Channel catfish aquarium – Everything you need to know

Channel catfish are large grown fish. They are abundant in northern American regions. The body color varies from pale yellow to pale blue. Also, their length varies from 1 to 2 feet. They weigh about 12Kg. Indeed, their body is significant as they don’t have scales, and the body isn’t rough. Also, they have Whiskas around their mouths, so they are also known as “Channel cats,” too. So let’s discuss more selecting a suitable aquarium  for channel catfish

How to choose a Channel catfish aquarium tank?

Channel catfish need more space compared to other domestic fish. Yes, you will need a 40-gallon tank to facilitate them. Also, the glass or the transparent plastic should be strong enough to resist the weight of fish and the force exerted by water. Also, the thickness of the walls is essential. Also, be careful when you select a stand. Choose a tank with stainless steel to avoid rusting and assure the safety of fish. Thus the stand should be cable of bearing the total weight of fish, water, and the tank.

Indeed a pond or a tank will be suitable than a tank. So it’s easy for them to move and swim freely. Indeed it assures safety than a glass tank. Also, they get the required amount of sunlight and oxygen compared to a tank. Typically about 5 to 6 channel catfish can live in a tank. So remember to provide the necessary independence and freedom.

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How to feed Channel catfish in a aquarium?

Channel catfish are omnivorous beings. Therefore they eat both plants and animals. Yes, they require more energy to maintain their biological processes and also for growth. Furthermore, they consume more food to fulfill their energy needs.

What do they eat

Commonly they consume,

  • Algae
  • Aquatic plants
  • Aquatic snails
  • Insects
  • Insect larvae
  • Small fish

How to set up the tank

First of all, select a suitable tank or a pond to provide them a habitat. Place the tank over the stand and add about 2 gallons of water to it or add water to the tank. Then add stones or coral reefs and sand to the tank or the pond. Let them sediment for about an hour. Then add the filters and lighting to the tank or the pond. Let the sand and mud sediment again. After that, add more water. Then add channel catfish to water.

Then add water again by leaving 1/5 of the tank. So you have set up the tank for the channel catfish. Then let’s discuss more the tips to remember when you deal with channel catfish and when setting up the tank.

Tips to remember  about Channel catfish aquarium

  • Don’t add chlorinated or tap water directly to the tank or pond. Add water to another vessel or container before you add
  • leave the water for 72 hours to sediment unnecessary constituents.Then you are ready to add water to the tank.
  • The naturally oxygenated water will promote the health of fish while assuring safety.
  • Don’t add rotten or spoiled live food to the fish
  • Remember to provide daily required nutrients.
  • Select suitable tank companions to avoid conflicts
  • Provide required oxygen and sunlight to assure health.
  • Add a suitable number of fish according to tank specifications.

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