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Will Dechlorinator Remove Bleach : What Do The Experts Say?

We use Bleach to sterilize equipment, and it is a solution of water and sodium hypochlorite NaOCl. Sodium Hypochlorite is an ironic compound.

Hence Na+ and the OCl- disassociate in solution. Bleach is a safe cleaning agent if washed thoroughly with water after cleaning. But, to be safe, we can use a dechlorinator after washing with Bleach. So Will Dechlorinator Remove Bleach?

Will Dechlorinator Remove Bleach What Do The Experts Say

Will The Dechlorinator Remove Bleach?

Dechlorinator does not remove Bleach. It just reacts with Cl- in sodium hypochlorite and neutralizes chlorite. As Cl- gets neutralized, the water will be safe for fish. So it is kind of removing Bleach from the bleached object, but it gets done chemically. You can find here how to remove bleach

Why Do We Need To Use Bleach In Aquariums?

We use Bleach to clean and disinfect aquariums. We also use Bleach to kill off algae in aquariums. Bleach is reactive with organic materials such as bacteria, fish, plants, algae, and even humans.

However, if followed proper instructions, Bleach is an excellent solution for many problems that occur in aquariums.

How Long Will It Take To Remove Bleach?

Dechlorinators take less than 5 minutes to neutralize chlorine. Most of the time, it takes only one to two minutes to remove Bleach with a dechlorinator.

Is Bleach Harmful To Fish?

Cleaning the aquarium with Bleach can be harmful if you use Bleach in higher concentrations or mix it with any other chemicals. Otherwise, there is no harm in using Bleach to clean aquarium equipment.

However, you should not put your fish in Bleach mixed water at all. Bleach is toxic to fish, and there is no effective treatment for chlorine poisoning in fish. If fish are exposed to Bleach by any means, it is likely a death sentence.

Bleach is used only to clean and disinfect aquariums, and it should be done when all the fish and other species are removed from the tank.

How Dechlorinator Work?

Chlorine in water contains Chlorine (Cl2). Dechlorinators contain Sodium thiosulfate (H10Na2O8S2). Sodium thiosulfate reacts with chlorine (Cl2 ) and produces hydrogen chloride (2HCl), sulfur (S), and sodium sulfate (Na2SO4).

Chloride is the neutralized form of chlorine. It doesn’t react with water. Hence it is safe for fish and the environment.

sodium thiosulfate

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How To Remove Bleach ?

Once you clean your equipment with Bleach, pour out the excess water and put them in a bucket. You should fill the bucket with three quarts of clean water and three caps full of dechlorinator.

Mix the mixture and leave it aside for about five minutes, submerging your equipment. Within this time, Bleach reacts with dechlorinator and neutralizes chlorine. Therefore, the dechlorinator remove Bleach within five minutes.

You can stir the dechlorinator water mixture to speed up the process, so the reaction happens faster. As dechlorinator doesn’t harm fish, you can increase the dechlorinator dosage to be on the safe side.


Does The Water Conditioner Remove Bleach?

Water conditioner is another name using for Dechlorinator. Hence water conditioner can remove (more precisely neutralize) Bleach.

However, not all water conditioners are safe for fish. For a water conditioner to be aquarium safe, it should remove chlorine, chloramine, and ammonia. If the product label says it removes chlorine and chloramine and doesn’t mention ammonia, it is not safe for your fish.

So, always check the product label before purchasing a water conditioner for your fish tank. Better yet, buy water conditioners from your local pet shop.

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