Every Size Related Facts |

The baby whale fish size is different based on their gender. The female baby whales tend to grow even larger than their male counterparts, showing a clear display of sexual dimorphism. 

The maximum size of a male baby whale is eight inches in length including its tails. Some experts say very old baby whale females sometimes can be longer than eight inches.

Baby whale fish size

Baby whale fish size in captivity

The male Baby whales can grow up to 8 inches in captivity. The females can be even longer than the males. 

However, proper nutrition, environmental conditions, and care are necessary to get the most out of these unique fish species.

Their medium size is beneficial to the aquarists as they do not have to worry about the tank size too much.  

The 30 gallons tank is enough to rear baby whale fish. However, it is good to provide more space than 30 gallons as the small spaces stress-up them and it affects badly their health and growth.

Baby whale fish size in wild

Male baby whales can grow up to 8 inches in length and their females can grow longer than them. There is no specific difference in size between the wild and in captivity.

Baby whale fish lifespan

The baby whales have quite a short to medium lifespan which is around six to ten years in their natural environment assuming they are not preyed on by larger predators

However, in captivity, the life span of this species depends on the care and affection of the aquarist. 

Baby whales’ lifespan depends on the water temperature, pH value, water quality, and as well as tank size  Therefore, you have to keep the water quality according to their preferences.

Filter systems play a huge role in water quality when they are in captivity. As the Baby whales are carnivores they produce high fish waste and food waste. 

Both fish waste and food waste generate ammonia, nitrate, and nitrite compounds if they accumulate in the tank. 

High doses of these compounds, (larger than 10 ppm) are poisonous to baby whales and it directly affects their life span.

Therefore, a good filter system, that removes fish waste and stabilizes water parameters is important to have a higher life span for this species.

The other factor which affects their lifespan is the food you are providing. As they are carnivores, they need high levels of proteins. Therefore, you need to provide them a  quality and balanced diet.


Baby whales are medium size fish. They can grow up to eight inches in length. The female Baby whales are longer than the male Baby whales. 

The maximum size of the male Baby whale is 8 inches. The life span of the Baby whales is six to ten years when they are in their natural environment. 

However, in captivity, their size and life span depend on several factors including the quality of their diet and the water quality of their aquarium. 

Credit to : Aqua Discovery
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