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How To Set Up A Freshwater Fish Tank (The Best Advice)

If you’ve committed yourself to the fish life, you must learn some basics to start with a freshwater aquarium setup. Once you know how to set up a freshwater fish tank, you will be able to watch your colorful fishes swim gracefully in no time.

Freshwater aquariums are one of the most wonderful ways to bring nature into your home. They bring a certain level of tranquility and calmness with themselves and look simply aesthetic. And owning a colorful aquarium with different species is itself going to be a fun and rewarding experience.

Set up a Freshwater Fish Tank

Do you also want to learn how to set up a freshwater fish tank at your home without any trouble? Before deciding to set up a fish aquarium, do enough reading about its costs and other considerations. Here is a quick guide to help you out in setting up a freshwater fish tank

1.  Choose a Fish Tank

Choosing the right fish tank is essential so that it can go a long way for your fish. At this point, you need to do a little research on what type of fish you want in your aquarium and then select the tank to accommodate them. You should choose a tank with enough space to hold your fish. Smaller tanks will stress out your fish and larger tanks are a waste of money. Keep in mind, that live plants and decorations will also take up space.

Usually, a 55-gallon (2018.2 L) tank in the standard size can help you accommodate your fish. Since you have just started aquarium maintenance, you must not go larger than this size. Also, remember, do not go with a desktop-size aquarium (less than 10 gallons or 37.9 L) as it is harder to maintain water quality in smaller tanks.

2.  Get an Aquarium Stand

A new fish tank setup is almost next to impossible without an aquarium stand. Usually, an aquarium that holds 20 gallons (75.7 L) or more will need an aquarium stand. The main thing is stand should be strong enough to carry the weight of the filled tank. Look out for the complete tank kits at the pet stores and check them for leaks and damages before use. The aquarium stand should be compatible with your aquarium size and must hold the weight that we mentioned above.

Set up a Freshwater Fish Tank

3.  Decide Where to Keep the Aquarium & Stand

Before searching for aquarium fish sales, decide where to keep your aquarium. This fact is very important for your fish health. You must place it somewhere where the temperature remains consistent, and light doesn’t get overpowered.

Once you have placed the aquarium, ensure to allow at least 5 inches between the wall and aquarium for ventilation. Choose an interior wall away from direct sunlight; it will work best. Apart from all this, you should also consider your floor. The floor also should be strong enough to carry the weight. Set up the fish tank stand on a wooden floor, an ideal spot!

4.  Go Ahead with the Filtration System & Install the Filter

The steps of how to set up a freshwater fish tank also include the crucial decision of selecting a filtration system. You can choose between power filters or under-gravel filters. Make sure to vacuum gravel regularly, or else it will clog the under-gravel filter and become a nightmare for fish. If you do not like gravel filters you can choose power filters. 

The installation methods may vary by the type of filter you have chosen for your aquarium. In case of under-gravel filters, put the filter plate in, and check that the lift tubes are fitted. You should not switch on the filter until the tank is filled.

Furthermore, you can fill the 2 to 3 inches of aquarium bottom with gravel; the best option is sand which is optimal for fish and invertebrates. You can also set up different plants and decorations and make your aquarium colorful yet vibrant!

Set up a Freshwater Fish Tank

5.  Add Water & Heat

Ready to search for freshwater fish for sale? Wait, did you add water and arrange the right heat for the aquarium? Not yet? Let’s look into this matter as well.

As the first step, you should check for leaks. To do that you can fill the tank up to 2-3 inches and check carefully for leaks. Even though you did not spot any leaks right there may be some slow leaks. Therefore keep the water for at least half an hour and check again. If not, then proceed to fill up the tank about ⅓ full. Now you can start your power filter. After you start the filter, let the tank stabilize and after 1 hour, check the water temperature. If the temperature is unstable or not in the desired range, you can set up the heater inside the task.  Lastly, add water dechlorinate to make the water tank the safest place for your fish. Most importantly you should cycle the water at least once in two weeks.

6.  Let’s Welcome Fish

Now is the time to search for colorful freshwater fish for sale! Choose the fish type you want to have in your aquarium with a salesperson or website. They would give you tips on which types cannot and can get along. Make sure to get community fish as they get along with other community fish as well. Learn about the fish sizes as well. Guppies, platies, swordtails, and mollies are good beginner fish, but still, this depends highly on your tank size!

Do not add a lot at once to your aquarium. Wait for at least two weeks and then introduce new members. When you purchase a beautiful fish, do not put the fish directly into the tank. You need to put the whole bag in the water. This will help to stabilize the temperature. Gently net the fish out and release them into the tank. Your vibrant aquarium is all set to rock the show!

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Ready to Set up Freshwater Fish Tank

Yay, congratulations! You have just set up your own beautiful and vibrant aquarium filled up with your choice of decorated plants and freshwater fishes. With this quick and helpful guide, you can easily set up a freshwater aquarium at your home.

Credit to : MASS Aquariums

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