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Is It Safe To Put Dried Bamboo In An Aquarium? | Steps to Follow

Dried bamboo in the material is safe to use in the aquarium. However, you should take precautions while using bamboo in the aquarium. Do not use the treated bamboo in the fish tank. It should be directly collected from the forest without any chemical treatment on it. Cut the sharp edge, which may harm the fish while coming in contact with the bamboo.

Another thing that you need to review closely is the rotting process of the wood. After using the bamboo for a while, it may start decaying in the water. Wood will swell in if the water condition is good. Any change in the bamboo material should be carefully eye to avoid damage to the aquarium.

Some experts believe plants that rot or cause a chemical reaction in the water would not be suggested for the fish tank. It will become dangerous for the fish’s health and may cause long-term health problems in the fish.

A small portion of the bamboo can be used for decorative purposes. It will provide a hiding place for the fish.

Will a dried bamboo rot aquarium?

Yes. The dried bamboo plant is not a water plant. When you keep the piece of bamboo in the water, it immediately starts to rot. The water will foul in a few days and spike the ammonia content in the water, causing the water un-breathable for the fish.

The water will become harmful over the period. Thus, it is not advisable to use dried bamboo material in the aquarium. But it will take a long time to see significant change.

Will dried bamboo affect water quality?

Yes. Dried bamboo contains pigment that may release into the water and cause a chemical reaction. As soon as Dried bamboo in aquarium material starts decaying, it will spread in the water. You will be able to see a change in the color of the water in the tank.

The ammonia content in the tank would increase, causing the water non-breathable for the fish. The black dry sport on the bamboo tree is dormant mold. It doesn’t appear naturally on the tree. You should be removing the pigment before you use the bamboo tree in the fish tank.

A plant, which is not found in the water, reacts to the water when kept in the water for a long time. They release the chemicals in the water during the rotting process. The water in the aquarium would start foul, and oxygen levels will go down. Any fish living in the contaminated water would die from a health problem. The less oxygen and high level of the chemicals would result in a lethal effect on the fish.

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How to treat dried bamboo for an aquarium?

The plant that is not found in the water needs to be treated before using them in the aquarium. The decorative elements are sensitive to water. It can rot or make the water foul over time. Therefore, treatment of the decorative plan is vital for reducing the effect of the plant in the water.

The demand for the various forms of naturally found decorative is increasing. The advancement in Aquascaping is providing the required solution to the fish lover. Also, Dried bamboo in an aquarium is one of the materials in demand lately. The Dried bamboo in the aquarium structure looks beautiful in the water.

Before you use them in the aquarium, you have to hardscape the structure to make it chemical-free and protect it from reacting in the water. Therefore it is essential to know that plant treatment is the essential process that every fish caretaker should perform whenever they place the plant in the water.

It helps to reduce the possible float and chemicals released in the water. Because You would protect the water from disinfecting from the substances found in the dry wood. The sterilization process kills the germs harmful to the fish and can contaminate the water.

The dry bamboo tree may release toxic substances into the water, causing it to damage the water body and make the water harmful to the fish.

Step by Step guide to treating dried bamboo for an aquarium

1) Clean the surface of the bamboo material with clean water. Use the brush to remove insects, dirt, and harmful material from the surface. Take out the bark fragment that may detach in the water.

2) Put the clean bamboo material and submerge it in the water for about one week. Let it soak the water entirely and reduce the natural floating ability of the wood. If required, put some weight or holding material that will keep the bamboo plant stay underwater all the time.

3) After one week, boil the water and put the dry bamboo plan in it for about one hour. The process will elements the pathogenic found naturally on the tree surface. despite Small insects or bacteria will be killed in the process, making the bamboo tree safe for the fish. The boiling process also helps to potentially remove humic acids, tannins, and amber-yellow colors.

4) After clearing the substances, place the bamboo material again in the water and submerge for one week. It will drain all the acidic substances and slowly dilute them in the water.

5) Before using the dry bamboo material in the aquarium, check the water quality. It should be clean and transparent. Also If the water still looks foul, replace the water with clean water and keep the bamboo material for another week to make it clean. Repeat the process until the desired results are achieved.

Can I treat bamboo with resins?

Yes. You can treat bamboo with resin. Many experts suggest the method when you are using dry bamboo in the aquarium. The Resin seals the outer layer of the dry bamboo material giving it a waterproof coating. But It will prevent the water from entering the wood and protect it from rot. Use natural resin or acrylic resin to seal the bamboo wood naturally.

How do you make a bamboo sink?

Normally dried bamboo will float on water and can be difficult to sink to the bottom water. but there are 2 techniques you can use to sink bamboo

  1. Attach a weight to the dried bamboo and let it soak in water for 2 days. that can remove air pockets inside bamboo and make it sink.
  2. Boiling dried bamboo can remove air pockets inside it and make it sink faster.

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Can I use bamboo as driftwood?

Yes. The driftwood Dried bamboo in an aquarium would be an excellent option for decoration. Greenwood generally rots in the water. It is recommended that before you use the driftwood in the aquarium, you should sterilize it. Boil the driftwood for hours and keep it in the water submerge for a week.

What fish can live with bamboo?

Any fish can live with bamboo. But most commonly bamboo is added to betta fish tanks.

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