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Live Plants For Saltwater Aquariums | 9 plants to know |

In this article, we’ll take a closer look at some live aquarium plants for saltwater aquariums and share some common saltwater plant combinations that are relatively easy to care for.

Plants might not be the first thing you think about when you think about saltwater aquariums.

However, saltwater aquarium plants are widespread and can make your tank flow and move just like the ocean.

What Plants Can Live In A Saltwater Aquarium?

There are a few aquarium plants that you can use in your aquarium, and below we have provided a few great options for you to pick from along with some care tips.

Here is a quick list of the nine best plants you can use in your saltwater aquarium.

  1. Dragon Tongue Algae
  2. Red Mangrove Propagule
  3. Blue Hypnea Algae
  4. Shaving Bush Plant
  5. Halimeda
  6. Green Finger Algae
  7. Mermaid Fan
  8. Tufted Joint Algae
  9. Turtle Grass Shoots

The Red Dragon Tongue

Macroalgae are more delicate algae that grow in long blades with red to bright orange edges.

This plant grows typically in rocky subtidal environments associated with reefs. They also prefers places with medium to intense light. Larger fish like tang will prefer eating the species, but the smaller ones will not.

This macro-algae prefers a low to medium-strong flow of water.

You should trim the plant instead of breaking it off, as it won’t damage the algae too much. This beautiful seaweed grows slowly and thus requires trimming less frequently. 

Red Mangrove Propagule

Plants For Saltwater Aquarium Red Mangrove Propagule

The red mangrove grows in the upper end of the intertidal water of the tropical oceans. 

The Mangrove tree reproduces by either forming seeds about the size of a hazelnut or by producing propagules. Those seed are dropped from the parent tree allowing it to root.

It becomes a fully mature plant before falling off the parent tree. It is dispersed by water until eventually implant in the shadow.

The red mangrove itself considered an invasive species in some locations, such as Hawaii, where it forms dense, monospecific thickets.

It also provides nesting and hunting habitats for a diverse formation of organisms, including birds, crocodiles, and fishes.

Blue Hypnea Algae

Salt water plant

This is an attractive macroalga-looking colorful but does not grow gangbusters and take over any reef.

It originates from Micronesia and has a slightly different morphology.

Blue hype grows in very dense, matted clumps that loosely anchor to coarse substrates. It does not grow faster, so containing its growth isn’t tricky.

Shaving Bush Plants

These are unique macroalgae perfect for a saltwater aquarium. Brush plant grows in sandy shallow water fields throughout the world.

This plant reduces nitrates in your tank naturally, making it a perfect addition.

Bush plants have a long, tubular stalk with a multitude of long, thin leaves growing in a feathered fashion, that is usually at the tip of the stem.

Halimeda Plant

Halimeda Plants For Saltwater Aquarium

The Halimeda algae are green alkaline macroalgae, typically found in the tropical ocean worldwide.

This algae is a beautiful and decorative plant for a saltwater aquarium.

Calcium carbonate is deposited in its tissue, making it inedible to most herbivores. Halimeda is usually hard in marine tanks, and few fish will feed on it.

The algae are not native to a specific location, and their spread can cause significant damage to the environment.

Green Finger Algae

Green Finger Algae

Green finger macroalgae are attractive ornamental macro-algae that instantly softens lives rock and other hard surfaces.

The sodium marine macroalgae are very flexible regardless of the amount of light. It will thrive best in medium to intense light.

This plant grows mature with a fully established appearance. Its relative ease of care makes the green finger algae a great aqua-scaping option for marine fish tanks.

The green finger algae provide natural water quality benefits through nutrient export and oxygenation for a cleaner and healthier aquarium environment.

Mermaid Fan

Mermaid Fan salt water aquarium plant

This is a green calcareous alga found throughout the Caribbean.

Mermaid Fan Plants are excellent consumers of excess nutrients, including nitrates and phosphates.

These plants grow out of the substrates and form beautiful fan-shaped leaves. It is typically used as a decorative plant in the marine aquarium.

These plants are hardy in the right conditions, and few fish will feed on them. Also, they require sufficient calcium as well as light to grow.

Mermaid Fan is not tolerant of high nitrate compared to other algae and requires extensive pruning.

Tufted Joint Algae

This plant is a beautiful macroalga for displaying and helps to maintain water quality in the saltwater aquarium. Saltwater macroalgae love good water flow and light.

Tufted Joint Algae will give your display tank a beautiful and unique look. Also, it will stand out with fish and corals.

Tufted Joint Algae provide for oxygenation as well as a great agent of nutrients export. It’s beneficial for snails, micro stars, copepods, baby fish fry, and amphipods.

Turtle Grass Shoots

Thalassia testudinum plant salt water aquarium

As one of the six sea grass species that occur in Sun Carlos Bay and Pine Island Sound, Turtle Grass is available in great light and high senility environments.

This is a flowering plant that provides a home for many species of invertebrates and fishes. Its shoots contain toxic substances that deter herbivorous fish from taking it.

This is a beautiful, green plant that is decorative for any saltwater aquarium and for keeping marine organisms.

Also, it serves as an excellent breeding ground for crustaceans. The flowering of this plant generally occurs in spring and early summer.

This plant produce both male and female flower in two different plants. The reproduction of the vegetable takes place through rhizomes. therefore it can consider as one of best plants for saltwater aquariums.

Live Saltwater Aquarium Plants: Final Thoughts

If you’re interested in setting up a new saltwater aquarium, make sure you do your research to understand all your plant & fish care requirements.

A saltwater tank can be a complex ecosystem that requires some experience, knowledge, and access to the right aquarium supplies.

That said, I hope you found something you like on our plant list that will make your saltwater tank come alive. 

Credit to: BiTEN

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