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What Human Food Can Molly Fish Eat? ( Unexpected Answer! )

As omnivores fish, Mollies eat both plants and animals. Mollies will eat insects, shrimp, and plant matter in the wild. However, they can also eat some things that you might be tempted to put into your Mollie’s tank. Let’s find out what human food molly fish can eat and unhealthy human foods for mollies.

What Human Food Can Molly Fish Eat

What kind of food do mollies eat?

Mollies are omnivorous fish that can eat both plant and meaty food.

Most importantly, they are voracious eaters who try to eat each time they find food. Because of this nature, these fish are not hard to feed as they accept just about anything you offer, including unhealthy food. 

If something is edible, then mollies will eat it. Even if something is not edible, your mollies will still nip at it to check if it is edible.

So, whatever you provide, even a pinch of salt will be accepted by your molly.

What human food can molly fish eat?

As mentioned before, mollies will accept just about any food you offer.

But that doesn’t mean that they can (or they should) eat anything you offer. There are human foods that mollies can’t eat. And there are human foods that mollies shouldn’t eat (even if they eat that food).

Generally, molly fish can eat any vegetables or fruits that are available for human consumption. However, some picky mollies may reject some food you offer. Any food that is sweet, sugary, and high-carb food is unhealthy for these fish.

Human food that mollies can eat (but should not be the main part of their diet):

  • Vegetables
  • Leafy vegetables
  • Fruits
  • Meat

What vegetables do mollies eat?

When it comes to vegetables, mollies can eat any vegetable as long as it is soft, fresh, and edible for humans.

Generally, these fish prefer leafy vegetables. Here are some examples of vegetable matter that mollies can eat:

  • Lettuce
  • Kale
  • Chard
  • Cucumber
  • Zucchini
  • peas

Can molly fish eat carrots?

Yes. Mollies can eat carrots if it is boiled and skinned.

You can cook carrots in hot water for about 10 minutes and then cut them into tiny pellet-sized pieces suitable for your mollies before serving.

Mollies actually like to eat carrots because of their sweet taste. But you have to make sure that you only feed carrots once in a while.

Can molly fish eat cucumber?

Yes. Mollies can eat cucumber as it is very delicious for them.

You can cut a piece of cucumber into small pieces that are just a little bigger than the size of their mouths before serving. You don’t need to blanch or boil cucumber as the flesh is soft enough for your mollies to eat.

Can mollies eat broccoli?

As with most vegetables, broccoli is perfectly acceptable for mollies to eat.

You can chop or break your broccoli into smaller pieces before putting it in your fish tank. Make sure that you don’t overcook your broccoli as it may lead to water pollution and lower tank water quality.

Can you feed molly fish green beans?

Yes, you can. But make sure you serve them green beans that are boiled until they are soft.

Green beans are actually a great vegetable to feed your mollies. Because of the high fiber amount in green beans, these vegetables are good for bloating problems.

So, you can feed your fish green beans more often than other vegetables.

Can molly fish eat cabbage?

Yes, although they avoid eating them.

Mollies usually don’t like cabbages because of their pungent smell. So, don’t expect your mollies to eat a whole piece of cabbage that you offer.

Can Molly fish eat lettuce?

Yes. Mollies can eat lettuce.

However, ensure that the lettuce is blanched and chopped before feeding them. You can use both romaine lettuce and iceberg lettuce.

You can serve them un-blanched or blanched, but the latter is more suitable for mollies.

However, there is not much nutrition they can get from lettuce. But lettuce is not bad either. So, keep the feedings about once a week.

Can fish eat onions?

Although your fish may avoid onions due to their strong smell and taste, onions are as good as garlic for your fish.

They are nutritious. So, you can feed them onions more often (of course, if they eat them).

What Human Food Can Molly Fish Eat

What fruits do mollies eat?

Generally, mollies can eat any fruit that is available for human consumption.

However, some fish are picky about their food and may refuse to eat certain fruits even though they are edible for humans. Here are some examples of human food for mollies:

  • Apples
  • Oranges
  • Bananas
  • Mangoes

Can mollies eat apples?

Yes. Mollies can and appreciate apples for their sweet taste.

Apples are nutritious for mollies in small amounts, but they might not be a good staple food because of their sugar content. So, feed them apples once in a while.

Can mollies eat oranges?

Yes, mollies can eat oranges as long as they are peeled and seeds removed.

You can feed your fish oranges as long as the flesh has been reduced into small pieces before you put them in your tank.

The citric acid in oranges is excellent for creating a barrier around parasites to protect your fish from infections. But oranges may not be suitable for bloating problems, so feed them oranges in moderation.

Can mollies eat bananas?

Yes, mollies can eat bananas as long as the fruit is peeled.

Bananas are nutritious for mollies, but you should not feed them bananas too often because of their sugar content.

Can I feed my fish pineapple?

Yes. You can safely feed your mollies pineapple as it contains an enzyme that helps with their digestion.

Further, mollies will love the strong sweet taste of pineapples. You can use pineapple as an occasional treat for your fish.

Can I feed mango to my fish?

Mangoes are nutritious, fiber-rich food that is good for your mollies.

It will work great as a treat, and your mollies will love it. However, it’s not suitable as a staple food because of its sugary content. But, who would like to share a tasty ripe mango even with their family member anyway?

Can fish eat tomatoes?

Yes. You can feed raw tomatoes to your mollies.

Tomatoes are not that nutritious, but they will be a nice treat. You can feed your fish tomatoes once in a while, but too many tomatoes may be bad for your fish.

Can you feed fish strawberries?

Yes. You can safely feed your fish strawberries.

They are nutritious, although not that nutrient-rich. You can feed your fish raw strawberries or mix them into their usual food to make it tastier for them. Further, you can feed your fish strawberry tops as a treat.

What meats do mollies eat?

Most meats available as human food are not suitable for your mollies because of their high-fat content.

So, it is advised not to use human meat food as molly food. However, small quantities of some meaty food are ok for your fish.

Can fish eat boiled chicken?

Boiled chicken as an occasional food is ok to encourage nutrition.

You can feed your mollies boiled chicken when you see some decline in eating. Chicken helps them bring back their appetite, but it should be used as an occasional treat only because of the hormones, and antibiotics chickens get when alive.

Can fish eat fried chicken?

Fried chicken is not good for mollies as the flesh is hardened by frying. Mollies can not eat hard food, so do not feed fried chicken to your fish.

Can fish eat eggs?

Although you can feed your molly babies with eggs, eggs are not suitable for your adult mollies in large quantities.

Eggs have high-fat content, so it is not healthy for your mollies. However, it is ideal as an occasional treat.

Can mollies eat beef heart?

The beef heart contains high-fat content, so it is not suitable as regular food for mollies.

Adult mollies do not need high-fat content in their regular diet, but molly fry does. You can feed the beef heart to your molly fry as a staple food. However, you can use it as an occasional treat for your adult mollies.

Do fish eat chocolate?

Mollies will eat chocolate if you feed them, but chocolate is not recommended for your fish as it contains sugar and cocoa. Further, it may be toxic for them.

Do fish eat bread?

Yes, but bread is not nutritious, and it can cause bloating in your fish. Feeding your mollies bread as an occasional treat is ok, though.

Can mollies eat tropical fish food?

Yes. Tropical fish food such as API Tropical flakes can be used as a staple food because they contain all the nutrition mollies need. You can use tropical fish food for regular feedings rather than a snack or treat. 

Can molly fish eat betta food?

Betta fish are carnivore fish that need a more protein-based diet.

Therefore, betta food contains more protein percentage according to betta’s needs. As mollies are omnivore fish, they can eat betta food.

While mollies can eat betta food, it is not recommended as the staple diet because it doesn’t provide them all the nutrition. However, betta food as an occasional treat or as an emergency food is ok.

How long can mollies go without food?

Mollies can go without food for about two weeks before they die.

However, it is not recommended to starve them for this long because it will affect their growth and health. Therefore, you should feed your mollies at least once per week.    

Baby molly fish food

Unlike adult mollies, baby mollies require a high protein and fat-based food.

So, you can feed them with Baby brine shrimp, daphnia, and micro worms when they are young and powdered fish flakes when they get older. You can also feed them with hard-boiled egg yolk to stimulate their growth.

Final words

Although you can feed your mollies with human food, do not overdo it because it is not the usual type of food mollies get in the wild.

They will have better health if you feed them with food that is available in the wild, or better yet, fish pellets and flakes especially made for mollies.

However, human food as an occasional treat or as an emergency food is ok. Some food such as vegetables and fruits actually bring more nutrition to their diet.

You must remove leftover food pieces after 3 to 4 hours to keep the water clean. Otherwise, the food will go slimy and foul the water (especially vegetables).

If the food you offer does not sink, you will have to make it sink as mollies wouldn’t try eating floating food. There are veggie clips available at the stores for this purpose.

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