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15 Kribensis Cichlid Tank Mates For Your Beautiful Fish Tank

When selecting fish for your tank, what do you consider? Sure, you will love to rear small friendly fish. So, how about kribensis cichlid?  Before that, you need to know about kribensis cichlid tank mates. So, what types of fish can you add with kribensis cichlid? Find the answer in the next paragraph!

It is better to choose the same size and non-aggressive fish species for your kribensis cichlid tank. If your selected fish is middle or upper-level dwellers, it is an added advantage. However, do not forget to provide enough space and hiding spots.

Kribensis Cichlid tank mates

Characters For Good Kribensis Cichlid  Tank Mates

These freshwater fish are totally peaceful fish species compared with other fish species in the cichlid family. But they show territorial behaviors, especially during the breeding seasons. But you can easily deal with these territorial disputes by using caves in your tank. However, if you are searching for a beautiful fish species for your community tank, Kribensis cichlids are a great option. Or else, if you are seeking compatible tankmates for your Kribensis cichlids, you can choose a fish species that is qualified with the below characteristics. 

  • Firstly, you should consider the compatibility of water parameters of both fish species when you select tankmates for your Kribensis cichlid. Because no matter how compatible these fish are, they must survive first. 
  • The most considerable characteristic is the temperament of the fish species that you will select. Generally, Kribensis cichlids are non-aggressive, which means they are peaceful.

 Therefore, you must select non-aggressive or peaceful fish species to share the tank with Kribensis cichlid. Anyhow do not keep them with aggressive fish species. 

  • When it turns to the size of Kribensis cichlid, well growth Kribensis cichlid range 3 to 4 inches in size. So, you should choose the fish species in the same size range. If not, they cannot be lived in a peaceful and relaxed environment. 
  • On the other hand, Kribensis cichlid tend to nip fins of other fish. This is the only issue that comes with Kribensis cichlid. So, they easily attack long-flowing fins. Therefore, keep in mind to avoid fish species that have long-flowing fins. 
  • Another important thing is, keeping Kribensis cichlid with other cave dwellers is not good because Kribensis cichlids are highly protective of areas and are highly territorial when spawning. 
  • You should avoid large predators that fit Kribensis cichlid for their mouths. Because here Kribensis cichlids can be a prey of them. 
  • It is better to avoid slow-moving fish species like angelfish. Because sometimes Kribensis cichlid tend to chase these slow-moving fish. 
  • On the other hand, do not keep invertebrates with your Kribensis cichlid because they may eat small crayfish and shrimps. 

Special note: The bonded pairs work well if you wish to keep more Kribensis cichlids in the same tank. But you should ensure your tank has adequate space if you want to keep more than two. Also, it is better to keep female Kribensis cichlid more than males because males are pretty territorial than female fish.

Kribensis Cichlid  Tank Mates

Generally, you can keep fish species that comply with the aforementioned characteristics. However, most people talk about some fish species and whether they can keep with Kribensis cichlids. So, shall we find out the answer? 

Other Dwarf Cichlid

Kribensis Cichlid  Tank Mates

Dwarf cichlids are small and non-aggressive fish species of the cichlid family. They are peaceful. So, you can keep dwarf cichlids with Kribensis cichlid in the same home. But you have to provide adequate space and hiding spots such as caves. Thus both fish species are bottom dwellers and territorial. Also, keeping female fish than male fish is the practical solution for this territorial issue. 

In addition to that, Kribensis cichlid and dwarf fish show aggressive behaviors during their breeding seasons. Therefore you should pay significant concentration for this matter. Similarly, you should feed them well. Because sometimes they show aggressive behaviors due to lack of food. However, if you can pay close attention to the criteria mentioned above, you can improve the beauty of your tank with Kribensis cichlids and dwarf cichlids. 


Kribensis Cichlid  Tank Mates

Yes, pleco is a better tankmate for your Kribensis cichlids. But similar to the case with dwarf fish. In this case, you have to provide enough space and hiding spaces. However, some pleco has the ability to reach more than 2 feet. Therefore, in this case, you should highly consider the size of your selected pleco because large pleco verities can be harmful to your Kribensis cichlids. So, always keep small pleco types with the Kribensis cichlids. 

Cherry Barbs

Kribensis Cichlid  Tank Mates

Cherry barbs are popular among hobbyists due to their color. Also, they are easy to care for, and this will be another reason for their popularity. Moreover, they are one of the best tankmates for your Kribensis cichlids. However, this fish got this name, cherry barbs, from the red color that male fish acquire during mating. In addition to that, the cherry barb is the same size with comparing with Kribensis cichlids. It is also a reason they match as tankmates of Kribensis cichlids. Also, cherry barbs are mid dwellers and release the bottom space for Kribensis cichlids. 

Harlequin Rasboras

Kribensis Cichlid Tank Mates

Do you know the smaller fish species that can keep with kribensis cichlid? Harlequin rasboras are the smallest fish that can keep with Kribensis cichlids. They can reach only 1.75 inches. But do not keep harlequin rasboras with larger fish than Kribensis cichlids because harlequin rasboras can be a meal of larger fish. 

Congo Tetras

Kribensis Cichlid Tank Mates

As this fish name, congo tetra, they are native to the basin of the congo river. I am sure this rainbow-colored and shimmery fish add more color to your Kribensis cichlids tank. However, congo tetras are peaceful schooling fish, and they love to live in the tanks with the members of the same species. Therefore, adding at least a half dozen is better when you add congo tetras into your tank. 


Kribensis Cichlid Tank Mates

Apistogramma is also a good member of your community tank. Why do I say it? This colorful small fish works well with peaceful fish species, including kribensis cichlids. But they will show somewhat aggressive when overcrowded or not enough space. So, you have to keep an eye on Apistogramma. Because most likely, they will become victims to bullies such as fin nipping. However, if your kribensis cichlids welcome new tankmates by nipping fins, you have to separate them. 

Cory Catfish

Kribensis Cichlid Tank Mates

Cory catfish is peaceful and friendly in nature. Further, they are small. Therefore their size fits with Kribensis cichlids. However, the cory catfish is a bottom dweller. But do not worry. Because they are peaceful, so they do not disturb your Kribensis cichlids. However, it is better to ensure your tank has enough bottom space. 

Siamese Algae Eater

Kribensis Cichlid Tank Mates

Siamese algae eater is a good helper to keep your tank clean. Also, this fish is hardy and easy to care for. However, the Siamese algae eater is the best tankmate for your kribensis cichlid. So, why do I say these two fish compatible perfectly? Siamese algae eater is non-aggressive and also an energetic and quick swimmer. So, this package will help to be the best tankmate for kribensis cichlid. Because Siamese algae eaters can challenge the fin nipping habit of kribensis cichlid. 

Tiger Barb

Kribensis Cichlid Tank Mates

Tiger barb is a small fish native to Malaysia and Borneo. However, they can become a good friend with your Kribensis cichlids. Because both fishes are the same size. In fact, tiger barb is mildly aggressive. But these two fish species are ideal as tankmates. Another positive fact is, tiger barbs are middle dwellers. So, it means that tiger barbs give more space in the bottom to your Kribensis cichlids. 

But when you rear tiger barbs, you have to add about a half dozen fish or more. Thus they thrive in a group. If you couldn’t add at least a half dozen, tiger barbs tend to fight with other fish species in the tank. 


You can try out platies as a tankmates for your Kribensis cichlids. I am sure it will work because platy is a small and friendly fish species. However, do not keep platy alone. Hence they love to live as a small group. So, at least you have to keep 3 to 6 fish at once. Another important thing is, platies love to breed, so always keep in mind to keep more females than male fish. It is better to keep 2 or 3 females for a male. Platies free much space on the bottom of the tank for your Kribensis cichlids. Because they like to swim middle of the water column. 

Dwarf Gourami

Dwarf Gourami

When it comes to selecting dwarf gourami as a tankmate for Kribensis cichlids, they are ideal. They match in all ways. For instance, the maximum size of the dwarf gourami is around 3.5 inches. Also, they are very friendly fish species. Dwarf gourami prefers to live around the top of the tank. So they are compatible with bottom dwellers. But when you rear dwarf gourami, do not forget to add at least dwarf gouramis. Because they are do not like to live alone, they are social creatures. 

Kuhli Loach 

Kuhli Loach

Kuhli loach is also a good addition for Kribensis cichlid tank. They are totally matched with size. But they also love to spend most of their time on the bottom of the tank. What they do is, Kuhli loach scavenge and eat leftover foods that have sunk onto the sand. But they can share the space with Kribensis cichlids because they are very peaceful. But it is better to provide enough space and caves for your Kribensis cichlids. 

Rummy Nose Tetras 

Rummy Nose Tetras

You can keep rummy nose tetras with the Kribensis cichlids. Because rummy nose tetras are peaceful small fish, we already know Kribensis cichlids are fin nippers. So, this habit can stress your rummy nose tetras. Therefore, if you notice that kind of behavior of Kribensis cichlids, you have to separate them. 



This vibrant color fish species can be the category under semi-aggressive. But they are mostly peaceful, and you can give a place in the community tank for this vibrant color fish. But male killifish can show aggressive behaviors towards each other. So, if you are a beginner, it is better to keep pair. You can keep this colorful freshwater fish with Kribensis cichlids, but do not forget to provide enough space and hiding spots. 



Swordtails are peaceful small fish species that best fit your Kribensis cichlid tank. But the males’ aggression is similar to killifish. Because male swordtails show aggression towards each other. Therefore it is recommended to keep 4 females to 1 male ratio. It will reduce the aggressiveness of males. But you do not have to worry about the tank’s space because Swordtails are busy in the middle and upper levels of the tank. 

Are Kribensis Cichlid  Aggressive?

Kribensis cichlids are not aggressive like their relatives in the cichlid family. They are peaceful. Do you believe it? You can rear this cichlid in a community tank. Kribensis cichlids are not totally similar to the profile of other peaceful fish species because they are territorial, especially male fish. So, you have to provide enough space and hiding spaces. Exceptionally, Kribensis cichlids can show aggressive behaviors during their breeding seasons. If you wish to rear Kribensis cichlids in a community tank, keeping them separately during their spawning time is better. 

Kribensis Cichlid  Tank Size

Generally, kribensis cichlids do not need a very large tank to live. But the space of the tank directly affects their happiness and stress level. So, it is better to have 20 gallons tank per kribensis cichlid. But some hobbyists rear single kribensis cichlid in 10 gallons tank. 

How Long Do Kribensis Cichlid  Live

When compared with other cichlids, kribensis cichlids live a short time. Actually, they can live around 5 years. But if you do not take good care of fish, they will not live this long. 

How Big Do Kribensis Cichlid  Get

kribensis cichlids is small member of cichlid family. It means that well-grown adult male kribensis cichlids can reach 4 inches while females can grow up to 3 inches in length. 

Preferred tank conditions

You should maintain a stable temperature, pH, and hardness in your kribensis cichlid tank. 

Water temperature: Ranges from 750 to 790 F. 

pH level: between 5.0-8.0.

Water hardness:  between 5-20 dGH. 


kribensis cichlids are small, non-aggressive fish that belongs to the cichlid family. But they are territorial and aggressive during the breeding season. Therefore, you have to highly consider these factors when selecting tankmates for your kribensis cichlids. Good tankmates create an excellent environment to live in. Tankmates play a significant role there!

Credit to : Prathmesh Aquatics
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