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Can You Guess Firemouth Cichlid Size? (Here Is The Answer!)

Firemouth cichlid is one of the fish species that can give a vibrant look to your aquarium. But before you add this beautiful creature, you should be highly aware of them. So, this article will cover the most important factor, including firemouth cichlid size. 

Firemouth Cichlid Size

Firemouth Cichlid Max Size

The average size of the well-grown male firemouth cichlid is about 6 inches. But female firemouth cichlid is a little bit smaller than male fish. So, well-grown adult female fish can reach about 5 inches in length. But when it considers the maximum size of wild firemouth cichlid, people found males around 7 inches in length. Sometimes they grow larger than 7 inches in the wild. So, the size will depend on environmental factors like food availability, water quality, and space. These are the secrets of nature. However, firemouth cichlids have a fast growth rate. 

Firemouth Cichlid Size In Captivity

Generally, male firemouth cichlid can reach about 6 inches in length, while well-grown female firemouth cichlid is reaching 5 inches in captivity. So, here you can clarify that firemouth cichlids have the ability to grow up to their average maximum size also in captivity. Actually, the size of your firemouth cichlid does not depend on the habitat, whether they live in the wild or in captivity. But the way you look after your firemouth cichlid directly affects the growth of the fish. It means that if you feed them well and provide an ideal environment to live in, your fish can grow well and live healthily. Therefore, caring for your firemouth cichlid is your biggest responsibility!

Firemouth Cichlid Appearance

The appearance of the firemouth cichlids plays a significant role in their popularity among fish lovers. Firemouth! It is a little bit uncommon name. Isn’t it? Firemouth cichlid got their name due to the bright red coloration developed by male firemouth cichlid during the breeding seasons. Typically, in most fish species, the appearance of the males is slightly different from the appearance of females. So, this rule is applied here as the same.

As mentioned above, male fish are slightly larger than female firemouth cichlid. Besides, male fish have brighter colors and beautiful bodies than female fish. Also, longer fin rays add more beauty to male firemouth cichlid. Like other female fish species, the Female firemouth cichlid has a larger belly. So, it gives them a more rounded shape than male firemouth cichlid. When discovering the coloration, their body and head are generally covered with a beautiful grey to olive, blue coloration.

But bright red or orange colors on the underside of the head where the gills are, add a more attractive appearance for male firemouth cichlid. The other most noticeable characteristic of firemouth cichlid is a black mark on the lower half of the operculum. This appearance can be noticed on all firemouth cichlid without distinction between males and females. 


Also, they have lateral bars along the sides, and their fins have red edges with occasionally blue spots. But this cannot be shown on pectoral fins. In addition to these factors, these fish species’ fins like rays belong to the fish class Actinopterygii. Further, class Actinopterygii is also named ray-finned fishes. You know, firemouth cichlid also belongs to the fish class Actinopterygii. If you discover more, you can find that the fish species belonging to this class have fins that are formed by a web of skin supported by a set of rays or spines. 

The incredible secret of firemouth cichlid is their different coloration based on the habitats where they live naturally. However, if you want to add more color to your aquarium from firemouth cichlid, you can find the most colorful variations from Northwest Guatemala. Generally, the farmers select fish brooders according to the species’ origin. 

Firemouth Cichlid Size

Firemouth Cichlid Lifespan

Generally, firemouth cichlids have the ability to live for around 10 years. But not like in the wild, in captivity, the lifespan of fish highly depends on the way you care for them. Here you highly consider the water conditions and feeds of your fish. So, if you keep these factors at the ideal levels, it will help to protect your fish from many diseases. Simply, you should create happy and healthy fish to increase their lifespan. 

What Do Firemouth Cichlids Eat?

Firemouth cichlid is not fussy eater, but they are big fan of eating like their cousins. However, firemouth cichlid tends to eat anything that you provide them. Because firemouth cichlids are omnivores. Therefore this fish species accept both plant and animal matters. 

What Do Firemouth Cichlids Eat In The Wild? 

Do not select shrimps and snails as the tankmates of the firemouth cichlid. If you do that, it can be an addition to the meals of firemouth cichlid. Firemouth cichlid eats various small forms of crustaceans, including copepods and cladocerans, small invertebrates, organic detritus, and mollusks. Further, in natural habitats, there are many live plants. So, firemouth cichlid nibble on the occasional plant as a snack. 

What do firemouth cichlids eat in captivity? 

Unlike wild, in captivity, the diet of firemouth cichlid is totally different. But it is manageable, not tricky. But do not forget to give high-quality feeds to them. Because it will help you to keep your fish healthy by preventing many troubles. Also, you have to feed them a balanced diet. Try below foods listed below for your firemouth cichlid. 

  • Flakes
    • Zoo med spirulina 20 
  • Pellets 
    • New life spectrum cichlid formula 
    • Omega one super color cichlid pellets 
  • Live and frozen foods 
  • Vegetables 
    • Spirulina 
    • Spinach 

You should feed them at least twice a day. It means you can provide feeds to them morning and evening. Another important thing is, do not ever overfeed your firemouth cichlids.

What is the exact food amount to feed the firemouth cichlids?

This is the main question that arises in your mind when talking about overfeeding. You can provide foods that fish can finish within 2 to 3 minutes. It is enough!

Firemouth Cichlid Size

Recently Asked Questions

How Many Firemouth Cichlids Can I Put In A 40 Gallon Tank?

Generally, firemouth cichlids are not nano fish. Therefore they need some rooms for living happily. If you wish to keep pair of firemouth cichlids, you should have at least 30 gallons tank. However, if you can provide more than 30 gallons, it will be good for making your fish happy. However, if you want to keep more than two firemouth cichlids, you need to increase an additional 5-10 gallons for each new firemouth cichlid. 

Therefore according to the rule, you can rear a maximum of 4 firemouth cichlids in 40 gallons tank. The 50 gallons tank is ideal for well grown double pair of firemouth cichlids. I always recommend giving more space to your firemouth. Because enough space always promotes health and joy. 

Is Firemouth Cichlid Aggressive?

Generally, firemouth cichlids can be categorized as pretty peaceful fish species. But their peaceful behavior can be seen until they have enough swimming space and a healthy environment. If you cannot fulfill these requirements, your firemouth cichlids may definitely show aggressive behaviors. Any fish species show feisty behaviors when the aquarium is overloaded. Because they feel uncomfortable about their environment. So. Firemouth cichlids are not different from them. 

On the other hand, almost all fish species, including firemouth cichlids, show aggressive behaviors during the breeding season. Because during the breeding season, their tension is at a high level. Especially, male firemouth cichlids are more aggressive than females in this period because they try to find a mate. Therefore it is better to separate the breeding pairs into the breeding tank at the right time.  

Does Law protect Firemouth Cichlid?

No special law was formed to protect the firemouth. But we all have the responsibility to protect firemouth cichlids and all living creatures. Because all living creatures belong to mother nature. 


Firemouth fish is one of the most excellent additions to your fish tank. However, before you buy any fish, you should have proper knowledge about the fish species, especially their maximum size. It will help you to select the best tank for them! So, I hope now you have good background knowledge about this! 

Credit to : Palmer Aquatics Clips
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