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Aquarium Insurance – What To Look For?

When it comes to aquarium insurance, they would typically cover any damages caused by a tragic accident, leaks, and overflows. 

Keep in mind that this insurance will not cover the life of the livestock in your aquarium. 

Further, aquarium insurance will cover the cost of any repairs to your property or other living below you, assuming the worst has happened. 

However, these insurance policies will start from a very reasonable price tag. 

In this article, we will be educating you in areas of confusion about aquarium insurance. 

Such as in a case of an accident with your aquarium, regardless of whether it is big or small. What is covered and what is not? 

This article will guide you towards the correct path for what you must know when looking for insurance coverage.

We recommend reading the complete article to get a decent idea of what you must know about aquarium insurances. 

Aquarium Insurance

Does insurance cover aquariums?

No, regular insurance might not cover your aquarium, but if you pay a bit extra, you can add this facility to your existing insurance policy. 

However, they would typically cover any damages caused by a tragic accident, leaks, and overflows if the water damages the floor or the ceiling. 

Suppose the water flows to a lower level of the house and damages the furniture or other belongings. 

By chance, if you ever come across or faces any of these situations, your insurance will cover them. 

However, these policies will not cover the life of the livestock in your aquarium. You must always know that different insurance companies offer different policies. 

No one will be the same, so it is advised to get expert advice from an insurance agent beforehand. 

Sometimes insurance companies recommend you to take an additional liability policy to cover your aquarium, typically a few dollars extra per month.

Does renters insurance cover water damage from your fish tank?

Yes, Most of the insurance policies out there in the market cover the cost of water damage, such as a leak, burst, or a fire caused by a piece of aquarium equipment.

In some cases, these policies will even cover you if your landlord decides to sue you for the damage and loss of revenue, etc.

Can you get insurance on fish?

Yes, Aquatic pets now can be insured through a pet insurance plan

Can I insure my fish tank /What insurance covers fish tanks?

Yes, you can get aquarium insurance to insure your fish tank. Below are a few of the insurance types that you can go with;

Basic House Insurance

You must always have your house fully insured. In most cases, This policy will cover any damage caused by an aquarium. 

This will also cover the bills of any repairs to not only your home but anyone else affected. 

Ensure to check with the insurance company whether your basic housing insurance plans have any clause stating that they will cover emergency aquarium situations. 

If not, you can add this service to your current insurance plan by paying a bit of extra money.

Renter’s Insurance 

This insurance will cover leaking or bursting or any damage caused by the aquarium, But it will not replace your aquarium if it breaks.

Basic Aquarium insurance

Regardless of whether your tank is 10 gallons or higher, Basic Aquarium Insurance will mainly focus on the insurance covering the primary liability issues. 

Such as any furniture damages, floor carpet damages, antique floorboards damages, or somebody cutting themselves on the glass will be covered in this policy.

Maritime Life Aquarium Insurance

One of the most expensive aquariums to insure is marine life aquariums. 

If you think about whether you can use a basic liability plan for marine aquariums? The answer is no. 

You can not because this is typically a zoo policy covering the facility, liability for your visitors, and the aquatic animals. 

These policies cover the fundamental business risk—crime, company vehicles, and worker compensation. 

And will continue giving extensive coverage for crisis response, emergency vacating, and any cancelation of an event and no shos.

Exotic Fish Insurance

Many exotic fish collectors tend to take this specially designed policy because the cost of one exotic fish can be thousands of dollars which is very expensive. 

You will most probably be looking for insurance that offers high-risk, high-value policies for niche customers. 

Keep in mind that you will not find this insurance for exotic fishes everywhere, and unlike other insurance policies, this is also one of the most expensive types of insurance to get.

When getting any of these insurances, always check your insurance policy before taking it. 

And also, if you want any clarity on the content, you can always get help from an insurance expert to understand what you need.

aquarium insurence

What to look for in aquariums insurance

Most of these insurance companies love to trap their customers with their policy wording. 

These wordings will be in a language that most of us will not understand, and for any unclear words you have agreed, you will be accountable in an accidental situation.

Below are some of the standard wording these insurance companies use;

Flood Damage

which happens when water comes up from below the house and not from your aquarium incident.

Sump Failure

which is referring to the groundwater sump in your home, not the sump under your tank.

Hot Tubs And Water Beds

These are primarily in-house water storage devices and will not class your aquarium as the same.


which is typically for dishwasher or washing machine leaks.

Make sure that your agreement has specific wording (saying aquarium). If not, try to connect with the insurance agent to clarify what this policy covers.

Always try to understand your policy. Because that way, you will know what to expect and prepare yourself and see whether this specific insurance policy carters your need. 

If not found, you can always look into other insurance options from different companies. 

Aquarium insurance – what are you covered for, and what are you not protected?

Here are some of the covered points and what is not covered by your insurance policy. 

Remember that mentioned below is a general guide for your understanding, and these policies will defer from different insurance companies. 

So always read the agreement clearly and try to understand what insurance policy suits your wants and needs.

If aquarium leaks or burstsYou will be entitled to damage, cleanup, and repairs to your resident and anyone else affected
If aquarium catches on fireYou are Covered 
If some person breaks into the house and tries to steal your aquarium or its equipment You are Covered
Anyone breaks into your house and tries to damage your aquariumYou are Covered
If by chance you forget to turn off the water flow and if it floodsYou sometimes will be covered ( depend ).
Due to your carelessness, if the landlord tries to sue you You sometimes will be covered ( depend ).
If your tank leaks and kills your petsStandard Insurance will not cover any livestock unless you have maritime life aquarium insurance or exotic fish insurance that will be covering ( note it will be very costly) 
By any chance, if the policy expressly state any damage caused by pets or tankYou sometimes will be covered ( depend ).
If your house losses powerInsurance will not cover
Natural disasters Insurance will not cover

What kind of aquarium insurance policy do you need? 

This aquarium insurance will differ from client to client. Depending on the tank set up and the animals living in the tank, this insurance might vary. 

In brief, there are a couple of different types of insurance policies that would cater to your required needs and wants. 

As we mentioned early, it purely depends on what kind of aquarium you own ( Please refer Can I insure my fish tank /What insurance covers fish tanks? Section for further details description on these below-mentioned policies)

  • Basic House Insurance
  • Renter’s Insurance 
  • Basic Aquarium insurance
  • Maritime Life Aquarium Insurance
  • Exotic Fish Insurance

Does renters insurance cover fish tanks?

Yes, the renter’s insurance will cover any stolen fish tanks or aquariums

The insurance policy will replace the stolen aquarium or tank and its parts, other contents, and decorative materials. 

Note that you will not get your fish replaced with this insurance policy.

What is aquarium maintenance insurance

Aquarium maintenance will sometimes cost you over $1000 a year for regular upkeep in a large tank, and regular cleaning will cost you around $85

Keep in mind these prices will vary depending on your tank size. Some aquarium maintenance services will charge you $1 per gallon, so the cost widely varies. 

When it comes to aquarium maintenance insurance, they will mostly cover your aquariums maintenance process. 

We always advise checking with your insurance company whether they cover aquarium maintenance.

Marine aquarium insurance

One of the most expensive aquariums to insure is marine life aquariums. 

You cannot use a basic liability plan for maritime life aquariums because this is typically a zoo policy covering the facility, liability for your visitors, and the aquatic animals. 

These Maritime aquarium insurance policies cover the entire business risk—crime, company vehicles, and worker compensation. 

Further, they will continue giving extensive coverage for crisis response, emergency vacating, and any cancelation of an event and no-shows.

Aquarium Insurance- Things To Be Aware Of

  1. Suppose you want to move from one state to another. In that case, your insurance coverage might get affected because each state might have its own set of rules and regulations that your insurance policy must adhere to, even though it is still the same insurance company. 
  2. You must always check with your local insurance agent when changing your address. Depending on where you want to reside, the insurance policy might differ. We always advise getting expert advice from an insurance agent.
  3. Never take a saying as a confirmation or assume. Always keep in mind to get a written or documented clarification from your insurance company.
  4. Make sure to see that there is no aquarium size or limit on your insurance policy or in the rental agreement.
  5. Make sure that your policy coverage is enough to cover all your equipment in case of an emergency.

Related Questions

Is a fish tank a household appliance?

Yes, Since an aquarium is for the primary use of keeping aquatic animals and other aquatic creatures and plants alive for personal pleasure. 

Because of this reason, we can say that an aquarium fits the definition and a household appliance.

Does Renters Insurance Cover Aquarium Damage?

Yes, This insurance will cover leaking or bursting any damage caused by the aquarium. Remember that it will not replace your aquarium if it breaks or replaces its livestock.

What To Keep In Mind

We always advise you to personally visit the specific insurance company and directly discuss what you require and what they can offer you. 

Always remember that going for the cheapest policy is not the best idea. Always try to understand what points are covered. 

Being careless and blatantly trying to defraud any insurance company will end you up in more trouble.

Finally, keep in mind that having insurance is for sure an extra cost for everyone, so try to understand what policy suits your wants and needs the best and go ahead with that.

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