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13 Best Betta Fish Tank Ideas With Images

Betta fish are, unfortunately, one of the most mistreated fish in the world. Lack of knowledge and eagerness for money often drives people to buy these fish and put them in tiny cups or bowls. This can quickly lead to the fish’s death, even if you try to take care of the fish. Check out below Betta Fish Tank Ideas to give your betta fish a good home.

There are many different types of betta fish tanks on the market, so you have plenty of options to choose from. We have listed quite a few interesting betta tank ideas in this article. But, first, let’s learn some quick facts and guidelines about keeping betta fish in tanks:

Betta Fish Tank Ideas

Betta Fish Tank Ideas With Images:

Among these tank setups, the former are DIY tank setups while the latter are all-in-one setups available to buy in retail stores. If you want control over everything in your aquarium, go for the DIY option. If you like things to be easy and fast, ready-made tanks should be your choice.

Also, your DIY betta fish tank setup can get more attraction by giving your bettas sweet name. Check and read the names of bettas with a modest approach depending on their gender and looks. You can buy betta fish at this best place to buy fish online.

1. No light, No filter Betta tank

First, we’d like to show you a low-tech aquarium as some of you might want such a setup. As we said before, bettas can survive in extreme water conditions, so a filter is not “a must-have” as long as you keep the water clean. Additionally, a couple of live plants can provide natural filtration and give your betta a place to hide.

If you choose to go with this setup, be sure to keep an eye on the water levels and do water changes often.

Betta Fish Tank Ideas

2. Betta Tank with Artificial Decorations

This is a tank that will definitely make your betta stand out. With its elegant colors and exciting design, your betta will be the star of the aquarium. This tank comes with a filter but no heater. So, if you live in a colder climate, be sure to add a heater to the tank. The decorations are all artificial and minimum. If you like a minimalist design, this tank will catch your eye.

Betta Fish Tank Ideas

3. Floating Plant Betta Tank

This low-tech betta tank provides an environment similar to their natural habitats. The tank itself is halfway filled, but that is enough for a betta to live peacefully. The floating aquatic plants provide the necessary cover, and the tank has a natural, rustic look. If you choose this betta tank setup, be sure to buy a bit larger fish tank as a 5 gallon one wouldn’t be enough.

Betta Fish Tank Ideas

4. Betta tank with a green bed

If you love greenish aquariums a lot (like me), you will definitely go with this one. It has a visually striking grassy bed with some sloppy rock to provide shelter for the betta. Although this tank setup has a minimum decoration, it can make your betta look like a king in his natural habitat. The tank does come with a filter and a heater, so you will have everything you need to get started.

Betta Fish Tank Ideas

5. Tropical Island Setup

If you love to use all your creativity in your betta tank, then here is an idea to spark your imagination. This tank is set up as a small tropical island with one side tropical jungle and the other side beach. It uses brightly colored vegetation on the jungle side and a white sand beach to create a stunning visual effect.

Your betta will love this setup as it has plenty of hiding places and good oxygenation. The tank does come with a filter and a heater.

Betta Fish Tank Ideas

6. Betta Tank with Multi-Colored Plants

This tank is perfect for the creative aquarist. It has a variety of brightly colored plants to give your betta a natural and beautiful home. The plants are artificial and luminescent. So, it will be like a beautiful underwater garden.

If you want a minimum-maintenance aquarium with a futuristic look, this tank is perfect for you. 

Betta Fish Tank Ideas

7. Betta Tank with Buddha Ruins

This tank is ideal for someone who likes ancient ruins. It is set up to look like a buddha temple lost below the waters. The ruins are made from live plants and a headpiece of the buddha. With a free-swimming betta around, the tank perfectly projects the peacefulness and stillness of Buddhism. This tank is perfect for the person who wants a unique and exciting tank.

Betta Fish Tank Ideas

8. Bamboo Forest with Buddha Statue

This is another interesting project that focuses on Buddhism. As we all know, Budhdhism focuses on nature, and this tank setup tries to show that. It has a beautiful bamboo forest with a huge Buddha statue in the center. This is perfect for the person who wants a peaceful and quiet tank.

The plants in this tank are live ones, but you can use artificial plants if you want to. 

Betta Fish Tank Ideas

9. Betta Fish Tank Table

If you don’t have adequate space in your room but still want to have an aquarium, this fish tank table might be perfect for you. It is a fish tank with a glass tabletop and a wooden base. So, it can be used as an ordinary table too. This is perfect for the person who wants a beautiful and unique fish tank. Since this is a large fish tank, you can accommodate some other compatible fish with your betta.

Betta Fish Tank Ideas

10. biOrb Flow Aquarium

This all-in-one aquarium comes with a filter, air pump, heater, lighting system, and remote control. The decorations inside are not included as you can put anything you’d like to decorate. The elegant design of the tank itself gives a unique and attractive look to your home.

This tank is perfect for the person who wants a low-maintenance tank and doesn’t want to worry about filter, lighting, or heater. 

11. biOrb Tube Aquarium

Another unique aquarium manufactured by biOrb, this tube aquarium is smaller than a betta tank. It can only hold about 4 gallons of water, but it will be enough to accompany one betta fish if you don’t decorate it a lot. Its tube shape makes it suitable for any place in your room. For someone who prefers unique-shaped aquariums, this is perfect. It has a very sleek and elegant design, and it doesn’t take up a lot of space. 

12. Hygger Horizon Curve Shaped Aquarium

This interesting tank features a dream water world with 3D rockery mountain background in an 8-gallon tank. Although it is a curve-shaped aquarium, it fits best in corners and will do better in darker rooms. One downside of this aquarium is it’s made out of glass. So, there are some doubts about its durability. This all-in-one kit includes a filter, lights, and an 8-gallon tank.

13. Aqueon LED 5.5 Gallon Pink Aquarium Kit

If you want an aquarium kit including everything you need in an aquarium, this is the choice you need to consider. Every tank listed above needs decorations to make it more beautiful. But, in this aquarium kit, what you see is what you get. 

You get all the necessary equipment, decorations, plants, gravel, and even fish food samples and water conditioner samples. All you have to do is put this tank in your room, condition it for about two weeks, and introduce your betta to it. This is the perfect aquarium kit for beginners who want an easy-to-use and beautiful aquarium. The tank is also a good size for a betta. 

Quick tank setup guide

As bettas live in small water ditches in paddy fields, they don’t need a lot of decorations in their tanks. Just ensure to provide them with plenty of hiding spots, and some live plants will do the trick. You can also add gravel to the tank and a betta-safe ornament. Since these fish are tropical fish, you will have to provide warm water in their tank. To provide warm water, you will need to install a heater.

To make things easier and more favorable for bettas, add a filter. This way, you won’t need to clean the tank all the time, and bi-weekly cleaning will be enough.

Do not add anything that has sharp edges, as they can harm the delicate fins of bettas. Further, if you plan to add any other fish, avoid adding fish with long-flowing fins and brightly colored. Bettas have a tendency to attack any fish that are added to their tank, especially fish that look similar to them. Now that you know the basics about betta tanks, let’s move on to the tank ideas.

Related Questions

Can bettas live in a bowl or a jar?

Yes. They can. But it is one of the inhumane ways of keeping a fish. Although bettas can survive in extreme water conditions, keeping them in a bowl or jar shortens their life expectancy. So, they may look good for now, but they may not reach their full potential lifespan.

What size tank should I get for my betta?

Betta fish can thrive in a tank as small as 2.5 gallons. But, they need at least 5 gallons to reach their entire potential life span.

By providing a 5-gallon tank, you can ensure that your betta is happy as well as you have less cleaning work to do. If you decide to keep your betta in a 2.5-gallon tank, it will be a whole lot of work as it requires lots of cleaning and changing water to keep ideal water conditions.

How many bettas are in one tank?

The nickname for bettas is “fighters,” and it’s for a reason. They fight a lot with their own species. When you keep two (male) bettas in one tank, they will fight until one of them is dead. As it is not easy to differentiate between male and female bettas, it is better to keep only one betta in one tank. Otherwise, you’ll lose one sooner or later.


There are many types Betta Fish Tank Ideas and aquariums on the market that you can choose from. You can also DIY an aquarium set up by yourself. For those who want new ideas for their betta fish tank, above are the best tank setups we’ve seen on the internet. All of these tanks come with some pros and cons, so you must decide which one will fit your needs and preferences.

Betta fish are beautiful and unique creatures that deserve a beautiful and unique home as well. With so many different types of aquariums to choose from, we’re sure you’ll find the perfect one for you and your betta.

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