Do Betta Fish Shed Their Scales? 5 things to know

Shedding is a part of their natural process. The fish does during the session to obtain new skin. Every animal does this to protect its body from the seasonal temperature changes. Decaying is the usual process, so you should not worry about it. So lets see more on Do Betta Fish Shed Their Scales?

Is it normal for betta fish to lose scales?

Yes. It is a normal process. However, you should check the water temperature if you are using the heater to keep the water warm. The excess heat may cause the skin to shed faster. If you find fish is not eating the food or reacting unusually, then consult with the veteran to find the solution.

Why betta fish shed their scales?

There are various reasons why betta fish would shed their skin. One of the common reasons is regularly replacing the old scale with the new one. It would be best to closely observe whether the old scale is getting replaced with a new one. If that’s happening, then it is a part of their normal process.

Another way of looking at this problem is to look for a bacterial infection or fungal infection. Ensure that the water temperature is at least 76 degrees Fahrenheit.

Water must be clean with the required amount of nutrition and oxygen in it. The dirty water causes various forms of medical problems to the fish.

Do not place moving equipment in the tank, which may cause stress over the fish. Fish develop health problems when they are stressed, alone in the tank.

Having a group of fish in the tank would make them happy, and they will enjoy the surrounding.

Remove decorative for a while until the betta fish gets in the healthy condition.

There may be a chance that the betta fish is rubbing their scale to the decorative such as hard rocks or plant surface, which makes the scale come out.

If the problem is not resolved, consult the veteran to find the exact reason. Your betta may be going through a health problem. Seek out the solution to get your betta in the normal state.

Do betta scales grow back? 

Under the natural scale shedding process, the betta scale will grow back. It will replace the old scale with the new one. If you experience only shedding, then the betta might be ill, causing the skin to shade the scale. Talk to the expert to know more about the health problem.

The experts will provide you with the medication you can use to protect the betta’s health.

How long does it take to scales grow back?

The process of growing the scale back to its normal state may take weeks to months, depending on the type of fish. Generally, the scale decays slowly, and each scale gets to replace one by one. Some fish require more time to grow the scale. You should keep the water clean and provide nutritional food to fish to give them a proper environment to stay healthy.

Remember that if the fish is stress or feels ill, they may take more time to grow back the scale.

Do Bettas molt? -Betta fish molting stage?

No. Like other fish that shed their skin, a betta is the opposite to that. You will never find betta fish molting their skin during the seasonal change. Betta does go through a process where it changes its natural color. It has been observed that Betta fish can change its original color to an entirely new color during the seasonal change in skin color.

It happened due to the change in the jumping genes. Over time the betta adopts the new colors on their body and tail.

The process may take some time, depending on the type of betta fish.

You will see slow progress in the color change as it starts growing. It is completely natural to experience the color change, so do not worry about it.

Betta also goes through the color change when they are kept in a completely new environment.

The process helps them to adapt to the surrounding environment, water condition, temperature to survive.

They need to avoid environmental damage and go through the mutation to secure the future. It is a natural process, and all types of fish go through this change.

Final Verdict:

Betta fish is so sensitive to their environment. You should periodically check the water condition and keep the water clean.

Betta adopts the new environment quickly and changes their skin and color according to the need.

When you see a shedding problem or skin color change, you should check the water condition. Betta also shed when they are stressed.

Knowing the cause behind the stress would help you avoid them getting damaged and stay in good health.

Betta fish would live to stay in the group. They will feel safe and enjoy their condition around them. so  now Do Betta Fish Shed Their Scales? [SOLVED]

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