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Do Silver Dollars Eat Plants? | And 7 Related Questions |

Yes, silver dollars eat plants. These species are omnivorous fishes. Still, they prefer a herbivorous diet. 

In the wild, these fishes will typically feed on the surrounding vegetation, including earthy plants. That is why in the aquarium world, they are also known as water goats. 

You can feed these species with various plants such as lettuce, cress, chickweed, cucumber, peas, and spring green.

These fish will nibble on and eat whole plants from top to bottom and even eat the plant’s roots.

Remember that if you plan to have many aquatic plants in your tank, these species are not for you. 

Because these fish like and need plants.  Always keep in mind that if you plan to keep these fish, make sure you have enough greenery.

silver dollars eat plants

How do I keep silver dollar fish from eating my plants?

Silver dollar fish will eat most of the aquarium plants. If you plan to have an aquarium filled with the plantation, you can select plants with thorny and stiff leaves.

In some cases, these fish can even try to eat stiff leaves. Since these species are greedy eaters and like a herbivorous diet, they try to eat every greenary they find in their surroundings.

These fish tend to avoid any floating plants from eating because these fish does not like to move near the surface of the water. 

Silver dollar fish prefer to swim in the middle and bottom levels of your tank.

It is better to know that the best aquatic plants for a tank of silver dollar fish are anything that floats in the aquarium. 

And also, plants with tough leaves are ideal because it’s harder for them to grab tough leaves.

What plants do silver dollar fish eat?

Silver dollar fish are omnivorous fishes, but as mentioned early, they love a herbivorous diet. 

These fish will eat simply anything and everything green and alive that stands at the bottom of the tank. 

You can feed your silver dollar fish with these, for example, lettuce, cress, chickweed. 

But in the wild, these fish will feed on various water-based plants, algae, and veggies. 

silver dollars eat plants

Will silver dollars eat java fern?

No, Silver dollar fish is not a massive fan of eating java ferns. 

Even though these plant’s leaves are still not tough, the silver dollar fish do not like to eat this plant. Many aquarists believe that it is because of the taste of java ferns.

Do silver dollars eat anubias?

Yes, on some occasions, you will see that the silver dollar fish will nibble anubias plants.

What plants can I keep with silver dollars?

Below are some of the best optional plants for your silver dollar fish tank. 

Do keep in mind that there is no guarantee that these fish will not eat these listed plants since these fish eat anything and everything green. 

The below-mentioned plants will have a good chance of surviving.

Water Lettuce

Water lettuce is a commonly kept plant in silver dollar fish tanks. 

Since it is a floating plant, it is hard to grab on. Further, these plants have tough and thick leaves, which makes it harder for the silver dollar fish to eat. 

The appearance of these plants is pretty pleasing; it will grow a few inches in diameter and will have a dense cluster of bright green leaves. 

Most of the fishes like this plant because it gives a bit of shade and cover from the above world. 

Something that these species will appreciate a lot. These plants grow very slowly, and you must not worry about them overgrowing in your tank. 

And this plant and silver dollar fish need similar environmental conditions, making it an ideal plant for Silver Dollar fish.

water lettuce

Water Sprite

Water sprite is another good alternative option for a silver dollar fish tank. 

Because these plants also will float, but if you prefer, you can keep these plants tie to rocks or driftwood in your tank. 

Keep this plant as a floating plant if you do not want your fish to eat it.

These plants will have a rigid stem. Even though the silver dollar fish could eat the leaves, they cannot eat the stem and roots of these plants. 

This type of plant grows very fast, so nothing to worry about if your fish eats this plant. It will grow back very fast. 

These plants do not require that much lighting but keep in mind that the silver dollar fish tank must get a decent amount of light.

This beautiful aquatic plant would add an extra pop to your tank and help create some oxygen and grow in the same water conditions as the silver dollar.

water sprite


Hornwort is also an ideal plant for a silver dollar fish tank. You can root this plant in the bottom of the tank, or you can tie it to any rock or driftwood in your tank. If not, you can keep it floating in the tank.

This plant replicated the branches on a pine tree because the leaves are not like leaves but look more like tiny needles. 

That is the main reason why Silver dollar fish like to eat it. 

Hornwort is a very moderate growing plant, does not require any additional lighting, and does not require any supply with CO2


Java Fern

Silver dollar fish are not that big of a fan when it comes to java ferns. 

Even though this plant does not have any stiff leaves or stems, the taste keeps it safe from this fish.  

But it is best to keep these plants tied to any rock or driftwood in your tank so that the silver dollar fish will not uproot it. 

Java ferns can grow up to 10 inches in height and are a very slow-growing plant. The leaves of this plant are tall and wide, which helps to cover the top of the tank. 

And will grow in the same water conditions as the silver dollar.

java fern

Java Moss

Java moss is another floating plant that is ideal for a tank of silver dollar fish. And will best grow when it is tied up to any rocks or driftwood in your tank. 

We tell you to tie the plant and not just plant it on the bottom because when you tie your plants to something hard, the silver dollar fish cannot uproot it.  

The fish tend to eat the longer strings that grow off the plant and not the main plant.

This plant does not require that much light, and it grows relatively fast and does not require CO2 or any special care. 

Further it will grow in the same water conditions as the silver dollar.

Java moss

How fast do silver dollars grow?

A total of nine days will take for the baby silver dollar fish to start to swim around freely

It will take approximately eight months for the silver dollar fish to reach the adult state.

Do silver dollars have teeth?

Yes, silver dollar fish have teeth. These fish have somewhat significant size teeth that can harm your fingers if they bite. 

Silver dollar fish are very aggressive and will destroy many of your aquarium plants.

Related questions 

What is the best fish food for silver dollars?

Below, we have listed the five best options for your silver dollar fish: a mix of live fish food such as pellets and flakes, algae wafer, and some veggies.

New Life Spectrum Pellets

They are designed to sink smoothly and faster. These are some of the best sources of food to give to your silver dollar fish. 

Natural ingredients make these flakes much more desirable for your fish to consume. 

These are a mixture of fruits, vegetables, plants, algae, seaweed, kelp, and animal-based protein, mainly from musscels, fish, krill.

New Life Spectrum Pellets is designed to keep the fish outer, enhancing the fish’s exterior color, and helps maintain healthy immune systems and good health overall. 

Cichlid Flakes

Cichlid flakes are made for cichlids. It can be given to silver dollar fish as well. 

The main ingredients you will find in this food are algae, fish meal, garlic, and about 50 other types of plants, veggies, minerals, vitamins, and proteins. 

These flakes are considered an all-around superfood for fish as they support the immune systems, make the fish brighter, and provide a nutritionally complete meal every time. 

Algae Wafers

Silver dollar fish prefers algae and is one of their favorites. That makes these wafers the perfect choice. 

Keeping in mind that these must not be given to the fish every meal, but you can feed them with these wafers once a day or every other day. 

These are comparatively very small, and due to its size, it is known as micro wafers. That makes it even easier for the fish to eat and digest. 

These algae wafers have a lot of vitamins and minerals and contain a lot of protein, making them the perfect daily snack for your silver dollar fish.

Spirulina Flakes

Spirulina flakes are made from green, blue plankton that is a favorite food among this species. 

You can see very high amounts of vitamins, A1, B1, B2, B12, C, and E, and even have bet-carotene and other color-enhancing pigments. 

These flakes come with eight different amino acids and fatty acids.

These are some of the best snacks you can give to your silver dollar fish because these will ensure to keep your fish immune system healthy and have complete nutrition to keep your fish healthy and happy.

Romaine Lettuce

Romaine lettuce is another favorite type of food of the silver dollar fish. 

These are filled with various vitamins and minerals, which help boost the fish’s immune system. Before giving this to the fish, blanch in boiling water for few minutes. 

It helps its fabric tissue to soften, which will be easier for the fish to digest. Keep in mind to rip them into small pieces before putting them into the tank.

Do tiger silver dollars eat plants?

Yes, tiger silver dollar fish do feed on plants.


Silver Dollar fish graze on plants in aquariums like goats in a field. Although they are omnivore fish species, Silver Dollar fish love eating plants. 

They will eat any plant they find in their surroundings. If they don’t eat any plant (which is rare), it could be because the plant is a hard-leaved plant or the taste is gross.

Keep in mind that as long as you provide your silver dollar fish with enough plant-based pellets and flakes or any algae wafer or some fresh boiled veggies and occasional meaty treat, your silver dollar fish will be happy and healthy. 

Ensure that you avoid some decorative aquatic plants and use the recommended floating plants in a silver dollar fish tank. 

Even though these species eat plants a lot, these fish are certainly not picky. So, you can feed them with any fish food you prefer.

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