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elephant ear batta

Elephant Ear Betta Care Complete Guide

Elephant ear betta is also known as dumbo bettas. They are very popular because of greatly elongated pectoral fins that are usually opaque. They get...
giant betta

Giant Betta All You Need To Know In 2020

The giant betta (Betta anabantoides) is a type of freshwater ray-finned fish in the Macropodusinae subfamily, part of the gourami family. It is native...
Types of Betta Fish

Types of Betta Fish By Betta Tail Types Complete Guide

Betta fish are becoming increasingly popular each day as they are colorful pet fish. Betta fish have been selectively produced over the years to...
caring betta fish

Betta Fish Care Guide | 3 Factors You Need To Know Before Buying

The Siamese fighting fish is also known as the betta fish. They have become a famous aquarium fish because of their elaborate fins and...
Fin Ray Classification of Betta Fish

Fin Ray Classification of Betta Fish And How To Use It To Identify Them

Fin Ray Classification of Betta Fish is helpful when buying or choosing fish for breeding purposes Fin ray is helpful for skilled and novice...